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Hey guys Richard here so in this video I'm talking to about AI beam now now This is by Victory acos and it's du to Released on the 16th of October now this Is a AI course generator that basically Says that it's going to generate for you High quality courses that you can sell Online so lots and lots of claims on Here around not needing any coding Writing research all very easy all easy To generate thousands of visitors over To the course so basically we're going To jump inside I'm going to show you Exactly what this is all about I've Generated a little bit of a course Myself just to show you how it works and Then we'll come back and we'll discuss a Little bit more on the sales page and Maybe talk a little bit about the vendor So guys have you haven't been to the Channel before my name is Richard Derby This is the scr Nomads if you're Interested in these types of real honest Reviews go ahead and hit that subscribe And notification Bell and I'll let you Know whenever I produce new videos and Guys if you're serious and you want to Learn how to build a real business Online go ahead and check out the link In the description below over to the School of Nomads I got some training for You there that will get you started Straight away so guys let's have a look At this now this is a course Builder now

This is really up against sites like Teachable which are very very high Quality course Builders and you can Actually start for free on a site like This there's lots of others you can have One course on here and start earning Money which is what I would advise I'll Tell you that to start with because this Is going to be high quality and it's Maintained on a monthly basis and it's Going to have all the latest features And all the support you're ever going to Need the problem with this is one of the First claims it has is it's a onetime Fee the problem with onetime fees is That these vendors release products Every single month on different Platforms and they die after a year I Know this because I've been doing this For many many years now and you can go Backwards and look at a lot of these Guys courses and softwares and they've Gone because they've stopped maintaining Them they build the domain and the Website for a year and then they just Disappears so it's not something that You can use for an ongoing business as Far as I'm concerned this is just kind Of like a toy it's a a shiny object it's Not something if you're serious you Would ever use if you can come in here And I'm going to show you how this Actually works CU it does work right it Gives you some kind of content it's

Obviously got some type of integration With chat GPT and it's generating Information from chat GPT which you can Do straight away for free you just go Over to chat GPT you ask it to build a Course content for you you if you got The pro version it's even got Del E3 Connected to it you can also ask it for Some images and then you can build them Into slides you can do all on chat GPT For free okay so what you can do here is You basically come over and you got a New collection so you got and a Collection of courses that you can have Now this is my mini collection here I've Done the AI folks on purpose because in Past products that victory has had They've had AI people are doing their Testimonials so I thought it was just Fitting so you can come over here you Can basically look at your course just Click in here and you have a mini course That you've created I'm going I'm going To show you the mini course so basically You can come in here and I'm going to View what it actually does now you can Change the background of this mini Course and it's going to give you all of These various slides that it's building When you give it a few inputs to start With and you can go through here each One of these slides for some reason have Got these social media links but again If you're looking for that for traffic

If you've got nobody on those social Media platforms it's not traffic it's Just spreading a link into a complete Void if you have got people on here you Can share them with people with sites Like Facebook and Linkedin Etc so it Does do this but what it's doing is it's Basically just using a very simple Editor in the background to build these Slides so I come back here if I edit the Course what it's doing is once you give It a few inputs around the topic that You want to generate it will come and Bring a load of these slides across and It's just a series of these editors that You building a course from so it's going To have an image there you can upload You can go along and upload your own Images to this you can create an AI Image there let's generate an image of a Dog just for Giggles see what it Does and this will go off to chat gbt Now and it'll be looking at for Del to Generate an image of a dog software is Reasonably slow not too bothered about That at the moment because this is a Demo version but when you got a lot of People accessing the same software when This gets sold in its thousands because A lot of people are unsuspectedly will Buy this basically you're going to end Up with with some issues I I think so You can use that image what you usually

