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Hey guys Richard here so in this review I want to talk to you about 30k copy and Paste system by Glenn Koski now this is His latest product which is actually a Repeat of the last one but this is his Latest product which is a page builder With some AI integration so we will Actually jump inside a bold copy of this By itself so that you don't have to and Then we're going to come back and I'll Talk to you a little bit about the sales Page and some of the elements of the Sales page that you need to be really Aware of before you decide to park money With any of these types of products from These types of vendors so guys if you Haven't been over to my channel before My name is Richard Derby this is called Nomads if you're interested in these Types of honest reviews go ahead and hit That subscribe notification Bell and I'll let you know whenever I produce new Videos and guys if you're really serious And you want to build a real affiliate Marketing business online go ahead and Check out the link in the description Below over to scroll Nomads I got a Completely free training for you there That'll get you started straight away so Guys as I said this is a plug-and-play System unless you copy and paste or done For your connection system that makes it Up to 30 km and last month this was 5K a Month so this has improved drastically

According to the sales page but we're Interested in seeing what's actually Inside and as I said guys if I look at The dashboard for AI 5K commission System this is all exactly the same Product the only thing I've done is Change the title and what you're going On here basically is some training on Here that shows you how to set up the Pages and this is the same product They've released by the way but for Absolutely years now month after month It's a page buildup that's all it is so Basically there's some training on here That just tells you how to set Everything up training is always quite Good actually on these products there's Nothing real wrong with the training and Then you come down to your campaign they Have various campaigns that you can set Up here and basically these are Different types of pages now what you're Going to do here is you're actually Going to view these Pages you get a Squeeze page a URL and a download page And again if you bought a glimposkey Product before it's pointless buying This because you've already got all of This it's all exactly the same and if You're just going to view some of these Pages you just view them as Pages here And you're going to get this squeeze Page You're gonna get a URL that you're going

To actually direct people to so this is A product they're going to go over to And then you're going to have a download Page where you can advertise additional Products so that's basically what the System is now your main problem is going To be the traffic so one solution I've Got for traffic is this which is a link To various other social media sites Again he's repeating this on multiple Other products and basically if you've Got no following on any of these social Media sites it's completely point to Sharing it because they're not going to See anything nobody's going to see it And it's basically these are just a way To throw your link out to these sites That's all they are so that's not Traffic unless you've got an audience But that's what they're going to offer You there other things under this tab is An AI button here that is supposed to be The AI integration now this is the kind Of buzzword obviously everything's AI These days but all this actually is is a Link to chat GPT that's all this is so You can come along to chat GPT and Actually join it yourself and you can Generate content with chat GP to Yourself there's no need to have a Product like this you can do it Completely for free so basically guys This is completely pointless all they've Done is added a link over to chat GPT

Here then you go to affiliate links here These are just some random products that They have that they want you to kind of Promote so all this is actually is a a Way that they're going to give you a Couple of pages to promote their own Products it's the only people ever Making money off this is going to be Them so basically some of the products Here some campaign swipes that you can Use in your autoresponder so you can go Ahead and get some email swipes here now To do that obviously you need an Autoresponder so you need to attach your Autoresponder to be able to send these Emails out and there's various training On here to show you how to set up an Autoresponder now the autoresponders are Here basically these are affiliate links Over to aweber and then there is a link To namecheap to get your domain so Everything's here for you to click click But basically so basically they're Showing you how to set up the page how To set up your autoresponder the thing These autoresponders is most of these Autoresponders come with the ability to Build free websites and if you come over To somewhere like get response aweber is The same you can come and actually build A website And it's free up to 500 subscribers and Just do this yourself you don't actually Need any of this software and if you

Don't want to learn how to build the Various Pages you need to have in a Funnel you're not going to get anywhere With affiliate marketing anyway because You need to learn how to set up these Systems this is a real business you Don't take shortcuts in a real business And expect to make real money you need To understand how to build these Pages Yourself so that you really understand How your business works so if you have To have an autoresponder they are free Up front but obviously when you get a Certain amount of subscribers you need To pay money then you might as well just Come along and build a website in my Eyes you don't need to go and start Buying software like this you have some More email swipes here and then they've Got various sources of traffic here the Recommended traffic unfortunately is Solo ads now I will put a video in the Description below like you did on this Same review last month because this is Basically the same product really Teaching you about solo ads and why I Think solo ads aren't great for somebody Who's beginning online and you obviously Are beginning online if you're buying Products like this because you don't Know what you're doing you're trying to Make take shortcut to building a real Business now solo ad solo ads are Interesting because basically you pay

Money for other people to send your Links out to their lists now their lists Are going to be bombarded with constant Emails Promoting stuff to them all of the time And they're going to have seen your Offer multiple times especially if You're going to go and use these solo as They recommend So you and a thousand other people who Buy this product will do the same thing And basically what you're going to do is You're going to have one or two buyers Out of hundreds and hundreds of dollars Worth of spend that you have to try and Get to buy these solo ads solo ads Usually cost about a dollar a click Every time someone clicks on an email They'll charge you a dollar so let's say You spend five hundred dollars you're Gonna get about two or three sales of That 500 if you think that sounds low You need to learn a lot more about the Numbers because the actual amount of Sales you get for the visitors that you Get to any kind of site is very low very Few of them actually ever sign up and Very few of them actually ever buy it's A numbers game affiliate marketing so Basically you're going to get a very low Amount of sales the problem is it's not Going to pay for your initial outlay What these big gurus do use solo ads on A regular basis is they actually spend

