Klix Review – πŸ”₯ Not Needed 2/10 πŸ”₯ Klix by Jono Armstrong REAL HONEST Review

Hey guys Richard here so in this review I want to talk to you about clicks now Clicks is a followed by jono Armstrong And is usually released on the 18th of September and 9 A.M Eastern now this is A product that is basically a funnel Builder and it’s claiming that it will Help you Bank 500 to 1 000 daily one Really notable claim here that they say You need no traffic now you need traffic To any product or service online because That’s people and that’s visitors over To your sites and basically if you’ve Got no people you’ve got no money so a Little bit of nonsense there usual stuff On this sales page on the actual Testimonials as I point out all the time There’s UI pictures on the testimonial So it’s the usual stuff most of it’s Made up basically I’m going to show you In the dashboard we’ll have a look at Some of this functionality and then if You stick around I’m going to give you An alternative to this that you can Maybe check out so basically guys what You’re doing here is You’re Building Funnels now if you’re completely new to Affiliate marketing or marketing General This is what a funnel is now funnel is Basically just a series of pages that You lead your customers through to end Up making a sale now what you always Need is some form of landing page for Them to come on now in this particular

Product they’re helping you create an Ebook it’s not very good ebook but They’re helping you create an ebook to Give away to entice your customers to go On to the next stage now when you do That and you hit a landing page with an Ebook what people have to do is sign up For the ebook and you get their email Address now you can do this in a number Of ways once you’ve got the email Address you can actually go ahead and Email them with the links to the Products or services and a little bit More details about that so you can go Ahead and make a sale the other thing You can do is once they’re signed in you Can do the email but also you need to Take them onto a landing page where they Can also get a bit more information Maybe download their ebook and then go Ahead and hit the link over to our Product sales page which is an affiliate Link and you make a purchase now this is Basically what this product is doing now I can’t see it making the thank you page Anywhere which I think is a bit of a gap But I can see it making this landing Page here now the main thing about any Of these products that are funnel Builders is that you need traffic Traffic is people to go and hit your Landing page in the first place now These landing pages you won’t get any Kind of SEO off Google they’re not just

Going to naturally show up anywhere Which is one mistake a lot of newbie Stick you know you’re going to make this Landing page and somehow magically Somebody’s going to visit here it Doesn’t work like that unfortunately You’re going to have to share that link Now what they do is they usually tell it To spam the link everywhere which is Totally wrong way to actually go about Affiliate marketing but you need this Traffic this is the big gap that most UBS have no idea about what you tend to See is the products are trying to help You do this piece or just try to sell You any old thing to help you do this Piece and rather that most of them don’t Care about helping you but they’re Trying to do this piece but this piece Is completely left and that’s the piece You want to learn so guys before I jump Then if you do really want to learn how To build a real business online and You’re struggling and you’ve no idea how To generate traffic go ahead and hit the Link in the description below over to School Nomads I’ve got an affiliate Bootcamp for you there that’s really Going to help you out but this is the Piece I think is a big gap with any of These types of products now if I jump Into the dashboard here on the dashboard Is just a basic functionality for making Campaigns so you’ve got some campaigns

Here you’ve got funnels here which you Can add to your campaigns you’ve got a Traffic here which I go into an email Generator some high ticket offers They’re basically ClickBank offers that Cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars to Buy now just remember guys a bit of Common Sense here they’re more expensive An offer is the more you’re going to Have to do to actually sell that offer To people again you’ve got to create Value you’ve got to build up Relationships with people these types of Things are more like just throw your Link anywhere type products but which Never works but there you go that’s the High ticket offers you have a bonus page Generator here you have their training Here and you have a list of all of the Different types of launches here these Are all the various types of upsells now The coaching this is actually the Ministry of Freedom coaching John Armstrong sells and basically they’re Doing very very similar to what I do They do product reviews the only thing I Tend to see with those folks is they’re Just reviewing any old thing they’re not Really bothered about what it is as long As they make a few bucks and that’s a Big drawback for me but the training Itself is sound the guys seem to know What they’re doing as far as reviewing It’s just the products they’re reviewing

