30K Copy & Paste System Review – Traffic Issues 3/10

Hey guys Richard here so in this review I want to talk to you about 30k copy and Paste system now this is a plug and play System and apparently it lets you copy And paste they're done for you Commission system and it makes them Thirty thousand dollars per month so we Are going to jump inside I'll show you Around I'll show you all of these Different tabs here and then we'll come Back to the sales page we'll talk a Little bit about this method overall and Then I'll give you those all important Otos hey guys just let me interrupt for One second I've got a great Recommendation for you I'm going to show You how you can build a real business Online literally for the price of a Pizza this is the exact method that I Use to get started online and I use this Method every single day what I want you To do is jump down into the description You'll see a link just like this go and Click on this link over to this page now This page is going to start introducing You to a product called the simple Traffic blueprint which is going to Teach you step by step how to start a Business and get traffic over to your Affiliate offers In any Niche it really really is a very Very simple method you can get started With it straight away fill in your Details here just your name and your

Email address here give me a consent and Then go ahead and click the get started Box and you'll be brought over to this Page here as I said this is literally The price of a pizza it's going to teach You how you can start using a real Method to get traffic the same method I Use every day and I'm telling you what Guys you never have to show your face You never have to be on camera all you Need to do is follow the tutorials here Step by step and you can start building A business as soon as today I would jump Over here guys there's 50 free done for You niches you can get stuck into Straight away lots of options and again It's the way that I started out online So I highly recommend this method thanks For taking the time to watch this very Very quick recommendation let's get back To the review so guys let's jump in here Now this is a as I said I've done for You product glenkoski has been selling These products over and over for many Many years now I'm literally it's the Same product every single time I review This everything is the same all I've Done is they've made a slightly Different sales page these days which if You look on the last couple of products Is exactly the same sales page all That's happened is they've changed out Some of these graphics and then some of These numbers which you know if you read

My reviews before those numbers are Easily changed out so if you come inside Basically you've got a dashboard you've Got the fast track video series training Which shows you how to hook up the many Pages that he's providing for you how to As you have a hook up your autoresponder You'll need an autoresponder here They're giving you free options for that And then how the email marketing Works They're giving you swipes for that as Well but if we jump in to the campaigns Let's have a look at some of these Campaigns basically they provide these Done for you pages that they build Themselves and it is a basically a Squeeze page a main page URL and a Download page so the idea is you bring People over to this squeeze page if I Just view that squeeze page they're Going to look at this squeeze page They're going to opt in then they're Going to come over to a main sales page URL which in this case is all around the 12 minute affiliate I'm not sure what That is that's not a 12 minute affiliate Guy but this is a 12 minute affiliate a Product I've reviewed in the past you Can always go and check out my reviews Basically I don't really like it because It's encouraging people to buy solo ads To sell at the 12 minute affiliate so You'll end up spend a lot of money doing That and then you come in have a look at

The download page and basically there's A page that gets sent out with lots of Other products on here which are going To have affiliate links on and you can Potentially earn more money if they Purchase your types of products now Essentially this isn't a bad tactic Obviously because a lot of people do This and it's a sound way to do Marketing Online if you've got something Valuable to offer and this is where I Think sometimes this type of product Will appeal to newbies who will just Fade off into the distance whether make That much repeat sales when they do this Type of thing you need to be offering Quality products that are actually going To bring value to others right if you Start promoting things like 12 minute Affiliate 5K formula affiliate one uh Things like crypto base which is one of Cleans old products glitched again is One of his old products if you start Promoting things like that and people Realize that they're just shiny objects And they're not actually going to give You any kind of value and they're not Going to provide people any value make Them and get them to make money they're Not going to come back to you so what You need to do is generate a substantial Amount of traffic over to those products To keep getting a decent income out of Them now this traffic here that I've

