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Hey guys Richard here so in this video I Want to talk to you about appsumo the App Store is somewhere I use all the Time to get really really good deals on My software now rather than pay Subscriptions on ongoing basis absuma Will actually give you some lifetime Deals which saves you a lot of money now If you've been up trap soon before hit The link in the description below and Just jump over to appsumo I'm going to Show you around a little bit and show You exactly what type of software is on Appsumo now at the moment they just Happen to have the Sumo day they're Going to save an extra 10 but if you Missed this if you're watching this Slightly late don't worry about that Because there's still some great deals On here now if you come over to here and Actually go and have a look at the Software first and you'll see on the Left hand side there's a bunch of Different categories that the software Is actually in as well as um different Ways that you can figure out what the Software is best for like small Businesses marketers marketing agencies So let's look at something like I know Blogging software and it'll give you all The different types of software that are Related to blogging right now why is This so good now let's have a look at This blog assistant this is one uh

Software that I recently reviewed from My other channel and basically this blog Assistant is an AI writing tool that Writes you blogs that are undetectable By AI kind of detection tools right Really good thing I actually bought this To use myself and what you can do is you Can go through these listings and on the Right hand side here they got these Things called tacos and it gives you the Amount of reviews this has had you can Read the reviews below and it gives you The discounts I'll go into the pricing And I'm not really talking about this One particularly but I'll go into the Pricing and how you can find out these Are good deals so this one at the moment Is saying a 94 reduction and if you go Down here on the left hand side you'll See lots of great information on the Product itself usually there's a video Here by appsumo Focus themselves giving You a two to three minute demonstration Of it and then there's various Screenshots Etc let's go right to the Bottom here you'll see lots of things Around the types of features and then Various licenses uh tail light of their Licenses now this usually is around the Amount of people that you can get access To for the lifetime deal because Remember this is a one-off payment Usually and you can get a lifetime Access so the tier one is the actual one

I bought now how do I know this is any Good basically for 59 I can create 10 Blogs credits per month and that's for Life so every single month I can have 10 Blog credits it means I can do 10 Articles we'll just come up here usually There's a link over to the site itself To save me a little bit of time And basically if you go to plug Assistant itself this is the main site Of blog assistant and an established Company they've been out for a while and If I just come up to the pricing here They've got a different type of pricing So basically if I wanted to get 10 blog Credits a month this would be eight Eight dollars per month uh per blog Sorry it would be eighty dollars per Month now basically this is just a One-off payment remember the other one I Can get that amount of blogs every Single month so that's where the 960 Dollars comes from and that's where that Big discount is at the moment if you Were to come over to their site they're Going to charge you this every single Month right that's where you can find Out whether these are good deals but Basically if you just come into here Once you sign up on to blog assistant Through appsumo you can get instant Access to the software so that's just One of the softwares and every single One of these is the same so we'll just

Go through like operations type software You'll see things like for software for Productivity and these will be like PDF Tools there's lots of team collaboration Tools these days because obviously There's also virtual work in that we do Calendar tool there you can see some More copyright in the AI cooperating Towards are quite popular in here and Basically you just need to go and have a Look through some of the reviews so Let's have a look at this one is Robo Motion it goes straight to the reviews And you can see other people have Actually given reviews on here and also Additional information from the actual Makers of the product itself so this is Why I really recommend it if you're Looking for software if you want to Figure out how you can get it the Cheapest way look at appsuma first hit The link in the description below like I Said jump over to appsumo and have a Look around and I've just shown you how You can see whether you're getting a Really good deal and take advantage of Some of these lifetime deals look at the Reviews so you're happy with it and There is a money back guarantee on all Of these purchases anyway as it happens There's an extra 10 off at the moment When I think there's enough money you Can save anyway if we go ahead and take This anytime and go through and have a

Look at these various products I hope That is useful to you guys this is a Great site I use it all the time I do Reviews for this site I also buy a lot Of products on this site which I use Myself really really good go ahead hit The link in the description below I'll Talk to you soon [Music] Foreign [Music]

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