I think are nonsense if we just go ahead And have a look at one of the campaigns I’ll just go ahead and create a campaign Here if I just go ahead and hit anything Here and press submit it’s going to give Me a couple of options It’ll ask me to Actually create an ebook or create a Funnel I don’t create a funnel it’s Going to give me these and that they’re In the training they’re saying these are Their recommended layouts for these Various types of niches like money Supplements weight loss etc etc the Reality is they just put a couple of Really really low quality pages in here For your front page Um I’m going to show you a piece of Software later on that’s way better than This and it’ll help you build much Better funnels but basically you can Change anything on here you hit next Then what you do is you put your Information in for the settings on here They ask you to put a lot of codes in Here which again if you’re new you’re Not going to have Google tracking codes Or Facebook pixels none of this stuff But they’re telling you to Put some codes in here and then you’re Going to go ahead and put a link in here Now this is the link of the thank you Page we’ll go ahead and hit this so once You go ahead and click the funnel it’s Going to go to your thank you page if we

Just add a link in there And press create funnel I just put some Random details in here create that Funnel and then that’s my funnel created Now the idea is that once they come Along to this funnel there’s the page Once they subscribe they would go over To the next page That’s basically it that’s how the Funnel works and that’s how as I showed You on here they come over here put Their email in and then they go over to The next page now I can’t see how they Built the rest of these funnels here the Rest of these Pages all I see is a way To build that basic front end and that’s Really it as I said they’re allowing you To build that ebook you want to go ahead And have a look at my various funnels on Here and I look at this ebook this is The ebook that I created and I asked it To go get some articles now what it’s Doing is theoretically it’s going off to Ezane ezine articles and just web Scraping based on some keywords you’ve Got and I’m giving you this as your Ebook you’re going to give away which is Pretty poor it’s not a very nice looking Ebook you’ve got products like designer You’ve got products like Scribble all of These types of products are way better Ebook designers than this this is not Very nice at all to give away to your Customers but the idea is you can go

Ahead and change everything on here as Well and that’s your ebook now that’s a Funnels piece now the traffic piece is It really isn’t traffic guys if you set Up here all I’ve got on here is three Accounts Twitter insta paper and Whatever this is folked now if you go Ahead and set this up it’ll allow you to Share your link to those platforms That’s it you can share your link to any Platform you can just go over to a site Called add me there’s hundreds of Platform links on there but the issue is The same when you’re sharing links to Social media unless you’ve got a big Following on our social media platform Nobody’s going to see your link nobody’s Going to care about your link and if You’re planning you’re just going to Send them over to a page like this with No kind of value given no help given Nothing in before that no one’s ever Going to buy something worth 600 plus Based on the fact you’re just going to Send him a random link just doesn’t work It really doesn’t guys so basically this Is the only traffic so-called they have Then they allow you to actually attach Your blog now if you’ve got a Blog Pointless in this in the first place Just get a page builder for your blog or Use WordPress and build your pages Without this there’s no need there’s so Many different templates out there these

Days that you can use pointles are in Some something called clicks that you’re Going to pay 13 plus God knows what up So you’re going to try and buy to do That just go ahead and use your WordPress site it really is that simple Now you have this email generator on Here you can go ahead and select one of Their High ticket items on here which Are basically ClickBank products click On any of these and it’s going to Generate you an email based on that Topic is these and this is one of the Emails it generated for me and that’s it That’s how long it is it’s just puts Your name down there now there’s nowhere On here that I can see that allows you To send emails which you won’t want to Do for a software like this anyway and There’s no autoresponder on here there’s Nothing so you need to have your own Autoresponder as well which again guys If you need to go ahead and get your own Autoresponder using things like get Response aweber or system e which is one Of the recommendations I’ve got for you Sister me will allow you to build Funnels and it’s got its own Autoresponder within it and then it Handle all your emails and all of that Kind of good stuff now this is the kind Of template that it has in Sister me and This is free go over to the link I’ll go In the description below this is

