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Hey guys Richard here so in this review I want to talk to you about audio book Mojo now this is a product by team black Belt and is usually released on the 26th Of November now this is a product that Promises you one click software that Turns any text into high quality Audiobook or podcast in 30 seconds the Idea here is guys you're going to Produce these audio books and then you Can sell them on places like Fiverr or Upwork or obviously use them yourself so We are going to jump in side I'll show You the software I'll show you exactly What this is going to do for you and Then we'll come back to the sales page I'll talk to you a little bit more about This method overall and some of the Elements of this sales page you need to Be very aware of before you decide to Buy any kind of products of vendors like These so guys if you haven't been onto My channel before my name is Richard Darby this is called Nomads if you're Interested in these types of honest Reviews go ahead and subscribe and hit That notification Bell so I can let you Know whenever I produce new videos and Guys and guys if you're serious and you Want to build a hundred dollar a day Business online with affiliate marketing Go ahead and check check out the link in The description below over to school Nomads and we'll get you started

Straight away so guys let's jump Straight into the actual software here So basically this is a dashboard there's Got some random numbers on here I've Looked into the back end of this website And these are just kind of made up Numbers I'm not sure they're being Auto Generated from anywhere but if you want To create an ebook basically you're Going to come in here and you're going To be creating these types of ebooks now One thing I will say on these is these Are not very good quality ebooks I can Tell you that from a start just by Looking at these front pages if I Actually look at some of these ebook This technology for actually creating Them is very very cheap It's not like having some really nice Software like become which is one that I Use a lot I'll leave a link in the Description below to Beacon and this is A really really nice ebook generator With all these different functionalities On it you can get it for free you can Have 9.50 per month so you can get 24 Dollars per month different forms of Membership I'll leave the link to this Below and you can go check this out this Is a proper ebook maker there's so much Functionality when you actually start Digging into this and start creating Your ebooks that is much much better Than this you can see there's so much on

Here that you can actually do with this But that's Beacon let's go back to Audiobook Mojo I think the main selling Point of this was actually the second Thing here was this audio book piece so The idea is you're going to come in here You're going to select a language and This is just a text to audio software And the idea is you're just going to put Some text in here and it's going to Change it into audio so we're just going To grab some text I just got this dog Training one here let's see what it Sounds like and the idea is I can Preview up to 50 words successful Training is a rewarding part of dog Ownership as well as a lovely way for The two of you to bond and build a good Relationship where the young or old all Dogs can benefit from learning some Basic commands You know successful training is a Rewarding part of dog ownership as well As a lovely way for the two of you to Bond and build a good relationship Dog training successful training is a Rewarding part of doggo ownership as Well as a lovely way for the two of you To bond and build a good relationship Whether young or old or dogs can benefit So absolutely does work right and the Problem I have with a lot of this stuff Even speed cello which is a better Quality software than this but it is at

The end of the day a very robotic voice They don't have the emphasis that people Have when they're speaking it's not very Natural and when you go to places like Favorite upward they're actually people That are doing live narration they're Not using software like this so when You're trying to sell these types of Audio books if that's what you want to Do with it that's going to be a bit Problematic because you're going against People with quite honestly very very Good speaking voices and they're live so It's going to be much better but it does Work right and I guess there is some use For this if you're in a country where You don't speak English and you're Struggling you want to build some kind Of small video and you want one of these Types of voices to help you that's fine But at the end of the day the no not Going to be able to compete against Those proper sellers on places like Firework they're not using these types Of softwares they're using their own Voice I'm just being realistic the idea Is though you would synthesize this file And it's going to give you this file and Basically all you do is download it and Then you can use this on those various Platforms that's that's pretty much what This product is now I'm not aware of any Limits on this but this is the actual Review version I've got here but usually

There's limits on the amount of text to Speech files that you can generate in One month because it does use a lot of Server capacity when you're doing this But that's pretty much what the product Is the other things you can do here is You can do an image to text application Where you go and get an image with text On it and you actually translate it into Text so let's go and try that out there You go it does work it was the best of Times it was the worst of tones and There gives you the actual text back There which is you know very interesting If you want to pay 17 bucks to get this Functionality that's cool but at the end Of the day that's how a kind of limited Use on it but it does work you know There's no real argument over that next Is this cover maker piece now this piece Of software or this part of the software Has been on so many different products It's just a very very simple version That you can use to make different types Of images you can just go onto camera And do this you don't really need Software like that but that's what That's all about and then there's some Text files here randomly these have been Put here that you can change and use as Articles in books and then you've got a Tutorial here which is really just a Three minute demo video It Doesn't Really do a lot on here it's like three

Minutes long is their training so Overall pretty cheap and not really Anything of any high quality here the Only thing I'd say about this method Overall like I said is that there's a Little bit problematic that you go into Fiverr and work a place like that and You've just got to be realistic guys You've got to be understanding that You're against really really Professional guys there that don't use These types of software they actually Use their own voices and if you want to Go down the route of doing this and try And do something in your own language And just speak in your own language it'd Be much more beneficial for you in the Long run than trying to use software Like this if I just go back to the sales Page just a couple of bits of annoys on This sales page they're using their Testimonials as Facebook posts so when I Look at some of these Facebook posts on Here you think well these must be Genuine because obviously it's team Black belt it's got our Flair's picture There you know it all looks very very Genuine to me if I go on to a previous Product of theirs though the same type Of posts are turning up on this previous Product called travel Mojo for instance Just this one here from Randy B Sampson I've been running a few online Businesses at the same time for a few

Years now I mean very little time to Make new things that's why audiobook Mojo is perfect for me On here Randy B Sampson I'm running an Online business for a few days now and I've always needed new passive streams Of income travel Mojo is perfect for That it's just two similar guys and There's others underneath that are very Very similar now you can get software That allows you to make these fake posts This here is called and basically you can Generate all of the posts you can have Your person's photo there completely Made up photos here actually likes and Other things underneath here if you want To know the likes here all you do is you Have a like or love a haha wow and angry All of this is ready for you and it's a Product called so my gut tells me That these aren't genuine because if They were they wouldn't be so similar I'm seeing too many that are exactly the Same words just slightly differently Ordered and it just doesn't seem right To me even some of these pictures here That is an AI picture there I know that For a fact that is an AI picture there You can tell by the background I've seen These a thousand times before I don't Think these are genuine right so I've Seen this before from these types of

Redness they're just making up Testimonials Warrior plus apparently Next year are going to bring out a Policy where you have to have video Proof of these types of testimonials any Kind of financial proof hopefully they Do Implement that that will help us a Lot we can go clean up this industry and Not have people are just making things Up and there's lots of other products That do that it's just not these vendors But it just seems to get past the Warrior plus compliance Department all The time so all in all guys I think the Method overall is a bit problematic Because it is going to be a lot of Competition you have so I wouldn't Really recommend this I think the Software does work it's not going to be Something that I completely pan but at The end of the day I just don't think That this type of method is going to Work for you long term I think there's Better ways you can spend your time Building a business online with that Said if you're interested in building a Hundred dollar a day business online With affiliate marketing go ahead and Check out the link in the description Below over to the school of Nomads in The meantime guys don't forget to hit That subscribe notification Bell and Give me a like if this review was of Value to you until next time guys take

Care Thank you

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