Get with these AI images as well by the Way you can't see that image properly But what you usually get with these AI Images it looks a little bit weird when You first look at them so you got to be Careful what you use and then you can Basically ask it to generate some text So if I just scroll across here to one That I haven't done yet you got a number Of options you got a basic editor up Here you can add images you can add Video all of this stuff you can normally Do on a word press type site and under Here you got a button here you just Press that and it's going to go along And it's going to just go find Information based on the title that it's Give that slide and again all it's doing Is going over to chat GPT and finding The information and bringing it remember That's going to be the same information For everybody who does the same type of Courses okay it's very generic it's Coming from ja GPT if I was you and you Were going to use this I would change it I would put your own spin on it I would Change all the words and I would make Sure that you have it as unique as Possible just so that people can see it Quality information coming from you but It's going to go along and is going to Generate this content and again this Usually takes 2 or 3 minutes to do so I'll pause the video and I'll come back

As soon as it's done it so here's the Information it just generated for me I'm Going to go and view this and I'll show You what it's just generated so there's The dog image that it generated Automatically from AI you can see all This is a bit weird does that a lot Because it doesn't quite know what the Dog's supposed to look like so it gives You all a very strange look and feel and Then if I just go back to the slide that It just generated which must Be this one the last last one basically It's giving me this in the world of Affiliate marketing high quality Co is Crucial for attracting customers and It's giving me all of this text right so There's going to be nothing wrong with This text is just feeding it straight From AI but basically the interface that It comes on this there's not a lot you Can do apart from share it to these Various platforms the other thing this Allows you to do if I just go back to The actual dashboard is it will give you Some reports got a sales rate here Hasn't sold anything off here that's Nonsense visitor users here it allows You to set up your own email providers But if you go to each one of these these Will be affiliate links basically and They get money if you go and join any of These stuff you can do this anyway for Free you don't need them and then it

Allows you to say up set up a payment Gateway through here so if anybody comes Along to the course through a link then In theory they're going to get paid You're going to have to obviously Activate each one of these through your Own payment providers let me just Quickly show you how you add another Course if I create a mini course here I'm going to use the AI assistant press Next basically you can have an email Link you can bet it on a web page or you Can have it exported as an optimized PDF Which which is this LinkedIn Carousel so They're the kind of formats you can use If I want to go and pick one of these The next thing I do is just come up here Tell your profession what's your target Audience and a very brief description About what you want and then it goes and Generates all the title you pick a title And it'll start building a course based On that title so it does work it isn't The best quality it isn't the easiest Way to lay out your course there is way Better options than this if you go to Someone like teachable again you can Start for free I just have a few red Flags whenever I look at these types of Softwares because they're not maintained They're not very well good quality and When I look at the user profile in JV Zoo which is where it's being sold They've only got two out of five rating

Anyway for 438 votes so it's not great User profile I know it's a similar thing On Warrior plus so you got to be wary of That know what you're buying it's up to You it's your money at the end of the Day if we come back to the sales page Itself the people that did testimonials On these are actually also Affiliates One of them at least for this product if I just come right down to the Testimonials here and these at least a Number of these are on this product as Well the same folks that say that this One's amazing as well this one's amazing As well it's all different topics so Basically I don't really trust these Testimonials and that picture there is Definitely an AI picture so Up to you guys I'm not really Comfortable with buying off vendors like These especially with the ratings this Is a very cheap piece of software it Does work if you wanted to do a quick Course on here and just share it with Your friends it wouldn't be much harm But if you're serious about building Courses online if you want to build Something of really high quality you got To go with someone like teachable spend A bit of money and actually go with a Platform that's really good quality Incidentally they mentioned various Platforms on here like udemy that They're in competition with the main

Benefit with people like udemy is they Also have a huge marketing budget and People go over you to me to buy courses So it's a good platform to actually be On because you're very visible on there Just sending courses via email to Somebody or trying to share them to Facebook isn't going to make you much Money hope that's useful to you so you Can make a more informed purchasing Decision my name is Richard Derby this Is a school of Nomads if you're Interested in these types of real honest Reviews go ahead and hit that subscribe And notification well and I'll let you Know whenever I produce new videos and Guys if you're interested in learning How to build a real online business go Ahead and check out the link in the Description below over to the school Nomads and we'll get you started Straight away until next time guys take Care

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