7 January 2024

Hey guys so I want to give you something That'll make you successful with Affiliate marketing I want to talk to You about your audience now you need to Get an audience you're going to be Successful with affiliate marketing you Need to get people that are actually Going to follow you and be interested in The same types of topics that your Products and services you're Recommending are in now you do that by Building some kind of social media Account you can have a Blog you can have A YT Channel those types of things are Going to build you that audience that You can recommend products and services But you need to provide value you need To give people advice you need to give People tips and tricks you need to give People some kind of value that they're Going to trust you and then actually go Ahead and purchase the recommendations That you have make sure that you're Always providing value for your audience Not yourself don't think about the sales First think about your audience first Provide value for them and then you go Ahead and you will make those sales

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