Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Promote What You Love and Earn

I'm going to show you the single best Most honest way and most sustainable way That you can actually build a business Online this is about using your own Skills and your own knowledge to build a Real business now you can do this Especially if you're in kind of the Older generation because you've had Years and years of experienc in Something maybe you got some kind of Hobby and there's going to be lots of Other people that are interested in that And you can share information with them You can share value with them and then Over time you can actually promote Products and services that they might Actually need now this is different from Just buying a course and trying to Resell a course this is actually saying I'm in a certain Niche I have certain Tools that get used in that Niche I can Maybe recommend you some of those tools And that's how you build up a following And that's how you build up Comm a Commission so this is a different type Of video to what you're normally going To see I'm not going to show you some Smart tactic here some silly side hustle I'm actually going to be very practical With you here because I want this to be Something you really think about Especially in this day of age we're all Struggling a little bit B cost of living And all of that I think there's a real

Market here for your ability to be able To use your experience to actually build A real business right now what I want to Do here is kind of go through a few Examples I want to use something called Jpt I'm I'm sure you've heard of it Before but I'm going to show you how you Can use that to dig down into what you Might be able to talk about online so I'm going to jump over to this um this Website straightway called blogger Tech And in there there's a full list of Different types of hobbies and niches And all of this stuff that you can go Ahead and actually build a business Around now don't worry so much about is Saying blogging because there's various Ways that you can actually build a Business you could build a business Through writing about things through Blogging or you can build a business Like this through having videos right I Prefer the video side but basically you Can go ahead and you can look at some of These categories and you can think do I Have interest in these types of Categories whether it's photography Gardening woodworking cooking I'm not Going to list them all off but do I have Certain interest to there do I do these As a hobby that maybe I can use some of My knowledge and share with others now If you do one thing you can do is use Chat GPT to actually dig down into each

One of those topics and start thinking About what type of things could you Actually talk about right so I've Actually listed a couple of these topics In chat GPT this is Free by the way I Happ to have the pro version but you can Do this for free and then you can ask it Just just ask it like I did can you give Me some information about how I could Promote these Hobbies as an affiliate But put them in a table right and I've Just listed out the subjects and what It's done is it's given me the hobby a Target audience for this potential Products and services I could promote And a promotion platform now just Digress slightly affiliate marketing is All about promoting other people's Products and services if you actually do This for a long time you can start Creating your own but it's easier when You first start out online to actually Promote other people's right because They do all the product creation they do They worry about how it's actually Delivered all of that kind of good stuff Is left to them you just get a Commission for saying hey I recommend This to you and the person might say I'd Really like that and then I'll pay for That and then you get a commission based On that right it's all to do with Referrals but basically what you can do Is going pick one of these different

Types of topics and then you can look at What affiliate products are in that Particular Niche and then you can go Ahead and you can start promoting those Affiliate products you can see here There's a whole bunch of different Options photography gardening woodwork Cooking and you got a target audience And a potential products and services as I said on each one some of these are Physical products and services that you Can basically promote on different Platforms and others are you can Actually promote training courses you Could promote other types of online Services to them that maybe they could Go ahead and utilize right so things Like gardening a bit more physical as Well maybe you can have seeds plants Gardening tools books Etc that you can Promote to people and you can maybe have A YouTube channel on gardening or you Could write a blog about gardening and This is how you build that audience now Remember you don't have to be an expert Expert in any of this stuff right you Just have to be one step ahead in front Of your audience and then you'll get the Right audience that going to come along With you and actually be interested in What you're doing how you're progressing And also buy things off you right that's The idea you don't have to be an expert Of this stuff and I know that's one

Thing that a lot of people worry about Is I don't know everything there is to Know about gardening for instance so how The hell can I start a business on that That's not true because you just need to Be one step ahead of the folks that end Up following you right so it's all about Actually picking one of these and then Thinking about how can I add kind of Value how can I add my Twist on this and I can I add maybe a very practical way That people can learn things like Fishing right another one of these Random things but how could I learn Fishing or what could I tell people About now each one of these has always Got an affiliate program I just took a Stab archery because I thought it was a Bit strange actually I got a relative Which is archery and I just typed into Google um archery affiliate programs Right thinking it's bit a bit random so Basically if you come down here there's Loads of different affiliate programs These must be providers of archery type Tools right there some of the equipment And stuff and each one of these will Have an affiliate program now you can go Through here and basically research each One of these and see what type of Commission they're going to give you and Basically how long they uh they're going To give you that commission for once you People have clicked over to their

Website and you can see here you can get Like 10% Commission on here there's Others here that got 5 % commission so You have a look around for these types Of programs and depending on the type of Program you'll have different levels of Commission and remember I think some of This stuff is going to be quite Expensive so 10% Commission on something Like this is going to cost two three 400 Is not too bad now if you are interested In building a business like this I do Have some training you can see the link In the description below to the school Of Nomads and you're going to be Introduced to a an action plan there That costs a dollar and basically that Dollar teach you everything from how you Do some Niche research all the way to How you but a website the type of Traffic you're going to use whether You're going to be a blogger or a YouTuber and then how you actually Produce content on a regular basis for Those folks if that interest you go Ahead and dive into that uh Link in the Description below but I honestly think Guys this is a great opportunity for you If you want to get something started This is easy to do if you base it on Your own knowledge or something you're Interested in hope that was useful to You guys my name is Richard Darby this Is the school of Nomads until next time

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