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Hey guys richard here so in this review I’m going to talk to you about crypto Hero now this is a product by sean Joshua that was actually released on the 8th of september now as this says on the Sales page is a three-click app that Creates passive income crypto sites in 47 seconds and floods us with bitcoin Payments every single day so we’ll come Back to the sales page i did actually Purchase this here’s my purchase details Right here and we’re going to jump into The dashboard pretty quickly and i will Give you the otos as well in the Description below the video i’m not Going to go through them in this Particular video but you’ll be able to See all the details down there so guys We’re going to jump straight into the Dashboard because this is what it’s all About right so basically this is a Crypto hero product that allows you to Build a website and there’s got a couple Of other features on the left hand side Here that we’re going to go through so The first thing we’ll do is we’re going To go and create a brand new website now What i will say is straight away this is A sub domain of their main domain Cryptohero and basically this Would have only been built around two or Three weeks ago maximum and they could Turn this off at any time so this isn’t Your own site there isn’t an obvious way

Here that i can link it to my own domain Name so this could be switched off and You’ve lost your Website at any point so let’s just call This a name and then we’ll give it a Site title And then we’re going to look at which Cryptocurrency you want to go ahead and Feature on this site as you can see on Here there’s lots of different Cryptocurrencies on here let’s just say Bitcash and i’m going to create a site Okay so there’s my site there let’s view It and this is my site so you’re going To have home here which is gonna have All these types of pop-ups on here and Then they’re gonna fill it with all Different types of articles for you So let’s jump into one of these articles And have a look at this now one Interesting thing i am going to do Straight away is i want to check if this Is actually A unique article one of the things that You do need to have on google guys is Unique content for it to rank anywhere So if i wasn’t going to give the link to This site to anybody it needs to be able To rank organically for anybody to come Over and over to it and pay attention to It at all so you need to have unique Content on here so you can see just Doing this very very quick check this Has been sixty percent plagiarized what

They’ve done is they’ve gone off and web Scraped A bunch of different sites it looks like This one is the one it’s coming from and They’ve taken extracts off here and then Made their own article which you know Guys at the end of the day that just Means that the content on here if i just Go back to the site is not really going To rank anywhere Organically there’s nothing on here That’s going to give me any kind of seo It’s just a bunch of random sites the Other thing is some of them don’t even Seem to be related to any kind of crypto A lot of them seem to be gaming type Sites and there’s one here one million Subscribers special That’s a a video talking about is one Million subscribers so basically what They’re doing just stuck a load of Advertisements in here for various Crypto trading sites now if i just go Back to the dashboard And you’ll see on here the affiliate Programs you’re going to go ahead and Join A lot of these affiliate programs so You’re going to have proper applications For these you need to go and join them Give your paypal details or whatever Payment details you’ve got and some of Them you have to pay money to actually Join but this is what they’re actually

Doing here they’re actually creating a Site to advertise various types of Crypto sites the issue i’ve got with These kind of sites is You’re not an expert at bitcoin you’re Just trying to throw a site together That you’re expecting somehow that People are going to come along and Actually view it when i notice on the Actual site itself What they Want you to do is share some of this Stuff through Social media So you can share this article for Instance through facebook twitter Instagram google plus Pinterest and that’s how you get traffic Over to here because the only way you’re Actually going to get traffic go to this Site is if you share the actual site Link itself nothing else So it seems a little bit pointless Because you can go and do this anyway And create your own site in any number Of platforms put some proper unique Content on here actually give somebody Some value and then you might be able to Start making money from bitcoin and You’re not really making money directly From bitcoin it’s more about introducing People to these sites and any money they Spend you get a slight proportion of but It’s very very small so they’re the

Affiliate programs you can join there is Some additional software these are just Plugins you can get these plugins if you Go to most of these trading sites They’ll actually give you plugins Because what happens if i click on here I jump straight over to coin market cap For instance and then you can start Trading on coin market cap so a lot of These guys will just give you these Plugins for free if you want to have a Site that’s your own There is a section here for custom Domain so i was slightly wrong there i Will take that back but what you do need To do is download this and then upload It into your own custom domains so That’s fair enough you can use your own Website Which is obviously going to be a lot Better than using their subdomain but Most of you guys if you’re going to Create your own website and have this Downloaded and then uploaded into your Own site you might as well go ahead and Do your own you don’t see the point in Spending money on this But that’s the kind of problem i have With these types of sites is they’ll Provide you with something however good The quality is then they’ll tell you It’s going to rank somehow and it’s just Not you’re gonna not get any Visitors over to this site and yes you

Use this to completely recreate your own Site and have unique content that’s what It’s all about If you can get unique content to rank on Google he’s going to take you up A lot of time but if you can do that Then that’s the only way that this would Possibly work using it as it is today Which 99 of you because you look at this You’ll think it’s shiny you’ll think It’s really cool but 99 of you just try And Use their base site And with hundreds and hundreds of people Buying this at the same time none of you Are going to be end up are going to end Up ranking anywhere so that’s the kind Of issue here you can see all of the Different things you can do here you’re Gonna post you can have blog ken Blog content sourcing it’ll go and Scrape the web you can do content Spinning which doesn’t really work Anymore site pages you can have Advertisements which is those this is Advertisements you saw at the end of the Day guys this is just a little bit shiny And in my view won’t really help you if You’re trying to earn money with crypto Now if i jump back to the sales page What does annoy mean i i i’ll show you These in all of my reviews is that When they look at these testimonials Which are people claiming to actually

Make money with this they’re using false Testimonials again this person hasn’t Made 300 it doesn’t exist this is an ai Generated image i can tell by the Background i can tell by how clean this Image is they’re all ai generated and to Be honest guys if you’d be doing this as Long as i have i recognize the ai Generated images because all of these Vendors especially on warrior plus Most of the guys that do these shiny Objects these silly little softwares use The same place to build their sales Pages And then folks just go off and get these Ai generated images and plug them in Just plug and place sales pages guys None of it is true on here So at the end of the day i would tell You not to really buy this if you really Want to do this and you really want to Figure out how to build a business Online guys and you want to avoid these Shiny objects what i would do honestly Is go ahead and click the link in the Description below to the school of Nomads i got a completely free affiliate Bootcamp for you that’s going to help You understand how you can actually get Started making money online it really Will It’s going to be much better than Actually go ahead and buying these off The shelf spammy pieces of software that

Quite honestly you’re just gonna be Treading water for a long time and You’re not really gonna get success with That’s up to you guys i’m gonna leave The information around the oto’s in the Description Hope you found this valuable my name is Richard darby this is squirrel nomads if You’ve been up to the channel before Don’t forget to hit that subscribe Notification bell and i’ll let you know Whenever i produce new videos and guys If you’re really serious and want to Build a business online go ahead and Check out the link in the description Below over to the school of nomads i’ve Got a completely free boot camp for you There and we’ll get you started Straight away until next time take care [Music]

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