Majestic Review – πŸ”₯ Pointless Software 1/10 πŸ”₯ Majestic by Venkata Ramana Real Honest Review

Hey guys Richard here so in this video I Want to talk to you about Majestic now This is a new product by vanart ranaa And it's due to be released on Wednesday 11th of October at 11:00 a.m. eastern Now this is the first review I've done For a while I thought I'd jump into Munai and see what's about see what type Of products are for sale and I come Across this one today and guys it's the Same thing as normal there's completely False claims on the sales page and the Product itself is just not very good we Are going to go inside I'm going to Spend some time inside showing you what This actually does but as far as the Sales page you're concerned this is just Nonsense for a start is not the first App that allows you to steal people's YouTube videos I've seen literally Hundreds of these before this is nothing New and basically stealing YouTube People's videos is not allowed it's Called copyright and I'm going to show You why that's copyright because Basically You' got no permissions to use Their videos and the way that they Actually do this there's no way that the Person who actually create that video Gets credit so this is nonsense and this Claim of of earning $456 daily is absolute nonsense they're Telling me that this piece of software Will earn them $150,000 a year so guys

Before I jump in my name is Richard Derby if you hav have been a to these Honest reviews before I do things Slightly differently here I'm not just Trying to sell you this product I'm Trying to give you some real advice so That you can stop wasting your money on These silly shiny objects now if you're Interested in building a real business And how you can use your own experience To build a business around your Niche And build content and have real people Come along and buy your products and Services go ahead and hit the link in The description below over to the school Nomads I got some training for you there That's going to get you started but as Far as this is concerned let's jump Straight inside basically what you have Here is this is the review access Version you're going to have some Training here but what the training is Showing you is basically to go and steal Other people's videos if I just skim Along to this part of the training when They're actually setting up this Software you can actually just search YouTube for videos based on a keyword Now you have the option here see this Here where it says license to do Creative commments videos or all videos Now creative comment videos you are Actually allowed to use because they're Giving you the license to use and

Distribute as you want but most videos On YouTube aren't created comments They're restricted to usage on YouTube And the sharing functionality allows you To click back in into that YouTube video So it's different from actually just Taking it off or downloading it and Using it on your own site you can Actually click through and go back to That video on the platform so all videos Here they're actually telling you to Steal videos basically off YouTube and Use them for your own business which is Nonsense if you're serious that's not a Business that you should be starting out On now if I just go to manage campaigns Basically the create campaigns is just Ability to get some keywords search for Some videos select those videos and it Brings them over to the page I'm going To show you now and on that page you can Add some ctas you can add some affiliate Links and the idea is that people are Going to come over to this site and Start clicking around and you'll earn Money do I just have a look at this Loose belly fat one this is one that was Done previously you have the main video Here in the Middle hello to all you and you can go And play this and basically some ctas Etc going to come up here or they can Click on the right hand side here and There's more options for videos and

Basically that's all this is this is Just a video player that's it so the Only way you're actually going to get Traffic over to this is if you share This link to somebody no no other way It's not going to be organic traffic You're not going to get free traffic From Google or whatever basically you're Going to have to share this link to People and they're going to have to come Over and see your site rather than YouTube and then basically start looking Through your site and then you're going To get money theoretically if they click On your affiliate links absolute Nonsense this is a complete waste of Money and if I was you and if you're Serious about building a business you Need to run a mile this is is really bad Advice really poor idea and it's just Not going to get you anywhere you're Better off going on YouTube and creating Your own channel you really are because It's your own stuff you can have people Come over to your videos you can Recommend whatever you want in those Videos stealing other people's videos It's not a business idea that I'll get Behind at any stage and basically guys That is it that is the product absolute Nonsense they're not making nearly $150,000 a year off those sites to make That much money you would have to have Extraordinary amounts of traffic going

To that page and you're just not going To get it unless you start sharing links So I would run a mile from this this is A very short review this is called Majestic by v c Romana I would avoid his Products like the plague none of them Actually work if you're really serious About building a business online if you Want to learn how you can create your Own websites how you can create your own Traffic how you can choose the niche That you want to create content in if All of that appeals to you go ahead and Hit the link in the description below Out to the SC ads and you can get Started today until next time guys take [Music] Care

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