ViralMoolah Review – 🔥Not Needed 2/10 🔥 ViralMoolah by Venkata Ramana Real Honest Review

Hey guys richard here so in this review I’m talking about viral muller now this Is by venkata romana and it’s due to be Released on monday the 1st of august at 11 a.m eastern now this is a product That basically promises you to get free Buyer traffic and it says you can bank Up to two and a half thousand dollars Per day these numbers are oddly specific But there you go and basically what We’re going to do is go through the Sales page in a little bit of detail but First i want to go through the Application itself i’ll show you around I’ll show you exactly what you’re going To get here and then we’ll come back and We’ll talk about a few things on this Sales page you need to be aware of so Guys if you want me to go to my channel Before my name is richard darby this is School of nomads if you’re interested in These types of honest reviews go ahead And hit that subscribe notification bell And i’ll let you know whenever i produce New videos and guys if you’re really Serious and you want to build a business Online with affiliate marketing go ahead And hit the link in the description Below to school nomads i’ve got a Completely free affiliate bootcamp for You there and we’ll get you started Straight away so viral guys let’s jump Straight inside and we’ll come back to The sales page basically what you have

Is some vip training here this is the jv Version i expect there’s gonna be more Training videos added to this but you’ve Got a one and a half minute training Video here that takes you through the Process so basically it’s using Pinterest as a traffic source and then Adding some pages so that people go over To pinterest they’ll have a look at your Pin they’ll click on your brilliant Links and they’ll come over and they’ll Spend a lot of money and make as much Money as they’re claiming to do on the Sales page it’s a very very basic video Here and what they do say in the videos It will help you create a web page so I’m going to get to that piece in a Minute now once you’ve gone through the Training you have this research tab here And basically this takes you over to Pinterest business and if you look at Their it’s their Page where it predicts trends and you Can come over here and look at the Insights by audience or categories let’s Say by category and i want insights by Fashion for instance and it’s going to Give you lots of different insights by Fashion show your different trends so Look at the checkerboard patterns in This one this one is all about copper Time so they describe this trend on Around cuppa time and that’s really it So that’s where they’re going to find

Their trends now this is a good resource So basically that’s it that’s free for Anybody to go ahead and have a look That’s where you’re going to get your Ideas for your content and you can Monetize those ideas which is okay you Know it’s not a bad idea it’s just i Don’t really see why you need this Software to actually do that because This is completely free so if i just Come over to the software again once you Have that research you need to connect a Page so the idea is you would create a Pin on pinterest and then in the link You would link over to some form of web Page where you have your offers now they Do take you to over to the domain and Hosting piece here which is a affiliate Link from vincar to romana over to Bluehost so they want you to go ahead And buy the hosting and get the pages Here and they’re going to explain how to Actually link that to this particular Software now it does say strangely Enough on the sales page you want to Scroll down here do i need to purchase Anything else for it to work nope viral Molar is the complete thing you will get Everything you need to make it work Nothing is left behind yet in the actual Video where they explain what it does And also on the link in the software you Do have to pay extra you have to pay Extra

Charges for a web page you have to pay Extra charges for the website they’re Going to explain to you how to actually Build so that’s not true You do need to have extra pages now you Can get free websites by using sites Like get response or system e Where up to 500 subscribers and get Response for instance you get a Completely free web page so i would Actually use that completely free web Page rather than go through these Bluehosts here and you can always get a Domain for that if you want to so i’ll Leave the links to them in the Description below but it’s up to you Guys i i don’t think you actually need To go and buy web pages or even have This pinterest thing so far everything i Can see you can get for free now once You have that you need to add your Website to the software there’s lots of Websites being added to the software and Basically that’s going to allow it to Post then it gives you this post Function where you’re going to post Certain items straight into your website You can have banner links here you can Select banned positions and you can post Them to your website directly Well if you had a website you can do That anywhere i don’t really see why you Need this again so far guys i’ve never Been a little bit down but i can’t see

The point of this software On here now you can advertise so you can Create a new campaign the idea is that You would create a campaign on here Submit that and then you would search For a pin so far i haven’t made this Work and based on the pin you can go Ahead and create content on that Actually let’s put dogs because that’ll Be an easy one If i search the pins every time i try And search on this nothing happens I press next on this you can create a Pin Basically based on what you found there So you can have some viral pin on here And you can start creating pins on here You can download images and start Creating this pin again very very cheap Editor you can create these pins in Canva you’re much better using camera to Create pins all you need to do is jump Over here find your pinterest pin Templates and you’ve got hundreds of Pinterest pin templates that you can use And once you’ve actually created these You can share these directly to Pinterest as you can see here if i hit This this will then share directly to my Pinterest account so again you don’t Actually need this you can go into pins Yourself look at the pins that are Actually there and then go ahead and Copy them if that’s what you want to do

It’s not a difficult thing to do so That’s the advertised section then you Got all of the upgrades here i’ll go Through the otos at the end of the Review but that’s it so far it’s just a Very very simple tool for posting to Pinterest if that’s what you wanted to Do guys i’m not really sure if this is Going to work on the production version But if that’s what you want to do you Can spend your 17 bucks but so far with A combination of get response pinterest And this free page you can do this Completely for free if you want all you Need to do is come on here have a look At what’s trending search on pinterest Find some nice pins and then if you want To you can copy them at the end of the Day with all these social media guys It’s all about building up an account I’ve got a pinterest account myself Which is here a couple of thousand Followers on here and basically i posted A lot in the past you get views here and There nothing too much but you need to Be consistent and you need to build up a Real following to ever start to make Money because at the end of the day they Only make money if they come in and they Click on your links and not everybody’s Going to click on your link so Guys this does work as a traffic source But you just need to work on it in the Long term and really build up your

Pinterest account if you go back through This software they’re claiming a lot of This stuff has been done over the last 30 days so it says here take a look at What viral muller is capable of this is So unattached from the actual product It’s unreal because this makes no sense If that says it’s been done in the last 30 Days with this software if i look at When this was created Which is the sales page was create Created on the 23rd of july and the Actual software Link was created again on the 23rd of July so that makes no sense because That’s not over 30 days old so i take All that kind of stuff with a pinch of Salt it doesn’t really make sense that Some of these financial proofs are over The long term basically these guys are Not going to be able to show you one Account made by viral muller that’s Making any kind of good money so as far As i’m concerned this isn’t really Needed set yourself up for pinterest Account you can look at their own tools For trends you can go on google trends And look at trending topics and you can Use canva to actually make your pin very Very simple guys so we will look at These otos viral ruler control the oto One is 39 Apparently you’re going to get even more

Traffic If pinterest traffic is going to be slow For you it’s going to take a while to Actually build up viral muller stampede It’s 39 Varamula instant traffic is 127. They’re gonna send you 5 000 to 10 000 Extra visitors virus muller reseller is Oto4 that’s 127. oto force 39. Environment 1k paydays oto 5 is 39 so Guys from my perspective i don’t think You really need this if you’ve got any Questions or you’ve got any comments About this review please leave them Below and i’ll get back to you my name Is richard darby this is the school of Nomads if you haven’t been to the Channel before don’t forget to hit that Subscribe notification bell and i’ll let You know whenever i produce new videos And guys if you’re really serious and You want to build a business online Using affiliate marketing go ahead and Check out the link in the description Below over to the school of nomads i’ve Got a completely free affiliate bootcamp For you there you can get started with Straight away until next time guys take Care [Music]

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