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Hey guys Richard here so in this video I Want to talk about book profits now this Is a apparently world's first Amazon and Ebook affiliate site Builder That is due to be released on the 16th Of March by this guy here Eaves and Kuro Now basically I'm going to show you Around the actual software itself we're Going to go inside and I'll come back to The sales page there are a lot of things On this sales page you need to be aware Of before you go ahead part ways with Any of your hard-earned money because Guys you really need to be a little bit Suspicious of certain things on this Sales page so guys my name is Richard Darby this is School of Nomads if you're Interested in these types of honest Reviews go ahead and hit that subscriber Notification Bell and I'll let you know Whenever I produce new videos guys if You're really struggling and you want to Understand how to build a real honest Transparent affiliate marketing business Online go ahead and hit the link in the Description below over to school Nomads I got some completely free training for You there that you can get started with Straight away so guys let's jump into This everything's usual thing three Clicks to actually build these sites Etc etc so if you're coming to the Dashboard first thing you'll notice on The dashboard is there's lots of numbers

Here they don't really make any sense to Me this is the access this is the Version that they're showing to the JVS And they've got all these kind of Traffic income and stats here that none Of them really make any sense number one If I look at these sales stats here They'll supposedly sales stats according To this I've only seen a couple of Ebooks a day anyway and that's not going To make me thousands of dollars but if I Look at the actual duration of these These go all the way back till last January and February because I'm only in March 2023 now these go back to last Year so I was kind of interested in when This site was actually registered and it Actually registered on the 22nd of December so it's not long it's only Three months so these stats aren't Really making sense as far as duration Of the stats are concerned and also When I Look to this traffic I'm not sure what This traffic is telling me because I Want to go through the suggest and look At this site book profits this had no Traffic so far and if it had 65 000 Visits to it if that's what it's trying To tell me it would have told me that on Uber suggests so so I don't really Believe any of these stats I think They're all a bit nonsense but the only Probably valid one I know is the fact That it's got nine sites on here so the

Idea is guys you're going to come down Here and you're going to create a site Now creating a site is pretty simple all You do is put a name and a domain in Here and then you end up actually on This platform here where you have a load Of these sites created if I just go into One that I created here this is the site You create so it looks quite nice it's Got loads of eBooks on here uh lots of Sharing options on here the only thing With these sharing options I'll repeat This when I go back to the dashboard is If you've got nobody on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube If you haven't got an Existing audience sharing things those Platforms is completely pointless Because nobody's going to see them You're not going to organically share Something to a platform it's going to go Viral and they're going to come over Here free traffic only exists if you've Got visitors on those platforms simple As that but you have all of these eBooks On here the pre-load loaded and by the Way everybody's gonna have the same Website so you're going to have lots of Competition on here but that's what you Got and basically if they click into Here what they're actually doing is Linking over to Amazon or Better World Books or Ebay depending what link you've Put in on the back end there's an Affiliate link of course you have to

Sign up for these sites Um and basically they're going to go Through and buy them off those sites They actually click through to Amazon to Buy the actual products themselves so You're just putting this site as kind of An intermediary site between the people Who visit it and where they're actually Going to buy the books now they might as Well just come over to Amazon Better World Books on eBay anyway and buy these Books instead of coming to your site Because one thing you are going to have Lots of problems with is how do you get People over to your fabulous site in the First place where do you get your Traffic from if you haven't exist in Audience you're gonna have to advertise This site in some way and that can be Very very expensive remember the markup In the commission to these various Ebooks is going to be relatively low in These sites it's not a huge thing you Have to play with a lot of numbers here To actually make good money out of this But that's basically what the whole Thing is about you're just going to come Along here build your own site and then On the actual sales page they do talk About being able to create sites for Other people big problem with that is Guys you can only actually create five Sites on the front end here and then you Have to buy the unlimited version you

