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Hey guys richard here so in this review I want to talk to my email monster and This is by rudy rudra and it’s due to be Released on 30th of august at 11 a.m Eastern now this is a email application That is an autoresponder with a little Bit of an added twist apparently they’ve Got an email extractor in here that’s Going to find you the most converted Emails in 30 seconds flat so lots of Promises on this sales page i’m going to Come back to the sales page but Basically they’re saying that this is a Very very good email responder it’s Going to have high delivery rates Unlimited emails you can send Sensational open rates that’s just like Typo inbuilt smtp server the usual stuff On here but i will come back to the Sales page what i want to do is refer to The actual demo video to show you inside The software now i’m going to give you An alternative to this because i do Think this is maybe something you don’t Need but stick around i’ll show you Inside and you can come to your own Conclusions so guys what we have here Basically is a very very simple Interface you’ve got some Sending credits on here recently sent Campaigns and then you have some lists Underneath here now what i do know is The sending credits suggest to me They’re going to be charging for this in

Some way and there is a upsell on this That is about unlimited emails so it Just suggests they’re going to be trying To charge you for a certain amount of Credits to be able to use this now again I’m going to show you an alternative That doesn’t do that so you have some Various other stats on here and some Activity logs down here and next up we Have the ability to create a campaign And when you go into this you can either Collect create a regular campaign or a Plain text campaign this is basically The type of email you want to create There’s also the ability to create Automations on here which won’t actually Be that complex and then you have the Ability to create lists again nothing Unusual for autoresponders and then you Get into the template because now they Didn’t see on the sales page there’s Many many high quality templates one Actually look to the templates what you Get is these kind of just layout type Templates which i didn’t think were that Good and you have these three themes Here and i want to show you my Alternative there’s many many more Themes that you could possibly have but Basically they had Just these three and you can upload your Own apparently And then they showed you this email Extractor now basically this is going to

Go and scrape the web for email so the Idea is you put some kind of keyword in Here and it’s going to scrape the web For emails now what i found on here is If you look at some of these sites that It scraped and then look at the emails They do say these are going to be the Highest converting emails look at the Emails it’s bringing back this is a help Email for this one this is a learn a Team email for this one then another Help email then a nonsense email from This nerd wallet unblocked request email None of these are actually real people They’re all just bs emails that they’re Getting back because most of these are Coming from the website’s support pages If they’re going to put their email on There and they’re all going to be to Their support folks none of them are Going to be to folks that are actually Going to buy anything off you this kind Of email extraction services most of Them are bs guys you’re not going to get Many good emails out of them i’ve seen Them done on linkedin and places like That and again it’s kind of not the Right place to find buyers but this is Just nonsense when you get lots of Emails like this you send an email to Any of these like help you’re not going to get Anybody responding to it it’s just can Complete nonsense so that’s a waste of

Time and basically you’re not going to Get any leads off these so guys that’s Basically it it’s just a very very Simple email system now what i do Recommend if you want to find a email Autoresponder you’re probably better off Using something like get response now Get response is free up to 500 Subscribers over 30 days you also get a Lot of their advanced tools within here For that you get a very very high Quality email autoresponder for free up To 500 subscribers and once you get 500 Subscribers if you understand how to Build a business with affiliate Marketing and by the way guys if you Want to learn how to build a business With affiliate marketing i got a Completely free affiliate bootcamp for You go ahead and hit the link in the Description below and go and grab that This is going to teach you everything You need to know about starting an Affiliate marketing business but to have Any kind of affiliate marketing business You need an email list and you need a Very very good quality autoresponder and The one that i use i always recommend Guys is get response i’ll leave a link To this below completely up to you you Can use aweber as well they got a free Program get response i really like you i Just log in and show you some of the Templates for this basically once you’ve

Logged in you can get all sorts of tools On here you can get website builders Landing pages you can build one website Which is why i always recommend this if You can’t afford to build a website you Can use something like get response for Free and build one All of this is really cool but if i want To go ahead and just do a quick email You can see on here there’s all of these Pre-designed templates that you can use So when i compare it to that other piece Of software which is 17 Plus all the upsells you’re gonna have To get it is completely pointless to Purchase that you can use all of these Or you can use ht html editors you’ve Got blank templates you can use your Existing messages there’s such more Variety on a tool that’s well Established like get response and it’s Gonna offer all the deliverability you Need it’s not down to the software guys A lot of deliverability is down to your Reputation on the emails how many people Are sending in spam complaints what type Of words you use in emails there’s so Much more than just using some software That they’re claiming has got great Deliverability rates the point is you Can get this completely for free now When i jump back to the sales page the Other reason i wouldn’t buy anything off These guys is if you just look at their

Testimonials down here and something Like it’s kind of a pet pet thing of Mine you always look at testimonials to See who they are um steve wick and david These guys have an interesting Testimonial on here i just have a quick Look who they are And steve wick is a stock image um Obviously that’s nonsense and then david I know is an ai generated image because I’ve seen david’s picture million times Before and of course they’re not called David so these are completely made out And the other reason i know they’re made Up and it’s not just somebody who’s shy And doesn’t want to use their image Which is something i heard on a warrior Plus form the other day which is Complete nonsense basically they’re Making these up tone monster is a fresh And amazing i’ve been part of the this Online space for six years As soon as i log into the system with my Beater access i’m sure that this was the Big one As soon as i logged in with my access i Was sure this was the big one this is a Different product called tool monster You can see that the menu right there And then seo monster save vendor and Again you guys remember these are Different products as soon as i logged Into the system With my beta access i was sure this was

The big one And the same there so guys they’re Making up testimonials the software is Pointless you no need to use it you can Use something like get response anywhere But complete for free avoid this avoid This vendor he’s going to light you on a Sales page why would he ever give you Any kind of good support definitely Don’t buy this i hope there’s a valuable To you guys if you’re interested in These types of honest reviews go ahead And hit the subscriber notification bell And i’ll let you know whenever i’ve been Using your videos and don’t forget guys If you’re really serious and you want to Try and build a business online with Affiliate marketing maybe you’re Confused maybe you’re stuck maybe you Really want to find a way to actually Make money online go ahead and hit that Link in the description below over to School nomads and you’ll get a free boot Camp there that’ll really really help You And you can get started with straight Away until next time guys take care [Music] You

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