Actually shown you here and traffic if You're a complete newbie is visitors to Your page is social media traffic They're actually showing here now this Is nonsense traffic if you haven't got a Following on social media sharing links To social media which most social media Sites will ban anyway if you try and Just blindly share an affiliate link to Those sites by sharing a link to those Sites in the first place unless you've Got a proper following on their social Media sites no one's going to see that Link so you're not going to get traffic Over to your many pages in the first Place because nobody's going to see it You're not providing any value you're Just sharing a blind link so basically This is nonsense unless you've got a Follow-in unless you understand how to Do marketing on social media sites I use Things like YouTube you could use things Like Tick Tock or Twitter but you need To build up a proper following are People that are interested in what You've got to offer and then you promote Things like this now that's the issue I See with this one is the type of Products you're encouraged to kind of Promote which I don't think are that Much valuable but that's up to me you Can promote what you want but two of the Traffic they offer on here isn't really Traffic unless you've got a follow-in

That's the issue I see now as I said Essentially if you did want to go down This route content gorilla convergot Pro They're two pretty good products right So you could promote them using this Software but a lot of this other stuff I Just find a little bit nonsense now you Can actually put your own campaigns in Here I wanted to create a new one I can Actually build those pages myself which Again makes this useful in a way my main Issue again with this is that it's part Of their website and if I can't actually See somewhere I can download this and Put it on my own website and that makes My business very very susceptible for This just disappearing this product of a 30k copy and paste system just Disappears tomorrow and that URL just Disappears then all my businesses Disappeared if I build it on this you Need to build on your own sites so That's kind of problematic but this does Allow you to do that if you're really Stuck for somewhere to build Pages the Autoresponder piece here is all about Attaching your own autoresponder they're Recommending aweber which is perfectly Fine there is a free account on aweber At the front end which you can start With so you can use that autoresponder Again you know I've got a real problem With that apart from the type of Products I've encouraging you to promote

And then they have these recommended Traffic here now this is very Problematic to me what they're doing Here is asking you to go over to udemy Now I told talked about solo traffic Solo as traffic in the past and this is Where you pay a seller on here and Basically they send an email that you Provide them off to their own traffic That they've gathered from somewhere and Then encourage their own lists to buy Your product now they're doing that for Hundreds of people at a time they're on Some link rotators in their emails They're sending it to people are used to Getting thousands of thousands of Marketing emails most of these end up in Spam if you've got a spam folder that's Where most of these will end up in so it Can be very problematic using solo ads Now don't get me wrong some people do Have success but they've also got very Very big marketing budgets and they've Got a very Established back end to their marketing So they'll sell something quite cheap on The front end to some kind of solarized List but the back end they'll have all Their own emails set up they'll have Lots of different types of products on Their back end that they can reproach Those people so unless you know what You're doing it is a kind of problematic To use solo ads so I don't think that's

A good recommended traffic Source unless You know what you're doing so just be Aware of that again I'm just giving you My opinion guys you can use that if you Want to then you have some quick start Guide here nice little bit of software Here gives you a little PDF with a quick Start software this isn't in their Previous products Um obviously they've got this this link To this he design flip books it must be A plug-in they're using then you have This case study nurse case study must be An upsell because I can't get access to It I just bought this that's very Problematic to me why can't they just Give me a case study and prove that this Actually works you're having to register For this case study so That's not good you've got this Resources tab here which is basically Just links over to lots of different Affiliate Links of theirs they've got These programs you can join there's These must-have tools click magic starts At 39 bucks a month And it's 99 for an account that you can Use on more than one domain Problematic Because unless you know what You're doing with this clip magic you Don't need link tracking to start with If you're a newbie don't bother with it I have got it but I've been doing this For a while solo ads don't I wouldn't

