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Hey guys Richard here so in this review I'm talking about King Kong commissions Now this is a product by Vic carty and It's due to be released on the 4th of December now I am slightly laughing Because I'm reading this headline here Tired of all the BS and quite frankly I Am tired of all the BS especially when I Read these types of sales Pages for Vendors like this because it is complete And utter nonsense 1028.54 a day with just nine minutes Work it's just all complete and utter Nonsense aimed at people that have no Idea what they're doing online and Unfortunately with this one they're Gonna end up spending a hell of a lot of Money so we are going to jump inside I Will show you exactly what this training Course is and I'm going to give you a Lot of information here that you can use Basically to decide whether you are Willing to part with your Hardware money With vendors like these hey guys just Let me interrupt for one second I've got A great recommendation for you I'm going To show you how you can build a real Business online literally for the price Of Pizza this is the exact method that I Use to get started online and I use this Method every single day what I want you To do is jump down into the description You'll see a link just like this go and Click on this link over to this page now

This page is going to start introducing You to a product called the simple Traffic blueprint which is going to Teach you step by step how to start a Business and get traffic over to your Affiliate offers In any Niche it really really is a very Very simple method you can get started With it straight away fill in your Details here just your name and your Email address here give me a consent and Then go ahead and click the get started Box and you'll be brought over to this Page here as I said this is literally The price of a pizza is going to teach You how you can start using a real Method to get traffic the same method I Use every day and I'm telling you what Guys you never have to show your face You never have to be on camera all you Need to do is follow the tutorials here Step by step and you can start building A business as soon as today I would jump Over here guys there's 50 free done for You niches you can get stuck into Straight away lots of options and again It's the way that I started out online So I highly recommend this method thanks For taking the time to watch this very Very quick recommendation let's get back To the review so guys let's jump inside I am going to come back to the sales Page now this is a political King Kong Commissions now some of you may have

Seen this interface before because this Is actually the same product as a Product called zero effort commissions Which is here and I refer to the sales Page later when I'm showing you Something and here is what the interface For zero effort commissions was so it's Exactly the same guys it was only Released a couple of months ago looks Like James Fawcett was the one who Released it this time in partnership With Vic carty but you want to avoid Both of those guys because they're doing The same thing to be honest I wouldn't Buy products of either of them so Basically what this is is a so-called Business in a box so what they're doing Is he's actually encouraging you to go Off and get the affiliate link for King Kong commissions now once you've got That affiliate link he's then Encouraging you to go and set up a Account with convertery which is quite An expensive page builder similar to Click funnels and it's going to cost you About twelve hundred dollars if you pay Monthly and slightly less than that if You pay yearly but obviously you've got To pay that all at once and you're going To be paying 99 a month for this page Builder to start with right so remember If you are going to get into this this Is what they're encouraging you to do And of course these are affiliate links

They get paid if you go ahead and join Them so that's the first thing that I'd Encourage you to build a website with Convertery the next thing they want you To to do is set up an autoresponder with Aweber and actually aweber's got its own Page builder so you don't actually need Something like convertery if you're Going to have an account with aweber you Can use their own website to set this up So that's one tip if you do go down this Route and basically once you set up your Page and your autoresponder then they're Asking you to buy solo ads now if you're A complete UB solo ads are quite a Tricky thing to start navigating Straight off now they're a good way to Get instant traffic over to a website That you want to advertise something to But they are very problematic now I'll Leave a video that I've made about solo Ads below I fell into this track myself When I was first starting out as Spending literally hundreds and hundreds Of dollars on these solo ad vendors who Would send emails for me and then Basically be that's how you would get Traffic over to your office now let me Just show you something very quickly and Explain to you what solo ads are so Basically what you have is a solo ad Vendor now what they do is they're Gathering leads off things like they Might put a Google ad out they might put

Some cheap banner ads out and they end Up with a huge list of leads now these Leads can be from any Niche which is one Thing that is a problematic when you go Into these solo vendors you don't know What Niche their leads are from so they Might not be from and make money online Niche what what if you're advertising Something to do with pets they might not Be from a pet Niche so basically they're Just a full list of Different email addresses now you get These email addresses and these vendors From places like udemy or there could be Some specialized vendors that actually Have these lists now they have things Like link rotators now these link Rotators are a way that they can Actually send random links out to the Audience that they have so the idea is That you would come along and say hey Can you get me a thousand clicks over to An offer and they will charge you Anything from one dollar to two dollars Anything less than that usually is very Very poor targeting but they would Charge you anything from one dollar a Lead to do that so you'll end up Spending spending you know say the Thousand dollars let's say a thousand Dollars on your clicks of course the More clicks you have the more chance That somebody that receives that email One or two of them may be interested in

