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Hey guys Richard here so in this review I want to talk to you about AI cash Machine by Jason Fulton and this was Released on the 2nd of February now this Is basically a application that they're Saying is going to give you endless Payments of 41 every single time you Post and basically guys you're posting Videos so we're going to jump inside I'll show you exactly what the software Does and then we'll talk a little bit About the method overall and I'll show You this so-called secret site that You're going to post these videos to and Get paid lots of money according to the Sales page so guys just before we start My name is Richard Darby this is the Score of Nomads if you haven't known to The channel before don't forget to hit That subscribe notification Bell and I'll let you know whenever I post Reviews just like this one and guys if You're stuck if you're really really Struggling and you want to learn how to Build a real business online go ahead And check out the link in the Description below over to the school Nomads I got some completely free Training for you there that'll get you Started straight away I really urge you If you're really really confused go and Check that out guys so let's jump into This now this is the claim I'm going to Concentrate on here everything else on

The sales page is financial results that They've gained by actually selling these Types of products not using this product And the second thing is testimonials are Quite frankly are full of AI generated Images so I don't believe a word any of Those testimonials are saying if we just Jump inside guys this is what you've got You've got a dashboard here that again Another stats on this dashboard uh Meaning anything they're all just Completely made up this is my own Version I buy these so that you don't Have to then I go into the video section You've got this AI video search now what You're basically doing guys is you're Taking videos from One platform and then You're putting them on another which is Their secret platform which is called Rumble now Rumble is basically like YouTube lots of people are going over to Rumble and get banned from YouTube it's The same kind of thing everything's the Same you get different types of videos Even the setup the way you actually load These videos looks very very similar to The look and feel there is no real Difference right It's a good platform if you wanted to Start actually publishing videos on this Platform but you are going to get a hell Of a lot less traffic than you are in Somewhere like YouTube so basically You're taking videos from One platform

And putting them on the other now They've got this AI video search here They're coordinate AI basically if I Just put a topic in here Let's put random like fish Um it's gonna find me some videos that Apparently I can then download right if I just click into these videos where These are coming from is a site called Pixels now this is just a completely Free site that you can go ahead and join And bypass any kind of cost with this Software and just come straight to Pixels and download these videos all of These videos are free and you can Download them and use them in any way You want so basically it's not really AI All it's doing is it's connecting Directly to pixels and then the idea is You would just download that video and Then upload it into the rumble platform That's it next is a short video search Now what this is doing as I'm saying This select video which is license free You're going to add some kind of search Terminal and it's going to go to search YouTube and search for the shorts on YouTube that again they're saying you Can download and just upload it to Rumble when I've actually looked at These there's nothing on these shorts to Tell him that it's got something called A Creative Commons license so I just come

In and have a look at this video here of This puppy now as part of this Crockett Doodles here now look into the Description nowhere in here to tell me This is a Creative Commons it would Normally have under here Creative Commons license videos which they're the Only ones you're really allowed to Redistribute To other people now check this on a few So far so there's nothing on here that Tells me I'm actually allowed to use These videos So basically you're just stealing videos From YouTube as far as I can see and Then re-uploading them into a completely Different site So I don't see how this is a legitimate Business going forward because you're at Some point you're going to get caught And these are going to start getting Removed from the various platforms I Just got into this one here I'm just looking for a Creative Commons License on this so you see here even Here it's got a load of licenses that This is actually Specify and before it can post it itself Copyright disclaimer Fair use repositors Critters and corner So there's lots of copyright information On here see which makes me very nervous When I start thinking about downloading These videos so I don't think this is a

Very legitimate thing before I even talk About Rumble and the fact you have to go And I get traffic on Rumble and people Have to be interested in your content And all that kind of good stuff I don't think you can actually go ahead And download these videos because I've Not seen any Creative Commons licenses Anywhere So it's not something I would do myself Guys because I don't think this is a Very long-term business strategy using These types of videos What you can do if you really want is go To somewhere like pixels and do some Editing on them and re-upload them Because you are allowed to use them Based on their licenses but not on here Now the other thing is they've got a Very simple video editor here also new Video editors are multiple videos now You can use things like Screencast-O-Matic completely for free Over a couple of bucks and they're way More detailed than this so it's not Really worth purchasing this for that Video editing software and then you post A video and you basically just post it On Rumble now one interesting thing here Is if you go back and you talk about 41 A Time Rumble is a completely free video Platform so you're not going to get paid To post anything on Rumble you're only Going to get paid if you get some kind

Of AD revenue from Rumble and they'll Have criteria on getting ad revenue or You have some affiliate links in your Description now interest in me if I just Jump down to the training at no point Does this tell you how to make money With this software they're claiming 41 a Time this initial demo video doesn't Tell you anything about how you get paid This one here's a seven minute version Of this one same thing doesn't tell you Anything about getting paid I want to Come down to this case study again all They're doing is showing you a demo of How the software works the claiming They're paid they earn this money in 24 Hours with this software posting this Particular video but basically guys They don't show you proof of that in the Case study so that's not a case study to Do it is it to me a case study is Showing you proof that they've actually Made the money so it's complete and a Nonsense Go to the done few videos here there's a Bunch of done a few videos apparently How to write emails and make you money You can clone that video and make that You've got a thumbnail Creator here Which is horrendous it's just this Software you see them multiple things Before which is a very very cheap editor Go to canva please if you're going to be Starting to use things like this but a

Camera is completely free and then you Have the training there so guys in my Opinion it's very very abbreviated Review this is complete nonsense this is Just a way of taking videos from One Platform putting it on another charging You 17 which they'll try and get you to Buy not needed at all if you want to use This tactic go to somewhere like pixels Go on to somewhere like Screencast-O-Matic do some editing and Re-upload them with your own spin on Them but don't use software like this It's completely pointless and these Claims I thought Warrior plaster got to Clean their act up they're not clean Their acted up still full of nonsense Financial proof completely Unsubstantiated you've got testimonials On here that completely made up and this Nonsense around getting 41 every time They post again I use YouTube as you Well know that's the equivalent of me Saying every time I upload a video like This on YouTube I get paid 41 complete Nonsense there's a lot more to it than That guys if you want to learn how to Build a real business online how to Build a business with affiliate Marketing go ahead and hit the link in The description below you'll see the Free training there go and take that Training let us help you understand what It really takes to earn money and build

A real business On the internet Hope this is valuable to you my name is Richard Darby this is school Nomads if You found these types of reviews Valuable don't forget to hit that Subscribe notification Bell until next Time take care

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