Thousands up front to get a few leads And then on the back end they lead him Towards High ticket webinars or Something like that that's going to pay Them a lot more they always lose money On the front content you as a beginner Who hasn't got facilities that I don't Understand how that works will end up Losing money so basically I'm going to Leave a video below you can go and have A look at that and and have a look at What I think about solo ads I think They're very dangerous for newbies and Very very few people ever get success Off them unless you know what you're Doing so for some of the gurus these do Work for the vast majority absolutely None of them do so basically you have This recommended traffic and then you've Got some free traffic here now this free Traffic is various types of advertising Sites where you're basically going to be Link swapping with multiple other people So you're going to join something like This put in your links in and then click On other people's links and expecting to Get some kind of Return of them and Again I noticed these are also solo ad Vendors on here as well so this isn't Really good quality traffic it's not Really creating value for somebody to Come along to your content and actually Be interested in you and then start Buying off you the tactics all wrong

It's just very very cheap type ways to Get traffic and you're just not going to Get the numbers you need this is my Opinion this is my opinion guys and also My experience in doing some of this Stuff in the past it's really low Quality traffic so I'm in this free Traffic Once you go through that free traffic Piece you can then start looking at These things like this quick start guide I think this is quite a cool little Thing but basically use an integration With this he design flip bugs I think This is quite nice but they did us on Some of their other products it's not Worth buying this for but it has quite a Nice idea and then basically you have a Case study here which you can't get Access to because they charge you for The case study really poor if they want To try and charge you for this case Study I just I don't think that's a good Thing Some resources here guys you just got More affiliate links over to various Resources so they can earn money off you Using these affiliate links you have a Community group there there's some extra Free traffic here basically some old Videos that they've had in the past that You can get access to this affiliate Traffic lab actually is a different Piece of software where you can generate

A very very small very poor video of a Sales page I've had access to this for a Long time it's absolutely horrendous so Basically that's that and then the Second piece here I just click on this Second one here it's a list of this Traffic zap and you've got all of these Random links it's just nonsense so So again it's just all thrown together I Don't think any of this makes any kind Of sense Um you have a dictionary here again this Is in the last product just randomly They put a lot of dictionaries here Again it's a hezane flip books link You've got a big dictionary of stuff and Then you can generate a certificate here I don't know why you'd want to do that But you can generate a certificate and Then you have some bonus videos and the Upgrades so basically guys this is a Repeat of last month's review Listen if you want to take a real Shortcut and use this to build out some Kind of funnel you can I would advise You actually learn how to do this the Right way build yourself your own Website and your own funnels and as an Aside guys just remember that these At the moment are on this actual domain So they can switch this domain off at Any time and you've lost your business So it's not something I would actually Recommend you use any kind of funnel

Builders like these I would actually go And learn how to do it yourself or build The pages yourself and it's really easy Once you if you use someone like get Response It actually shows you how to do it Within there that's not a big deal how To build these funnels Now the reason I am a little bit down on Some of these products is when I Actually come over to the sales page This piece always annoys me so when it Comes down to the sales page and read All of this it's exactly the same sales Pages every single product there is Released in recently all they're doing Is changing some of the text around and I come down to things like these Testimonials and these testimonials are Not actually about this product they're Just some random testimonies about Glenn Koski and his business itself now he Actually pays for testimonials when you Actually buy a product of his one of the Portions of the members page you get is An offer to pay for a testimonial so He's paying for these anyway but when I Come down to these testimonials here These are actually showing the AI 30k Copy and paste commissions has helped me So much and in this one here I highly Recommend this to anybody you look at These images these don't look right Anyway but when I looked at another

Product of it called the 30k copy and Paste system and I come down and have a Look at exactly the same thing and You'll see see all of this exactly the Same this the sales page is changed some Of the fake Financial proof I come to These here there's Kathy this is Incredible this 30k copy and paste System has helped me so much I'm back Here This is incredible 3K commission systems Help me so much so that's exactly the Same and so is Simon I highly recommend This to anyone come back here this no no He's dancing as I highly recommend this To anybody so basically all these Figures are the same so these are Completely made up and then the other Way I know these are made up is if I go Back to the 30k systems one remember This is a glinkoski product as well and Just look at where this image has come From these images are fake as well Because basically they're coming from Pixels and they're free to use images That anybody can use so I wouldn't Actually buy this if it was the best Product in the world because I don't Like the way that they're lying to you On a sales page simple as that guys I'll Be very blunt with you if you can't Trust people to be honest with you on a Sales page how could you possibly trust Them with your money to start being on

Your side when you're trying to make Money online I just think it's nonsense So I wouldn't buy this I would tell you To keep away because I want you to be Buying things off people trustworthy and Are really here to help you online so Guys hope goes valuable to you my name Is school Nomads if you're interested in These types of honest reviews go ahead And hit that subscribe notification Bell And I'll let you know whenever I produce New videos and guys if you're really Serious and you're struggling and you're Trying to figure out how to build a Business online with affiliate marketing Go ahead and check out the link in the Description below over to the school Nomads I got some completely free Training for you there that you can get Started with straight away until next Time guys take care Foreign

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