Your particular offer here's the problem As it all sounds quite good so far right These vendors have lots of different People buying clicks off them all the Time so their list is only so big so They'll end up having to send the same Types of emails to the same types of People on the list over and over again And these are the types of emails that End up in your spam box and it's just Nonsense spam emails right so very Rarely do you actually get anybody Engaged in them but let's say that you Do right let's say you're lucky enough To get somebody who is engaged and That's the Ops into your actual page Here now you will get a certain Percentage of them will opt in it won't Be 50 as a written here but it will be a Certain amount of people opt-in Especially if you're giving away Something for free right and then you May end up making one or two sales but Just remember let's get a bit of Business brain on here you need to make Enough sales of that offer to cover your Thousand dollars in the initial cut cost Or even even if it's a hundred dollars You need to make enough sales to make a Hundred dollars so the guys are very Successful at solo ad marketing spend a Lot of money on the front end to capture Leads and then they make up the money Over time in high cost webinars and that

Type of stuff that really brings the Money in you as a kind of Individual seller selling a crappy Product like this right for a start Aren't really going to be able to take Advantage of having this really robust Back end to your business which is where It becomes problematic and you see so Many people wasting so much money on Solo ads because they haven't got the Right funnel and the right business in Place to take advantage of the leads That they do manage to get so you end up Spending a hell of a lot of money on This it's one of the worst forms of paid Traffic as far as I'm concerned because It's too Hit or Miss you're better off Going with Bing ads or Google ads or Somewhere like that that is very very Directed or quite frankly if you're Starting out your bed enough starting For free like I mentioned when I talked About the product I recommended to you That starts off with free traffic so Basically guys I think this is Problematic this is my opinion on solo Ads if you want to go out and start Gambling your money which I do think is A gamble on solo ads you carry on but Essentially that's what they're telling You to do here go and buy solo ads so That you can go ahead and promote their Product so they get the leads and they Can then take those leads and make more

And more money off them I'm afraid You'll be end up straggling at the back End with a couple of dollars here and There that you've managed to make out of That solo ad so you can see I'm not a Big fan of the traffic Source on here And the fact that you have to pay Oh there's a thousand dollars for this Final Builder as well I I also think It's problematic so let's think about This right Will this work potentially at a very low Level would I want to go down this route And start recommending these types of Products like King Kong commissions to Others no I wouldn't this is actually The same thinking as another product Called Perpetual income 365 which is Very popular it's the same kind of thing You end up buying into a business where There's so lame of you buying in is that You sell that business so it's like a Big wheel and you end up just going Around in circles trying to get seven Dollar commissions here and there of These types of products because remember You're going to get 50 of anything You're not going to get the full Commission so I think it's problematic Guys I don't like this fact of this the Traffic they're recommending is solo ads And the page builder piece the other Thing I do not like at all is if I go Back to the sales page here this is

Kincon commissions if I just come down To the testimonials and I scroll plus These random absolutely nonsense Graphics here they don't mean anything Here's the testimonials now here is zero Effort commission whatever this was Called here are testimonials right this Is for zero effort commission you can See I've been testing zero effort Commission system and I can't believe How effective it is I've been testing King Kong commission system I can't Believe how effective it is I'm Certainly finding it easy to pull in Commissions I'm certainly finding it Easy to put in commissions zero effort Commission you get my point right They're completely and utterly made up Testimonials Absolute nonsense same as all of this Stuff it's just Graphics it doesn't mean Anything basically what they want to do Is you first for you to spend your Hard-earned money on solo ads so that They can get more leads over into their Business and they can try and make more Money out of it meanwhile you're just Going to spend loads and loads of money On these solo ads and get nowhere I Don't recommend this at all I will put The otos in the description below guys If you're really interested in buying Into this system but to be quite honest If you really want to build a business

Online I highly advise you to learn how To set up your own Pages Drive your own Traffic start off with free and then Maybe go on to paid ads but I would Still keep away from solo ads to be Quite honest unless you can do it at Scale and afford to lose a lot of money On the front end like I say move on to Something like Google ads All Bing ads in fact there's a product Coming out very soon I'm going to Recommend the teacher how to do Bing ads But that's aside the point I would Honestly keep away from products like This and when I've got vendors like this Who are clearly not being honest on Sales pages I wouldn't buy off off them In the first place I hope that's Valuable to you guys my name is Richard Derby this is School of Nomads if you Haven't been able to the channel before Don't forget to hit that subscribe Notification Bell and I'll let you know Whenever I produce new videos and like I Said guys if you're interested in Building a business my number one Recommendation is the simple traffic Blueprint go ahead and check that out Today And you can get started straight away Until next time guys take care [Music]

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