8 Essential Tips for New Affiliate Marketers

Hey guys Richard here so in this video I'm going to give you eight essential Tips for affiliate marketing if you're a Complete newbie now this is something You really need to understand and stick To the end because there's a lot of good Tips here that are going to help you get Started in a very very quick way and in The right way which a lot of people will Start affiliate marketing basically do It in completely the wrong way now what We're going to do here is we're just Going to go through some essential areas That you need to be aware of if you want To start a business with affiliate Marketing now if you're completely new To Philly mods you've got no idea what It is basically you get paid for Actually promoting other people's Products now they make the products and You actually have a link of them and you Can actually promote that link and Basically anybody who goes through that Link and pays for the product you get a Commission that's how you make money With affiliate marketing in a very very Basic way now there's lots of um ways That you should be doing this and and Right way you should be doing this and There's a lot of wrong ways that people Also do that and I'm going to go through Both of them as they go through the tips But basically guys what you're doing Here is you are promoting other people's

Products and then you get a commission Now our first thing is we really need to Figure out what our strategy is going to Be what are our goals for our business Do we actually want to have a business That's going to be sustainable over the Long term are we going to be willing to Build this very slowly and actually Build up over the long terms again it's More sustainable is this something that We can actually do from home or is it Something that we have to go somewhere Else and actually do so you may be Promoting things that you need to be Outdoors and you actually take images or Whatever it is outdoors can you do Something from your desktop and just Promote things like software then all of These things you need to sit down and Consider what is your strategy going to Be and how you're actually going to go Ahead and promote these types of Products you need to do some research Into the types of people are promoting Things in the area you're interested in You need to figure out how they're Promoting it and then you can sit down And really figure out how am I going to Myself start building a business in this Particular area now of course the first Thing you need to figure out is what is Going to be your actual Niche now the Niche is the area that you're going to Be promoting goods and services in the

Reason this is so important is because If you don't have a niche and you don't Actually really Define your Niche Properly and have a really pinpoint what Type of people you want to sell to You're going to be spreading yourself Too thin and you're never really going To get any kind of sales through your Particular affiliate marketing Strategies you need to figure out what Niche you're in it could be could be Something like DIY and sector down on Certain types of DIY like woodworking Could be like something pets maybe you Want to talk about dog training maybe You want to talk about a certain breed Of dog training the tighter you can get That Niche the better and then what you Do is you're actually focus in just on That particularly tight piece of that Niche so that you can really understand How to build a business around that what Man most people do and I see it all the Time is they basically spread themselves Far too thin and they just go for a Massive Niche like health and try and Promote things in that and there's far Too much competition and you're just Never going to be making a success Actually having a niche that you can Focus in on is really really important Now guys if you really wanted to kind of Learn more about affiliate marketing There is a link in the description below

How to school of Nomads you'll see a Free course there that you can get stuck Into that's really going to teach you How to do a lot of the things I'm going To talk about today during this actual Presentation now the next thing is you Need to figure out what type of products You want to promote within that Particular Niche now this could be Something like let's say you you go to The gym and you like kettlebell training There could be something in that Niche Or kettlebells for instance that you can Actually promote as products and sell to Your audience what if you're into some Kind of software and maybe AI seems to Be a big thing at the moment and you Want to start focusing on software doing Some reviews telling people how how it Works maybe there's certain types of Software that you've got affiliate Programs with that you can actually Promote that software You'll Always Find Relevant products within your particular Niche that you want to promote all you Need to do is go on places like Google But affiliate products and your Niche And you will find lots of affiliate Products within that particular Niche That's all part of that research that You need to do at the beginning of your Affiliate marketing efforts next thing Is publishing quality content now this Is something that's very very important

One of the biggest mistakes I see with Newbie marketers is they go online they Grab a link and they start trying to put It on social media they start trying to Put it Um you know just send it off to their Friends email it out randomly to people And they've got no idea who you are why You're sending them that link and what The point of the product is you're Supposed to be trying to promote to them It's completely worthless doing that Kind of strategy the aim is to create Quality content of value that people are Interested in around your Niche to Talking about caliber training different Types of exercises whatever it may be Then you can go ahead and create that Value teach people how to do things and Then the back end recommend goods and Services within that particular area Through your content now this could be Things like blogging you might be able To do articles on particular niches this Could be videos like I do to be actually Discussing those niches on video it all Depends on the niche that you actually Pick but you need to start thinking About how do you create quality content Around that Niche that it is something That you can provide value to people and That's very very important guys next up Is promoting your affiliate products now Once you have your product and your link