Can create more sites but it's all under Their own Domain here this book profits domain you Can't sell people's sites they're on Other people's domains because they Don't control those domains In the long term so if this site Suddenly they decide not to renew this Domain for some reason it's completely Out of your hands and the site will Disappear you know you can sell websites Is if you can create a website and Actually sell the domain and all of the Access to it to somebody else and then They can go ahead and use that but this Isn't your domains this is their domain That you're just building subdomains on To build these various sites so every One of these is going to be the same Just click on this reader's Paradise to Get the same site it's all going to be Exactly the same now no doubt you can Swap a few of these out in the Background but you might as well just Make your own website and go and do this Anyway and there's plenty of these Options around you can get loads and Loads of Sites on here that you can actually Reference and got much better quality Websites than this to sell their ebooks But the point is guys you're gonna have A problem in huge competition with all Of these guys to actually sell anything

On here so I don't think this tactic is Very good to be honest now don't get me Wrong Sony ebooks could be good to your Existing audience if you can buy Something that you're allowed to sell or You can actually refer them to somewhere In Amazon in your specific Niche and Again it's all about niching down in Marketing you can't just sell any old Rubbish you've got to build up an Audience of people in this very very Similar Niche to you and you can sell to Them if you can go ahead and do that you Can sell the odd ebook here and there But you can just link directly to Amazon This kind of all-encompassing approach Is very very difficult because you can't Get people over to this site it's all About the traffic guys so I just come Back to the actual sales page itself now I'm going to come down here obviously Everything's the same kind of thing it's All click click click easy to actually Do so they they are very easy to Actually produce you do get the same Site as everybody else but then you come Down to here as I've just spoken about Yes these guys might be selling these Sites for 500 dollars For 545 but for one that's in a Completely different Place that's an e-commerce site is an Affiliate marketing site which has Nothing to do with ebooks but then you

Have to be able to give all of the Either the source code or the domain or Of the access to these folks and in this Case you can't you can't rely on the Fact this site will be up and running in Years to come whereas you buy a domain Of namecheap and you're Install a page builder there and you can Actually build it for somebody else then You could guarantee that in this case You can't I don't think So if you come down and I'm actually Going to go to the testimonials which is Kind of my pet peeve with these types of Things so here's one strange thing They've obviously got A different testimonial for the for the Same guy here but let's put this down to The fact this page might not be quite Ready yet so you haven't managed to find The fake images to put on here but then I come to these ones and these are Testimonials by Jakarta Laura W and Tony I and basically if I just right click on Each of these images you'll see that These are just stock images they're not Real people which suggests to be that These aren't real testimonials Okay if I just click on this one you'll See this is a stock image easy enough to Find out just look at it being on Various different other websites then Last one here a stock image on other People's websites which suggests to me

Like these aren't real testimonials as I Said now you could say well maybe the People that Did these testimonials don't want their Images show well I would suggest you Don't show any images images there Because as soon as you do something like This I'm telling you these aren't real people And they're not gonna be real people Because nobody's making any money with This because the site has been barely up And running for a couple of months and It's all just a very very quite an old Tactic actually brought back to life Somebody's obviously got hold of any Ebook plugin and I'm expecting there's Going to be us a few of these ebook type Products now on the market that you can Bring a load of ebooks from Amazon and Various other sources into the same Source and then you can sell it as a Site that's going to be the tactic I Think it's completely pointless guys Because one is unfocused and two if you Don't know how to get traffic over to These sites so I definitely wouldn't pay For it because I don't think the markup Is going to be big enough then you're Not going to make any sales so that's my Opinion I'll book profits guys hope you Find that valuable again I'm just trying To share my own experience with you so You can save a little bit of money

Online not going ahead and spending lots Of time using these quite silly Strategies If you're interested in more reviews Like this just go ahead and hit that Subscriber notification Bell and I'll Let you know whenever I produce new Videos and guys if you're really Struggling and you want to figure out How to actually make money online with Affiliate marketing I've got some Completely free training for you there Go ahead and hit this link in the Description below oh to school Nomads And we'll get you started straight away Until next time guys take care Foreign

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