Completely free you can pick any of These landing pages and then once you Have your landing page you can also come Back add additional steps to your funnel And then you have things like inline Forms you can have a thank you Pages You’ve got upsell Pages down sell Pages You’ve got so many different options That you can build within sister me for Free I would use something like this I Really wouldn’t bother with clicks this Product here I think is completely Pointless I just don’t think is needed At all so after the email generator we Got high tick offers again these are Various things on ClickBank you can go And get your pre-approved link well Anybody can go on to ClickBank and just Get a affiliate link for these and again You can earn up to 878 to sell but I’m Telling you guys you have to work harder Than just put a crappy type of page Together and throw a link out you have To work a downside on that to get some Of these commissions once you have that You have this bonus bonus page generator Now when I did this I actually used a Random link to do it and then I got These Pages which I’m going to copy And basically The page is here This is the page and then you click here For instant access so I’m not sure where The bonuses were there or how any of

That works so a little bit lost on me That bonus page but again pointless you Can use them insist to me if you want to Go and build one them then you have your Academy very very simple videos there Irritatingly whoever doing those videos He had some kind of message that kept Leaping on the way through so not the Greatest equality and then you have this Launch list here I’m assuming this is Just Warrior plus but again this is just A list of products that are due to be Sold and you can just go onto these Platforms and get that anyway if you Want to go ahead and promote Warrior Plus products see it’s pretty pointless There the only other thing on here that I saw was when you go back to the Campaigns piece you can submit your Campaign so remember your campaign is Just a link it’s nothing else it’s just A link to an ebook and apparently you Can submit your campaigns to all of These different sites so if I look at These different sites this is a website With all of these different niches on There now I think you can not gonna be Able to submit your links to these sites These aren’t link submittal sites these Are proper sites that have articles Etc On them but I can smash my words Uh your ebook your way these are really Nice ebooks proper ebooks and what you Can create in this system is is rubbish

Compared to the I just don’t think again This is going to get you any traffic Guys I really don’t and I’m sorry for Being so negative but I’m just being Realistic here I don’t think you need Any of this I just think it’s a bunch of Nonsense stuck together that you don’t Really need now the only other thing I Will warn you on this particular version I have of this is not secure now one It’s an insecure website if you generate A link from this their system May well Block it in the first place and the Other thing is when you build the Funnels on here I don’t see any way to Download them if you wanted to and put Them on your own site now if this clicks Goes out of action for some reason Because they’re not maintaining it which By the looks of this the weight is all a Bit squished and poor quality you see All these images aren’t showing up and I Got great internet in my house this is On my internet this is pretty poor Quality already and this is going to end Up going out of action and you won’t Have any funnels you don’t have any Links anywhere so you need to keep away From these types of cheap softwares and Really again use things like system me Get response have your proper page Builder if you’ve got your own website Get Thrive themes I always recommend Throw themes brilliant page builder

Costs a little bit more money but it’s Way more higher quality than this and if You want to build a real business and You’re serious they’re the types of Tools that you need so guys I wouldn’t Recommend this listen it works it seems To generate something I’m going to give It say a 2 out of ten but I just think It’s a little bit of nonsense you don’t Really need it way better tools on the Market than this and I think it’ll be Way better off taking it seriously and Really building a proper Business Online Start creating value start creating real Content for people and on the back of That actually promote products and Services online that people actually Want to see that’s the way you build a Real business this I’m afraid is going To waste a lot of your time so guys I Hope those are valuable to you my name Is Richard Derby this is school Nomads Have you ever been up to the channel Before don’t forget to hit that Subscribe notification Bell and I’ll let You know whenever I produce new videos And guys if you’re really serious and You’re struggling and you’re trying to Figure out a way to build a business Online go ahead and check out the link In the description below I’ll just go All Nomads are going to completely free Affiliate boot camp for you there you Can get started with straight away until

Next time guys take care [Music]

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