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Hey guys Richard here so in this review I’m talking about coin 2.0 now this is a Second version of coin which was Released about six months ago everything On the sales page is exactly the same so I’m not really going to go through that But the big claim here is it’s going to Get you 39 in free Bitcoin every 12 Hours so we are going to jump inside We’ll have a look around and then I’ll Show you exactly what’s changed in this And then we’ll talk about the method Itself and maybe some of the things you Need to watch out for if you’re buying Any kind of software like this so guys This is due to be released on the 22nd Of October At 11AM Eastern and this is by Billy Darr hey guys we just wanted to give you A very very quick recommendation now if You want to start making money online And you want to figure out how to Generate lots and lots of free traffic I’ve got a great recommendation for you Which you can literally pick up for the Price of a Pizza Guys what I want you to Do is jump down to the bottom of this Video and you’ll see this link here just Go ahead and click on that link and You’ll come over to this page here fill In your name your email address and Click the consent here and then go ahead And you can get started with this Product which literally is the way that

I started out online guys this is a very Very simple way for generating traffic It’s super easy to set up there’s 50 Done for you niches included in here to Get you started very very quickly so Guys if you’re interested and you want To start building a business online this Is literally the price of a pizza go Ahead and check out the simple traffic Blueprint thanks for listening guys Let’s get back to the review so guys as I said this has been released before Basically this sales page is all the Same there’s nothing changed on here no Testimonials have changed nothing’s Really changed all this financial proof That wasn’t really proof in the first Place I know that’s really changed it’s Just a slightly different version of This software now what they’ve added is These two pieces here this Mining and This airdrops everything else is pretty Much the same and there is a bit of Additional training I noticed now if you Want to see my other review there is a Review that I did again six months ago On this one was this April 2022 and You’ll see here that this interface is Very very similar so you can go ahead And check out that review as well but Basically what I’m going to show you Here is the big differences what you Have here is a bunch of plugins that They put onto one site for you so there

Is some useful stuff on here to be Honest away from all of the financial Nonsense about earning 39 every 12 hours If you were just to buy coin just to Have somewhere that a lot of information Was in one place then this might be Useful for you 17 bucks it might be just A useful little interface for you and Again that’s a way for natural how You’re going to make all of that money Because I’m going to go through some of The money making methods here today so You have this home here it’s going to Give you all the latest Bitcoin numbers Again these are all plugins every single Site that you see like this these days Any all of the exchanges have got these Numbers so this is nothing really new But basically some nice crafts here for You to have a look at and some crypto News underneath here not sure how new Some of this is if you see this some of The published States is everything is to Be the 11th of the 6th so I’m not sure Where that crypto news is coming from But basically that’s what’s on the front Page then you have some exchanges here Now this is a full list of all different Types of exchanges that allow you to buy And sell cryptocurrency now one way you Can actually make money from Cryptocurrency is by being an affiliate For some of these exchanges usually a Lot of these exchanges will have

Affiliate programs have a look at this One again I’m doing this completely Blind but we’re going to try and there You go if I go and try and Click on this and you join their Affiliate program if somebody comes over To your crypto site which could be the Coin site and clicks through and then Joins up here and spends money you can Get a very very small proportion of that Money in their affiliate program so That’s one money making method from this But again I’ve got to tell you the big Drawback of having software like this But let’s just say that that is one way That you can make money and there’s lots Of these different types of exchanges so Literally you could in theory have an Affiliate program for each one the only Thing I’m seeing on here is I can’t see A way that I can connect this to an Affiliate link Now I’m looking through here and I can’t See a way that I can change some of These plugins I’m going to go to website Widgets on here I can’t see a way I can Change those types of widgets to include Affiliate links so that’s kind of a Drawback for me because what’s the point I’ve actually recommended some of these Sites if I can’t make money so that’s One thing and basically next thing is The mining now Bitcoin mining is huge Now if you don’t want Bitcoin mining

It’s basically what you’re doing is two Things if you’re doing it as a solo Miner you’re kind of lending some of Your computer processing power to solve Transactions on the blockchain now if That sounds a bit confusing to you you May want to keep away from Bitcoin Anyway because it is kind of a Minefield Once you get into it and it is quite Complex but if you want to get into all Of that stuff and really learn about That stuff it is a way that you can make Money the problem is because you’ve got Very limited processing power you’re Right you’re actually being asked to Solve these transactions on the on the Blockchain and the speed that you solve Them will give you a very very small Proportion of Bitcoin that’s the reason That people buy these server farms and Have thousands of terabytes worth of Processing power that they can actually Go ahead and solve these transactions Super quickly and you end up in a big Queue so very little transactions you End up solving in the first place so in Essence what you end up doing is getting A very very small amount of money now I Know this because I’ve done it myself on This computer I’ve actually put it on my PC and it runs all day as long as your PCS aren’t using your processing power And basically the cost of it running all Day with electric won’t even be

