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Hey guys Richard here so in this video I'm talk to about 7 Minutes daily round This is a product on ClickBank and Basically it's a product that you get Given a done for you system that allows You to sell that product to others so a Little bit like Perpetual 365 like click Wealth all of these systems are exactly The same they're basically giving you a Page you're putting some details in There and then they're showing you how You can sell that to others so that you Make a commission but obviously they do As well so just before we start my name Is Richard Derby this is the scroll Number ad if you haven't been to this Page before we do honest reviews where I Tell you exactly what I think of Products without trying to sell you them If that interests you go ahead and hit That subscribe and notification Bell and I'll let you know whenever I produce new Videos and guys if you're really serious And you're struggling and you're trying To figure out how to build a real Business online go ahead and check out The link in the description below over To the school of Nomads I got some Completely free training for you there That will get you started straight away So let's jump straight inside here so Basically you have the same kind of Thing you have on most of these products You have this uh home section which is

Basically a quick rundown of what the Product's all about and then you have The number of these sections here now I'm going to come off these menus here Because this one is a little bit Difficult to use if you see here it Keeps clicking back to the original so I'm not going to use that menu to go Through the product it's the same thing So basically if I just go to the getting Started section you have this talk here From Vince I haven't seen Vince's voice Here again because it all seems to be Another guy called Roy doing all of the Talking but each one of these you can Put step complete and go to the next Section and then it's got all of these So all you have here is a welcome Section and then you have a ability to Collect your ClickBank account because There's a couple of things this does it Creates a page for you it obviously Gives you the ability to make Commissions off that page so you have to Have your ClickBank ID and then it Allows you to also add other ClickBank Products onto the page and I'll show you That exactly then you go ahead and you Sync your get response account so they Want you to go over and get a get Response account again that'll be an Affiliate link so they make money once You start paying money to get response And they want you to get an API key

Which I've done and then you set up your Profit Pages now the profit pages are Actually these this is your profit page I'll go into what all these other things Are in a minute because they are part of An upgrade but essentially you're get in This a couple of versions of this where You have this opin box you have to share This page and basically if they share That they come back to here which is the Product that you just bought they're Going it selfhelp resource.com but Essentially what it is is the 7 Minute Daily sales page again so you go on Circles you're basically selling the Same product so you have those profit Pages then you have a click tracker that You can set up here basically that's Just a little code you put in and it Will track where your clicks are coming From and then you can get some free Traffic here they're saying if I Activate this I can get some free Traffic over to the site and then you Have some in verified influencer traffic Now I want to talk to you a little bit About this the influencer traffic is Basically what you call solo ads now Solo ads are basically run by people That set up huge email accounts and send Those accounts emails on a regular basis So the folks that are in those email Accounts are going to get many many Offers over the course of days and weeks

So they're going to be very little Engagement from those folks but these Guys are farming emails from all over The place to try and send them emails so You pay them up to a dollar every time They you get a click from one of the Emails and they'll send the emails out For you so it's kind of a way that you Can pay for traffic it's very expensive And also very problematic because as I Said the folks that get those emails get Offers all the time also the more than Likely you seen your offer because They're they're talking about Roy who is The guy who seems to be on all of these Other Pages providing the traffic so he Gets money doing that as well and Basically they're not going to be new Offers to them you're only ever going to Make profit if they start buying the UPS Sales on this product you're never Really going to make profit if you don't And it can end up cost you literally Thousands of dollars this type of solo Traffic unless you understand how to Optimize it yourself so you get people To buy something on the front end and Then you understand fully what the back End is actually giving them and you can Build up a business like that unless you Got money to burn on the front end with Solo ads I would keep away from them I'll actually leave a video underneath This one in the description where you

Can check out what I think of solo ads And you can make your own mind up so Basically this is what this is because One option is to go through Roy's Traffic here and you can go on to his Site and basically if you order the Traffic package now come over to his Site and you see here this is to do with The type of traffic you're going to get 80 cents a click is $80 for 100 clicks 500 clicks $350 $650 you can see these Are very expensive now you will get a Few sales in the front end no doubt but The problem is actually make Breaking even on some of these purchases CU you're going to have to make a lot of Sales to actually Break Even but again Up to you on this Sol traffic I do not Like it especially for beginners because You don't know what you're doing with it So that's the the traffic you're Actually trying to generate and then They have some emails that you can Actually broadcast based on if somebody Opts in from your get response account And you can load up your get response Account so that's what you're getting Here so just a quick recap of what You're doing you're getting some traffic So they they have shown you way to get Cora and Reddit traffic which is Actually okay the the free traffic Methods are okay but they're very slow Also you can't spam things like cor and

Reddit you're not going to get away with It so it's going to be very slow to try And do that you're bringing them over to The profit page that you created if they Go ahead and purchase they go through Your affiliate link come over to that 7 Minute daily page and then they make a Purchase there's also some emails going Out here that you also can send because They provide them so the whole system is Done for you but the problem is always Going to be this traffic so to in my Mind you're going to give them a Lowquality product anyway because you Just kind of give them a product that Isn't designed to actually give them any Value it's designed to try and get them Into a system to sell the product to Other people and then the only people That make the real money on here the Vendors but it's always going to be this Traffic piece here it's going to be very Problematic the other piece here that I Kind of bought the upgrade by accident Is the profit booster piece now this Profit booster is a viral wealth tool And a social commission Max what that Actually is at the end of the day is in A way that you can put a little popup Down the bottom here and you can Actually give it a graphic and then if You click on it they go over to us a Different product and then you buy that Product is a click well system in this

Case and then the other thing you can do Is some social proof stuff which Actually doesn't work on the same page If you look at this the social proof is Being buried by this viral profit thing So that doesn't really work but that's Saying that somebody purchased the Product which which is obviously being Dishonest cuz they didn't cuz no one's Actually bought this yet and that's a Bit of a warning for anybody any of you If you see this social proof on the left Hand side of any products and it keeps Coming up to say whoever it is in Texas Bought the product it's usually BS Especially with these types of products And then you got this on the right hand Side so that's the kind of add-ons that You get and that's 97 bucks so it's a Lot of money and you the upgrades Basically this is going to cost you Upward $200 if you buy all the upgrades It's about $77 on the front end which is Pretty much what these usually are Because they're trying to get you into The funnel before you upgrade so I would Not recommend this product I'm afraid Guys I don't like these types of Products anything that is involved in Marketing that is actually only there to Try and get you to resell the products Youve just bought is not real marketing To me it's definitely not real affiliate Marketing the way that you build an

Affiliate marketing business online is By actually providing value to people so You might have a hobby you might have Something you do in your day job you Might have some kind of skill that you Can share with with others you can build A whole business around that you can Actually look at your Niche you can Actually really dive into your Niche Figure out what kind of topics to talk About and then build the whole system Around that so you're actually providing Value to people rather than just trying To sell them some random crappy product That's only designed to make the Vendor's money not you the other cool Thing you can do is you can actually Build your own products if once you Understand your Niche you can build your Own mini products to sell them it's a Much better way to do it now if you're Interested in doing that there is a link In my description below over to the School of Nomads we'll get you started Doing that but as far as this is Concerned I'm not recommending this in Anyway guys I think this type of product Is just complete waste of time and the Only people making money are the vendors So that was my review hope that was Useful to you my name is Richard Derby This is School of no man if you're Interested in this type of real honest Review go ahead and hit that subscribe

Notification Bell and I'll let you know Whenever I produce new videos and as I Said guys if you're really interested And you're serious about building a Business online go go and hit that link Go and check that out and I'll speak to You [Music] Soon

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