How do you promote that now it all Depends again what type of area you're In again you can use things like blogs And YouTube to actually promote your Affiliate links you can provide that Content and then within a YouTube video For instance in the description you can Put links over and just tell people hey If you're interested in this certain Product there is a link in the Description below you can go through That same with blogging social media as Well is very very good you can go on Instagram and you can have things on Instagram the only thing with that is You need to make sure you're really Really using social media in the right Way and actually building up kind of a Group of people that are really into Your your products and services that you Can then go ahead and promote it's not Easy sometimes to put affiliate links Directly into social media platforms Like like Facebook it's better if you Maybe you could start a group in Facebook and have a group of people that You're interacting with and then Recommend things and maybe recommend Them and bring them out to a landing Page before you actually send them onto A product there is a whole kind of world Around that which I will do future Videos that you can think about how to Promote properly on social media even

Things like Tick Tock it's very Difficult to go from a tick tock video Over to their bio over to their link Tree whatever they've got and then Actually find a product that's quite Clumsy so basically you need to do that In the right way so bring people often To a different platform that you can Maybe converse with them a bit more or Gather an email address for instance From them and then convert them to them Via email to promote your your goods and Services there's different ways that you Can do it but you need to find the right Strategy for you to actually go ahead And do this now this thing is tracking Your progress now a lot of affiliate Programs that you'll find will have ways That you can track people clicking on Your link and whether people are Purchasing so those tools are out there But just remember that don't blindly put Links in pieces of content try and track That link and as you get more and more Experience as your business grows you Can maybe buy some more sophisticated Tracking tools like things like click Magic is a is a really big one and that Can give you more and more information At first it's just simply when you Actually put a bit of content out there Are people clicking on your links and Going over to the products and service And maybe purchasing that's as simple as

That then later on you can talk about Whether certain types of content form Better than other types of content but It's very important to actually track Your progress on any of these types of Strategies or campaigns that you Actually put out there because then you Can get more and more insight and then You can grow as a business as you go Along next thing is stay up to date guys You'll see the buzz so whatever your Niche that you're actually in the Industry you're actually in really focus On on the groups that are in that Industry uh the forums that are in that Industry and really pay attention to What the actual customers in that Industry are wanting Um especially things like the diet Niche Or whatever there could be trends that Come along that you can say is this Certain pain points are these customers Are having all the time that I can fill With my particular products and services That I'm promoting so keep a lookout in The industries that you're in you can Always go into things like Google Trends And as you plug your Niche into Google Trends and it will send you daily uh Emails down that'll actually tell you What's going on within that particular Niche on the Google Trends brilliant way To keep it up to speed on what's going On but to keep up to speed with what's

Going on in your particular Niche and Then you can actually provide the Content around that to actually provide Value to people who have got pain points Within that Niche I really lastly guys But the most important thing is when You're affiliate marketing you've got to Respect your audience only actually ever Promote things that you would buy Yourself only actually promote things That you know actually work it's really Really important for your credibility And building a real business online that You respect your audience I know it's Not something that people immediately Think about when they come online they Just want to make the money but I'm Telling you the more you respect an Audience your audience the more that That money will actually come through to You Um for on a daily monthly and yearly Basis those people will buy a few again And again and again as long as you Actually demonstrate that you're someone Who is trustworthy so many people come Online try and make a quote fast bug and Disappear they very quickly because they Can't get an ongoing business running Because nobody trusts them online you Have to get that respect within your own Communities some niches are worse than Others with this my own Niche is quite Purple for people who aren't really

Trustworthy but to be honest guys you Need to respect your audience and then You can build a real long-term business And in conclusion guys I love affiliate Margin it's a brilliant way you can get Started with online it's the way that I Actually make money online every single Day it absolutely does work the ideal Thing is that you've got somebody else's Product and you can actually build a Whole business around promoting somebody Else's product or you have a niche a Whole lots of different products to Learn at least you can promote and you Go just have to provide really good Content be trustworthy and you will Start getting lots and lots of Commissions but think about this as a Long-term business it isn't get rich Quick you have to build up that content You have to become somebody who's just Stayed within that particular Niche and Then you get those sales I hope that's Useful to you guys my name is Richard Darby this is called Nomads if you Haven't been able to channel before Don't forget to hit that subscribe Notification Bell and I'll let you know Whenever I produce new videos and guys If you want to learn more about Affiliate marketing go ahead and check Out the link in the description below Over to score Nomads and we'll get you Started straight away until next time

Guys take care [Music] Oh [Music]

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