Outweighed by the Bitcoin that you Actually earn it is literally sense now I can show you that actually in a Training video if I come over to their Training interview and so I’m jumping About here but this is useful to see if You look at this here he’s actually Started the mining on the PC on this Demo video which is again if you look at This in background you don’t want to Start having plugins that have all of This going on in the background it is Quite scary for most of you on a PC but Basically it’s saying that you’re going To get if you Mine with his particular PC about 0.03 US dollars a day so that’s like Three cents a day so when they say it’s 39 a day that they’re making passively If they’re talking about mining you’re Going to have to have a lot of Processing power to be able to get just 39 which again which is why these guys Who know what they’re doing are massive Server farms and they have cooling units It costs an absolute Fortune to set These proper mining places up that’s the Big issue I have with mining the other Thing you can do is you can actually Rent kind of a space on one of these Server firms so when you actually go on To the web and you start searching for Crypto mining sites a lot of them will Ask you to pay a subscription and what

You’re doing that subscription is you’re Actually borrowing some processing power And by doing that you’re going to get Some Krypton back now depending on the Value of the crypto coin you could end Up making a profit on that subscription It is kind of a a way that they can pay For their own service to run and still Mine the crypto currency so doing this On your own have very little Profitability guys I’ve done this on my Own I’ve had actually had to go with Some demos some other products that I Reviewed and you get very very little Game profit so that’s the mining piece Now basically what they’re going to do Is they’re asking you need to start Mining you’re going to go over to this Nice hash and then you’re going to come And you’re going to join there so you Can download all of these different Kinds of plugins and then you’ve got the Ability to to buy into hash power which Is this here for buy hash power hashes Are rented and basically they’re renting Processing power on their web and They’re going to give you some prices as Well to do that that’s what this is all About if you want to read up on it and Get an expert’s view of it because I’m By no means an expert go over to and Read nicehash.com and read all about it There So that’s the crypto mining piece then

You have these air drops now the Airdrops are interesting again they’re Companies that maybe are releasing a new Coin and they want to publish that coin And they’ll do these air drops where you Go ahead and claim some free crypto Again it’s such small amounts of money Guys it really is as I said to you Earlier there is better ways to make Money online but again if you’re into Crypto and you want to get into this This could be something you want to do There is some news here the news feed on This website again none of this site you Can make on your own domain so so all Part of this is sonic.net domain which I Said in my previous review is just the Site they release all their products on So for some reason that goes down this Will disappear but you have your news on Here they only have this block folio Section you have a watch list on here Which you can actually watch your Favorite coins a dictionary here if you Wanted to spend time going through this Dictionary looking at all the different Terms again if you click onto any of These coinbase or any of them big sites They’re all got their own training that You much better off going through you Have some tools here and you have some Upgrades there now the training is kind Of limited it’s how to start Bitcoin Mining it’s a description around the

Different currencies exchanges the news The dictionary the currency converter And the website website so it’s not Really Bitcoin training so if you want To get into Bitcoin I advise you to go Over to all these bigger sites and Actually go ahead and use this so guys You know I don’t think this is really Any harm I think their clothes are a bit Silly coin 2.0 is just a place where They put all these different plugins Together if you’re interested in Cryptocurrency it could be worth paying Out 17 just to get something like this To have a click around it is very very Much a shiny object guys it’s not going To make you that much money and the Mining go ahead and do some research on The mining Because The actual return is very very small if You’re a solo user and you’re trying to Do it on your own so guys let’s jump Into the otos again this is the exact Same motive is last time the world’s one And only at the get some 39 in free Bitcoin every 12 hours they don’t show You that anywhere by the way every Single demonstration they show there’s No Bitcoin in the guy’s account anywhere So why do they just show you these Things is it going to claim that show You I should show you an account with These Bitcoins on them and show you how It’s done they just don’t do that

There’s an unlimited version here for 97 Again it allows customers to enjoy Unlimited usage and limited free traffic And more if they could get limited free Traffic they would never need to pay an Affiliate to sell this product for them Because they’ll be able to get free Traffic so why would they ever pay Anybody commission episode 2 is this Done for you system setup 297 I’ve sell Three autopilot Edition nothing’s Autopilot online you always have to do Something that’s 39 episode four there’s Done few campaigns edition 39 done a few Campaigns in relation to what uh an Episode five franchise Edition you can Actually sell this to other people so Guys as you can see in summary this has All been done before this is just a Complete rehash or something that is six Months ago the only thing I can see Different on the sales page is this 2.0 Everything else is the same I’ll put my Other review in the description below if You want to go ahead and check out that But if you’re looking to make some real Money online go ahead and check out the Product I recommended earlier in this Review I think that is going to be a Much better way for you to get started Hope you enjoyed that review don’t Forget to hit that subscribe Notification Bell until next time take Care

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