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Hey guys Richard Harris in this review I Want to talk to you about AI to cash now This is by Jason Fulton and it was Released on the 11th of April now this Is really jumping on the AI Market again It's all kind of designed with Artificial intelligence all these types Of Graphics here and it centers around a Chat bot apparently that you can use on Your own websites and it's going to earn You money every time somebody chats with It so we are going to go and test that I'm going to jump into the actual Software itself I have purchased this Many so you don't have to and then Basically guys I'm going to explain to You exactly what this is all about so Guys if you haven't been able to my Reviews before my name is Richard Derby This is the school of Nomads if you're Interested in these types of real honest Reviews go ahead and hit that subscribe Notification Bell and I'll let you know Whenever I produce new videos and guys If you're really serious if you're Struggling if you're really trying to Understand how to build a real affiliate Marketing business online go ahead and Check out the link in the description Below over to the school Nomads I got Some completely free training that you Can get started with straight away so Basically guys let's have a look at the Software itself I'm not going to go

Through the sales page basically they're Full of testimonials that aren't real It's all randomly generated images none Of it's real so now basically you have This dashboard here and you have the Ability to create websites So if I clicked on the website Creator It actually takes me over to a different Interface builder.ai which is just a Very very simple website builder that Has been seen on multiple multiple other Products before and it's just a page Where they got some pre-done pages where You can go and basically pick one and You can build a website and that's it Really you can just go ahead and add Things to this is a very simple Page Builder and you can actually use this as Your own website and again it's just Been on so many different Products in the past that this clearly Isn't new now as I always tell you at This point in these types of reviews you Can go and do this in an interface like Get response I noticed that their Website builder has got no way to Integrate an autoresponder and you can Go over to someone and get responsive if You really want to find a free way to Build a website you go ahead and build a Free account here you can get a free Account not to 500 subscribers it's an Autoresponder built into it I didn't Come and pick the template off here and

The templates are all pre-designed you Can actually have your own domain name Attached to these and they're all a lot Lot nicer than this Builder here and Basically this option gives you a much Nicer looking website to start with and The page builder is much better and Again the fact that you can have an Autoresponder integration with it is Really really worth everything to you so That's my advice if you want to go and Build a website if I just come back to The dashboard that's the website Generator then the AI content writer is Some kind of API to chat TPT and pursue Gaming so I'm just going to give this a Title I'm going to ask it some keywords And I'm going to save that I'm going to Just see what the output looks like from This interface so saved it here I'm Going to look at the result and Basically it's giving me just this here This much content now this is supposed To be a content right so that I could Then add this to my blog or website They might just try and do the same in Chat GPT itself which again is free on The front end and I'm just going to see What it gives me you can already see It's giving me a lot more details and You can obviously interrogate this a lot Quicker and make quite lengthy articles Out of this and change the tone have Different types of bullets all different

Types of information so this I'm afraid On here seems to be a pretty weak There's nothing really on here that Suggests to me that this content right Is going to be any good to you Whatsoever so I'm not sure what the Point of having this on here is it's Definitely not worth paying extra for Use something like chat GPT instead so That's pointless to me now the AI chat Bot which again if I come back to the Sales page this is all about pays us 19.88 over and over every minute that Somebody is actually using this chatbot So the idea is that I can come into this Chatbot and actually ask these questions Do I just ask it something like hello And they have an example about where is India For example To see if the chatbot actually does Respond to me So it does actually respond to questions Which is fine right the idea is you're Supposed to use an embed code and they Tell you how to actually put this into You know a website and then embed this Into your website the problem I see here Is this isn't going to pay you For anything Because there's no way of adding Affiliate links into this AI chat bot so They're saying it pays you On their actual training and tutorials

Because somebody will come along be Typing into this chatbot and then Somehow AdSense pays you which is Complete misunderstanding of how AdSense Works AdSense really works if you click On ads they're on your website now The idea is what I would have on my Website like this I would have a chatbot Over in a corner here Which people can actually talk to but It's not actually doing anything with The websites not answering questions About the website it's in no way Actually helping you as a chat bot I got My own chatbot on my own site here this Chatbot here is when I've had for a long Time and this chat bot will actually is Actually programmed to lead you down a Certain path and offer you some free Bonuses that I have and offer you some Free training but you actually program It to do that you have to tell it what It's got to do right that's how a chat Bot works this isn't our chatbot works This is just a random piece of code Which is doing nothing for you on your Website whatsoever So this is nonsense this AI chatbot Piece If you add it to your website it's going To do nothing for you now if they're Saying it one way to actually earn Monetization is by AdSense which they do Mention their training where they're

Getting 19.88 over and over every minute Is just again a nonsense made up number I can come over to an AdSense calculator Here and I can just look at what my Website's about so let's say my website Is about Um Health right and I can calculate how Much AdSense I'm likely to earn based on Page views so about 50 000 page views a Month and I installed AdSense onto my Website I could potentially earn nine Thousand dollars that's great right but Remember you've got to get 50 000 page Views to get this type of number if I Tried something different like I had Something in say North America and I Want to go to beauty and fitness I say Calculate that for 50 000 page views potentially I'll get Around seven thousand dollars so you do Get a lot of Revenue but you've got to Have a lot of page views as well to Think about how much traffic you would Need to get over to your page to be able To generate this type of Revenue Creating a AI chatbot isn't going to get You traffic creating a website in Isolation isn't going to get you traffic You're going to have to have a business That generates a lot of traffic to make Really good money off AdSense right And just the indication I get around 300 400 visitors A Day to my YouTube channel And I'll probably make about a couple of

Hundred bucks a month in real AdSense Off YouTube so it isn't going to be 19.88 every time you click you need to Have a good amount of visitors before You go ahead and start making money Using things like AdSense but just so You're aware of that right guys that's All it is is just being aware of the Numbers that are involved here with this AI chatbot I'm afraid because it's not Actually programmed to do anything Useful it's just a random chat bot it's Not going to help you in any the other Thing you have on here so I've done for You mobile web templates this just seems To be somebody has obviously got a file Full of these types of websites on here But you have to have your own website to Use these because if I try and preview One of these one of these is a Previewing for a start trying to prove This is my own addition of this and it's Got a JavaScript issue if I try and use One of these I have to download the zip File and then upload it into the back End of my own website for to make it Work so if you're a complete newbie this Is completely pointless to have and Again you can just go on to any number Of websites like Elementor or Wix or get Response has got free ones because those Are places now that have free websites For you you don't have to use this type Of thing you'd also trade in tutorials

On here very very basic And again the Google AdSense you can put It on your website but without traffic It's completely pointless and they have A support here and that's really all This is this is nothing to do with AI This has just got some kind of Very very small piece of software that's An AI chat bot and it's completely Pointless because it's not doing Anything for you so in my view guys this Is not really a product that's going to Make you any money if you haven't got Much money to pay For a real business online go ahead and Grab a website of get response you can Use chat GPT to generate your content if You want but at the end of the day there Has to be unique there has to be Something that is valuable or you're not Going to get any audience anyway so I Think this is completely pointless and Silly strategy this is just jumping on The AI bandwagon I also think if you Really really want to build a real Business online you're serious and you Want to come away from these silly shiny Objects and stop purchasing this type of Software I really advise you go ahead And hit the link in the description Below to the school Nomads I got some Training you there to actually show you Step by step how you actually get Started with a real business online and

Not play around with this type of Software it's quite honestly guys I Think you're wasting your time out I Advise you go ahead and click that link Manager should I be this is called Nomads until next time take care [Music]

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