CB Income Bot Review – 🔥 Very Poor 0/10 🔥 CB Income Bot by Venkatesh Kumar Real Honest Review

Hey guys richard here so in this review I’m talking about clickbank income bot Now this is by vinta cash kumar and is Due to be released on august the 8th at 11 a.m eastern now this is apparently a One-click push-button app that creates Auto-pilot clickbank sites within build 2 million plus articles but basically if You think you’ve seen this before you Probably have because this is the same Product as a product called clickbank Paydays and basically all they’ve done Is repackaged it and sold it again so as Usual guys we’re going to jump inside I’ll show you exactly what this does or More to the point what it doesn’t do and Then we’ll come back to the sales page i Want to point out a few things on the Sales page that you really need to be Aware of before you decide to buy any Kind of products or services of this Vendor so guys if you haven’t been up to My channel before my name is richard Darby this is school of nomads if you’re Interested in these types of honest Reviews go ahead and hit that subscribe Notification bell and i’ll let you know Whenever i’ve been using your videos and Guys if you’re really serious and you Want to build a real business online go Ahead and hit the link in the Description below over to school nomads I got some completely free affiliate Marketing training for you that you can

Get started with straight away so guys Let’s have a look at this i’m going to Jump straight in and really talk to you About how much of a mess this all really Is if i look at the actual site this is Going to produce and i preview this this Is the site that they say you can build With their software you plug in your Affiliate links into this site and Basically this is it this is the site You’re gonna get and there’s supposed to Be two million reviews on here as they Keep saying in the sales page and i Can’t even see two million pieces of Content on here this is all very very Spammy these images aren’t coming Through this looks horrendous there’s Supposed to be a banner ad up there this So-called opt-in form which is only Opt-in names into the software not into Any kind of autoresponder is duplicating It’s just all very very spammy so we’ll Just read more on this one they have a Banner up here that says system e Now this is all stretched and horrible And then this is the inbuilt d done for You review that they’ve got which is an Absolute mess this is the jv version of This and you’d think if they wanted People to actually display how nice These sites could look they’d actually Build a tidy site here it’s just very Very spammy so basically that’s the site You’re gonna get now on here you’ve got

This dashboard you have some settings Here and that you can put some general Settings here add an author bio etc You’re gonna link to mailchimp on here You have a place where you that your Leads will be added And you can export those leads now You’re gonna have problems actually Putting any of these leads into any kind Of reputable autoresponder because They’re gonna want to know where they Came from and of course there’s no Double opt-in or any kind of gdpr Checkbox on your opt-in form so all very Pointless you have your office here These are all the different offers They’ve loaded into the system only two Pages of them they said there was two Million pieces of content on here There’s two pages if i review like this P diddly pay review Again if you look at this this is an Absolute mess who is going to come in Here and click anything on here it’s Just a mess guys you don’t need to do This you can actually go ahead and build Your own affiliate site if that’s what You want to do you can use your free Tool like get response or systemy Yourself you don’t need to go pay for This this is just i think a complete Mess you have some pages sections here You have your bonuses here there’s an Opt-in form here where all you need can

Do actually is add some names and add Where you want the opt-in form to go you Have a place where you actually put Banners in here You have some widgets here which is just The about me disclaimer contact and Feature offers and you have your Training here that actually goes over to Clickbank paydays because basically what This is is repackage clickbank paydays It’s exactly the same product all They’ve done is stuck a new name on it And tried to release it again now Clickbank paydays Is not a good product we’ll just jump Over to warrior plus even and look at The reviews on here the 38 people that Have bothered to review this have only Give it one and a half this this vendor Overall it’s got very poor rating 19 000 Cells only one and a half 475 reviews And basically it’s just very very poor i Would definitely keep away from this Guys now if i just jump back to the Actual sales page One thing i always like to do on the Sales page is to look at the income Proof and look at the testimonials now This is all duplication as i said of Clickbank paydays again if i just come Down here it’s the same sales page same Income proof when we go down to the Actual testimonials what they’ve done Here is they’ve actually just copied

Across the testimonials From this product and changed that name There so you can see here they’ve Changed the picture of richard and joy And these are just you know Take two seconds right click this go Into your google vision you can see this Is a nice stock photo This is so quick how the warrior plus Compliance department aren’t picking up On this they just do not care all they Want is your money again i stock photo Lots of different sites that this lady’s Turning up on and then when you look at The actual reviews themselves i got an Opportunity to use clickbank paydays i Got the opportunity to use clickbank Income bot just completely lie in and The actual site that this is built on Was only actually Created a few days ago if you look at This the actual site software the site This is built on is a couple of days old So copied across the product to a Different domain tried to resell it Still the same useless pointless Software that had in the first place low Quality websites dishonest vendors you Need to keep away from clickback income Bar and quite frankly guys anybody who Reviews this on youtube Make a note of their name you need to Keep away from their reviews as well Because they’re not actually looking at

These products and giving you an honest Opinion of what they’re all about all They’re doing is trying to make a fast Buck off you because these types of Products are a complete and utter waste Of time hotlines of value to you guys my Name is richard darby this is school of Nomads if you haven’t been to my channel Before and you want to get some real Honest reviews go ahead and hit that Subscriber notification bell and i’ll Let you know whenever i produce my next Video and guys if you’re really serious And you really want to build a business Online with affiliate marketing go ahead And check out the link in the Description below over to the school of Nomads i got some completely free Training for you there that you can get Started with straight away until next Time guys take care [Music] You

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