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Hey guys Richard here so in this review I’m talking about graphic by Art Flair And the black belt team now this is a Product that came out on the 24th of September but it’s not the first time It’s actually been out it was actually Out first around about the 27th of July As you can see here this is the previous Release date now graphic is basically a Software that gives you access to lots Of different Graphics lots of images Lots of designs lots of logos and Various other video designs and we are Going to jump inside I’ll show you Exactly what you get inside graphic and Then obviously I’m going to show you the Free tools you can use for this because Basically you don’t need graphic at all Because you can get completely free Tools to do exactly the same thing as This but there are some very interesting Things I want to show you on there so You’re kind of forewarned about these Vendors so you understand what you’re Going to get if you if you start buying Products or folks like this so one thing I want to show you quickly is if you go And actually come off the page here You’re going to have some discount now The front end of this is around about 12 But if you ask for the discount and say Yes you come onto this page if I just Click this I go over to the sales page But if I come off I get onto this free

Version here now apparently it’s valued For the next 10 only which is obviously Nonsense because lots of people are Going to get this option if I click on This it asks you to put your email Address in here now what happens is you Then get an email through to your inbox Now on this email through to your inbox You get this here now what they’re Basically doing several times in this Product is they’re actually just Promoting this partnership with Anthony Course which is a high ticket course Which they’re obviously Affiliates for So several times in this particular Product which has got nothing to do with This course whatsoever they’re actually Advertising this so first thing they Want to go watch this webinar with Anthony and the second thing they want You to go and click this to get your Preview access when I do this I end up With this here which is a advertisement For click funnels I’ll end up over on Click funnels again I’m going down a Really strange route just to get this Product and then eventually you end up Going through this link somehow to get This free version which I’ve haven’t Seen away you actually get it for free Yet because nothing will work here if I’m clicking on it so it’s all a little Bit of a nonsense it’s taking you down a Very strange way you see this other

Pop-up has come up here now as well so There’s like pop-ups coming all over the Place but it’s all very spammy and I Haven’t actually got to the product yet But if you do jump inside the product What you have here is basically a Dashboard where you can have a graphics Editor some icon generator some cert you Can search images background removal Image editor video editor search videos You can have search vectors you can have Video templates and then some support And tutorials now the tutorial again I Clicked on this and this has already Been out guys this is a just a previous Version of this particular software this Has already been live the tutorial goes Straight to this win three copies of Insta boss out of nowhere and some live Training there’s not training on this Graphic tutorial so it’s all a little Bit strange I’d go into the graphic Editor apparently I could go and just Select one of these I’d go into this Editor here and I can build Graphics From it which which does work right you Can obviously build Graphics from this But you don’t need it because in this World you have something called canva And if you just go over to you Get all this for free all of everything They’re mentioned on here getting Templates searching for images Everything the video section here where

You can build videos different types of Backgrounds for the videos all these Different templates for videos so I’m Not quite sure what you need this for This seems to be some kind of Pathway to Get you to sign up for partnership with Anthony it’s nothing to do with this Particular product and again I’ll just Jump down some of these other things and You can search images here There’s so many free image sites online Now you don’t need to pay for one so it Is obviously giving me images you can do Some background removal which again if You go onto canva and you start building Up images on canva and it’s completely Free just go and have a look at it you Can remove images on canva there is also Some strange things on here around video Templates and you can download video Templates why you would want these I Don’t know you’ve got them on canva and Then some video editing I saw these Video editing things where you download Software to your Mac or your windows From here as a video editor you don’t Need to do that at all most of your Computers have got free editing software Anyway and if you’re stuck for someone To go make videos and edit them use Screencast-O-Matic I’ve recommended this Lots of times before you can record for Free and you can edit for free right and If you don’t want to take one of the

Pricing products as an individual it’s Like three bucks a month There you go three dollars a month I use The actual six dollars a month version But it’s the same thing the editor is Really really good on there it’s a Proper professional editing solution so Again guys I know I said this several Times but you just don’t need this Software just use canva use something Like Screencast-O-Matic now if we jump Back to the sales page one random Irritation on here as usual is this is All nonsense you know people aren’t Being paid to use this software you just Use any kind of image thing like canva To get this for free and if you want to Do this and actually sell these you need To be very very good at Art and Design And most of the guys on Fiverr you see Selling these are actually professionals They’re using things like Photoshop but Again on here you’ve got this Testimonial on here from a retired Professor they’re doing everything in The book here they’re spamming you with Additional offers and then also Misleading you on the testimonials he Hasn’t made 800 doing this in just two Days how would he go on there and make Some random image out of this software And make 800 it’s all done guys so you Know what just because they’re doing That just because I think you don’t need

This I’m not going to recommend this at All if you want to check out our Partnership with Anthony I haven’t Reviewed it I don’t know what it’s like But I wouldn’t buy it through these guys I’ve been misleading on the sales page For you and to me they’re trying to sell These software that you just don’t need So guys that’s my review of graphic my Name is Richard Derby this is School of Nomads if you’re new to the channel Before don’t forget to hit that Subscribe notification Bell and I’ll let You know whenever I’ve been using your Videos and guys if you’re really serious And you’re trying to figure out a way to Build a business online go ahead and Check out the link in the description Below Otisco Nomads we’ve got a Completely free affiliate workshop for You there that’ll take you through the Whole process step by step until next Time take care [Music]

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