Use solo I'd start it out guys you got To spend such a lot of money with very Very little return Tubidy I would take Tubidy I think it's good I use it on my Own YouTube account you can use pro Versions of this which do cost a little Bit of money and then a VPN if you Wanted to use a VPN there is some Services on here Fiverr and canva again They're free you don't need to go and Click through these they're probably Affiliate links if I have a look now Yeah that's an affiliate Link in case You do spend money on Fiverr I know There's some bonuses here this Contra Challenge thing so that's the resources Tab you have this community group you Got this extra free traffic now this is The same as they used to have on all of Their products and they've had them for Absolutely years this affiliate traffic Lab is a piece of software that allows You to download somebody's sales page And make a very very short they rubbish Video about it I can't say anything any Other way than that and it's really poor So the problem with that is you're not Going to get anybody to watch that video To get the traffic over to this it's not Really a traffic Source there is some More free traffic here they give this Random PDF again they've been giving This out for actually the years this Traffic zap what are off these links

These don't make any sense to me Um this is actually triple triple Traffic Bots again another bit of spammy Software that doesn't make any sense You can submit and get some leads here Apparently and get them to Give you some clicks I haven't tested That but quite frankly after that I Don't know what you'd do next and then This is free traffic guide here this is Really old PDF they got a traffic guide About if you want to learn how to build Traffic again I've recommended already The exact process that I use to generate Traffic to all of my products but you Can go on YouTube and you can find lots Of different ways to generate traffic And then just concentrate on one traffic Source and provide the value and you'll Start to get sales a little bit of Bonuses here I go to the dictionary There's this random dictionary thing Here with lots of different things again It's he's a he's saying flipbooks have Obviously purchased so they're making Use of that you can have a certificate Here which might be worth your 13 bucks To get a certificate and then you got All of the upgrades here which I will go Through with you in a second so guys Usual issue with this type of product You know at the end of the day if you Wanted to use this and you understood How to actually generate traffic over to

These Pages it would be possible to get Sales I don't think you'd be able to Build a really serious business online Using this particular software because I Don't believe that the products that You're actually promoting are going to Bring value to others and you're just Going to end up getting on a lot of People's notes to be honest because You're going to be trying to sell them Products they just don't work it's a Vicious cycle newbies come online they Find these types of products they think It's a get rich quick scheme the issue Is they start trying to sell these Nonsense products to other newbies and Then the cycle begins again and again And again and the only people that Really make money out of this are these Folks that are selling you this stream Who are good at making these sales pages And giving you these done for your Systems that quite frankly you're just Going to spend a lot of time wasting Trying to make them work that's my Opinion of this no different from the Last multiple products by this vendor at The end of the day it's 13 bucks if you Want to buy it because it's a bit of a Shiny object go ahead but do not expect To make thirty thousand per month as They're doing because they're making Most of this money by actually selling You these types of products not by

Promoting things like 12 minute Affiliate let's have a look at the otos And again I know these are all the same I keep repeating myself but this is the Same graphic they've used for years Basically so all of the otos are the Same early bird is 17 actually if you Fiddle around a bit you can get this Down to 11 because I noticed if you come Off the page a few times it actually Takes another six bucks off it annuity Version is 40 67 down to 47 on the down Sell 100 done for you 97.67 is already Done for you I don't know how many more Done for you it can be unlimited traffic 97 down to 67 if they could get Unlimited traffic guys just think about This why would they need any Affiliates To ever promote a product for them They're giving 50 of their profits to an Affiliate if you can get unlimited Traffic whatever bother getting an Affiliate just promote yourself Ocho4 automation 67 down to 47 LG 5 ATM Edition 67 down to 37 and oto6 you can Get the license rights and actually sell This to others for 197 down to 97 so Guys as I said I wouldn't really Recommend this I'll give it a 3 out of Ten just a repeat of the last multiple Products by this redneck if you've ever Bought any of the others you don't need To buy this because you've already seen It and you've already done it before I

Hope that's valuable to you my name is Richard Derby this is School of Nomads Even below to my channel before don't Forget to hit that subscribing Notification Bell and I'll let you know Whenever I produce new videos and guys As I said if you're interested in Building a real business online go ahead And hit the link in the description Below and you can get started today Until next time guys take care Foreign [Music]

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