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Hey guys richard here so in this review I’m talking about newsley now newsley is A product that promises you that you can Build viral news sites and make a lot of Money doing it so we’re going to go Through the product i’ll show you inside This is actually a live version of this Product i just purchased it and then We’ll talk a little bit more about the Sales page and then i’ll go through the All important oto’s so guys if you Haven’t been up to the channel before my Name is richard derby this is school of Nomads if you’re interested in these Types of real honest reviews go ahead And hit that subscriber notification Bell and i’ll let you know whenever i Produce new videos and guys if you’re Really interested in building a business Online with affiliate marketing you can See the link in the description below Over to the school of nomads there’s a Completely free affiliate bootcamp there That you can get started with straight Away so guys i will come back to the Sales page and talk a little bit more About that but let’s jump straight into The software basically the first thing They ask you to do when you purchase This is set up a sub domain so domains Are always an issue to me because Basically if they shut down this main Domain Domain here which would have only been

Live for a few weeks usually these guys Only buy them very late Then your business is completely gone so You’re only able to build This kind of website on their domain at The moment as far as i can see that’s Not good for me but anyway they ask you To build a name of a subdomain on here And then you get access inside now when You go through their training which is Here in fairness lots of training on Here only a couple of minutes here and There they only ever show you a jv Version of this website now i’m going to Jump to the website straight away and Show you what i should get here this is The site that says going to make you a Fortune you have all of your usual stuff Up here your menus up here you’ve got a Way to log in you’ve got search posts Here and then you’ve got all the Different posts on here now the one they Show you has got no post whatsoever on Here but this is the one that they keep Referring to which is actually if you See here a jv version i don’t know why They don’t show you a real version of This if this is actually working make of That what you will so basically this is Just a scattered bunch of news posts and You’re supposed to get lots of visitors Over here they’re going to make you a Fortune so let’s just click into Anything here but go into this one here

Basically it’s just a header here and Then there’s some form of news article Here when i go up to here this should be Crediting the person in this origin he Came from i just want to make sure It is because if they’re not that’s Plagiarism So they’re not allowed to just take Articles and not credit people back if We go to bbc yeah it was just live it so They are just taking feeds off these Major news sites and that’s really all They’re doing as you can see here There’s no reaction to this whatsoever Because nobody’s ever going to come over And see this because you’re not going to Rank anywhere for it it’s a sub domain Of a domain no one’s heard of that’s Only been around for a few weeks it’s Not going to rank anywhere on google the Only way you’ll get any traffic over to This ever is if you actually share the Link to it it’s the same issue with Most products that come off warrior plus That are giving you some kind of Gimmicky site like this at the end of The day the traffic and the visitors Over to the site are going to be your Issue so That’s basically what you’re creating Here if i just jump back to the actual Site itself what you have here is all These different menus about the Different ways you can actually build

These sites you have a dashboard here It’s going to give you some information On here some kind of payment log there How that actually has a payment log Because anything you’re going to get off Here will be from google Adsense or it’s going to be from an Advert so those payments are going to be Done away from this website so how it’s Actually actually going to calculate a Payment log from somewhere like paypal What are the other payment providers is Beyond me so that doesn’t really make Sense basically all of these other Different tools are supposed to be ways That you actually build this site if i Have a look at my own site they’re Provided here this is the one with my Subdomain on it i updated this preloader Which is in one of the settings And nothing’s happened nothing’s coming From anywhere basically that’s all it is See how that preloader keeps flashing up As if it’s supposed to be bringing Something over basically it’s not Bringing anything over So that’s all you get for your seventeen Dollars on the front end guys you get a Blank website like this If you go back and have a look at post Management you can add categories and Posts that come up to post and add a new Post Basically it’s just a very basic editor

Where i drop a flight a file for the Slider there i have an image here and i Write the post and i do some meta Keywords and meta description you might Just go and buy your own website get Some very very free hosting avoid this Cost and use wordpress because they’re Not nothing on here has actually given Me any kind of benefit so far So all the promises they make on the Sales page are a little bit of nonsense Really this should be showing you the Actual website If they’re actually using one which i Don’t believe they are that they’re Creating everything else else is on here It’s just about different ways you can Add slider images to these pages but at The end of the day this is what you’re Going to be creating This website here let’s have a look at a Few more posts let’s see how they’re Being displayed so look at this one here And basically it’s all a bit squished On here and there’s this random x there I don’t know why that random x is there These post images on this version here Aren’t showing up again it’s all a Little bit of a mess so they should be Showing you a really nice website to Display this and they’re not So that’s basically it guys it’s just a Very very simple software to build Websites you’ve seen them a million

Times before now if you want to start Building a website i would use sites Like get response Or you can go to something called Systemy i’ll leave the links in the Description below and basically you can Go and build free websites with those Folks and add new stories to them if you Want or get feeds for news stories you Don’t need to use something like this That just doesn’t work for me this is a Live version and it’s not working if i Just go and refresh this and go back to My website again Just so that i’m showing you That Nothing is being pre-loaded onto this Website whatsoever none of my posts none Of my galleries nothing’s been Pre-loaded even though it keeps saying It is so not very good if i just go back To the sales page again lots and lots of Claims on here financial claims and all Centers around this linda lady who They’re saying is the person that’s used This transformed her life etc etc lots Of these types of pictures all the way Through here which actually come from These two sites just for your knowledge There’s one lady on here that is Basically from this site there’s lots of These uh images of this lady on here and There’s another lady on here the main One they keep using to say that she’s

The one making the money has been taken From This site here and you can see there There she is with the baby let’s go back To the sales page there she is with the Baby so a little bit of nonsense we know That all this is true uh usual stuff From branson tate very very low quality Software not really going to do anything For you not really going to allow you to Build any kind of Proper business online just a bit of a Gimmick a bit of a shiny object so that You can spend hours messing about trying To create a website that quite frankly Guys nobody is going to visit so guys i Will jump into the otos here the otos There’s some unlimited version of this You can have an A done for you version i’ll put the Prices for these in the description Below there’s a hands-free automation Version of five times income or Multiplier or version of this and Limitless traffic if they could get Limitless traffic over to this then they Would never need to get an affiliate to Promote any of their products they’d Just get limitless traffic and save all Of those commissions so that’s always Nonsense and then there’s a franchise License to sell this to somebody else And then there’s some accident or Discovery so i will put these in the

Description below just so you are aware But basically guys i’m not going to Recommend any of this it’s just nonsense And basically if you want to start a Real business go ahead and buy yourself Hosting get yourself a proper domain Under your control and you can start Building out a proper website fill it With unique content and yes guys this Isn’t easy that’s the reason that most People fail online because you actually Have to do some work if you’re not going To do that and you’re willing to spend Lots of your money buying nonsense like This then i’m afraid you’re going to be Stuck in quite a internal loop of Spending money and really getting Nowhere so guys i hope that was valuable To you my name is richard darby this is School of nomads if you’ve been over to The channel before don’t forget to hit That subscribe notification bell and I’ll let you know whenever i produce new Videos and guys if you’re really serious And you want to build a business online With affiliate marketing i got a Completely free affiliate bootcamp for You you can go ahead and access over at The school of nomads you see the link in The description below and you can get Started straight away until next time Guys take care [Music]

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