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Hey guys Richard here so in this review I want to take you through the new Product by JK Daddle which is called Rim Six now this is part of the Rim series Which is a really helpful internet Marketing series it's a series of Training courses that take you through Different strategies now this one is all About order jacking now if you haven't Heard of all of jacking before it's a Great strategy because you don't need to Send emails you don't need to be on Video it's a really really good strategy For anybody to get started with so I'm Going to jump inside the members area We're going to tell you exactly what's Involved here and then you can obviously Make your own decision whether you think This is going to be a great strategy for You if at any time you're interested in Jumping straight over to the sales Page Hit the link in the description below And it'll take you straight over there But until then let's jump straight Inside Okay guys so let me give you an overview What's actually inside rims 6.0 so this Is a as usual with JK a very very Comprehensive training course teaching You how to do order jacking now order Jacking is a different type of affiliate Marketing strategy where basically You're giving some people information on A product you're acting as the middleman

Between them actually searching online For a product and then they'll actually Go ahead and purchasing through your Link and it teaches you exactly how you Give the right type of information to Those hungry buyers that come over to Your link now this is a very very Detailed trading course that doesn't Only teach you this method of order Jacking but more importantly to me it Teaches you how to do really really good Keyword analysis that I think you can Use in any Marketing Online JK is a real Expert in this stuff and when he takes You through the keyword lessons then You're gonna really understand how you Can actually delve into the mindset of People actually typing things into the Search functions online and whether they Want to buy or whether they're just Going to browse around all of those Types of things are discussed during This course is that alone to me is worth More than 27 on the front end guys it Gives you such an amount of detail in That area so basically what you have Here is five main modules now the main Module has got a number of videos in They range from kind of five minutes up To 20 minutes long depending on the Topic and a lot of them are over the Shoulder click for click telling you Exactly what to do especially the Keyword ones the ones where he's

Actually building Pages for you and then Setting up campaigns all of them are Click for click tutorials so you just Have to follow along now as far as Follow along is concerned after it's Getting started uh video here you have This checklist that he also provides you To follow along with this method now This is a PDF and basically you just go Through this and tick off as you go Through the various parts of the course And then you'll be able to actually Follow along and actually just do all of The various aspects that turn up your Campaign click for click now as far as The strategy overall he digs a lot into The customers and talks to you about Something called the five stages of Customer awareness which I thought was Really cool I he talks a lot about Marketing strategy overall so it's again You're really learning the fundamentals Of what you do when you're marketing to People online and the types of people That you attract talks about cold Traffic versus hot traffic and also Talks about the importance of keywords And the types of keywords that you're Going to use during your order jacking Campaign that are not the usual types of Keywords you would delve into he wants You to concentrate on certain types of Keywords to make sure you're attracting Real buyers who've got a real issue and

Want to get it sold straight away that's Why this is very powerful this Particular product guys so once you get Into the actual detail of the strategy Itself he starts talking to you about Where you can go find various offers now These are offers that you would Typically find on places like ClickBank CPA networks share or sell these are Both physical and digital offers you can Use this on and basically teaches you How to go ahead and find them also it Delves into ClickBank and teaches you How you can spot the types of products That are going to be good for this order Jacking strategy some products are very Very very good for this and he teaches You how to go ahead and find them within The ClickBank site itself now the only Thing also teaches you how to do is Recognize the products with good Resources behind them that you can Utilize during your campaign next in the Actual keyword research again this is Why I'm kind of excited about this Because this is really powerful he talks To you about a product called spyfu Which I immediately joined as soon as I Um I saw this because I think it's a Very very powerful keyword tool and it's Free on the front end guys and very very Inexpensive to join if you wanted an Ongoing membership of this with a little Bit more power but basically it teaches

You everything about how to use spyfu And recognize what types of keywords are To work best for your products there's All sorts of techniques he teaches you Join these three videos that concentrate On keywords that are really going to Help you understand how you can carry Out proper keyword analysis and I Thought that was a really really cool Part of this product Um again a lot about strategy and the Philosophy of the buyers this is where I Think this section here is probably well Worth the 27 itself even if you didn't Use anything else on here it's really Really powerful then he talks about you Know the types of economic conversion Mechanism but what type of simple paste Do you need to build to actually attract People and get them the information they Need to decide whether they're going to Purchase your product now the whole Thing with order jacking is using that Keyword analysis you already got people I've got an issue that needs to be sold Straight away so the idea is to get them Over to a page and give them that Information they need to contrave and so They'll click your link and go through And purchase whatever product it is You're promoting and you can get a Commission and this is where this Conversion mechanism comes in now one Thing I I have seen Lots on on these

Types of courses is sometimes they ask You to go off to click funnels or Builder all and they actually ask you to Join that to actually download the page There is no need to do that on this Particular product you can use this and Build the pages in whatever page build Until you've got even free get response Type sites if you want to it doesn't Really matter the site it's more about What that page looks like and how to Build that particular page the next Thing is the traffic flow now this is a Paid traffic Source but the paid traffic Source is very very cheap when you Compare it to things like Google ads and YouTube ads things like that they've got A lot of competition he talks about Being on here and I'll tell you that to Be very transparent but Bing is a lot Less expensive than using things like Google and with the techniques that he Uses you're also not going to come up Against those really really expensive Keywords that other folks are bidding on You're actually going to be bidding on Different types of keywords and it's Going to keep that initial expense to You very very low so this is built on a Paid traffic traffic source so be aware Of that but it's a lot less expensive Than going down some of the other routes I've used Google as I've used YouTube Ads you can be paying quite a lot of

Money for those ads if you want to rank For those particular keywords this is Not the same thing so give that some Thought when you think about purchasing This but I wouldn't let that put you off Guys because he's showing you the Techniques to use to start off very very Small and then build up as you start Making those all-important sales so he Talks a lot about our traffic Source how To set it up how to use the keyword Research again to refer the refining Keywords and then the types of search ad Creatives and everything is Click for Click all you need to do is follow along And under each of these is worth saying That when you go to the video this was a 15 minute video look talking about ad Creatives there is workbooks you can Utilize to start thinking about how to Design your ad creativity takes you Through all of that next thing is once You have your campaign built you found Your product you found your great Keywords you've built your ad how do you Nurture that ad and start looking at the Data and figure out what's working What's not working and how you can Refine that and it teaches you all about This and also the actual landing page Itself how can you further optimize that Get more information over to people and Keep that as high quality as possible to Keep those all important commissions

Coming this is what this actually Nurturing campaign is all about and then There's a lot of bonuses that you will See if you go on to my review page at The bottom of my review page here I've Listed the bonuses the bonuses are a Campaign launch checklist where it takes You through exactly what you need to do In the campaign launches and gives you More information around that then you Have a bonus too which is a top 25 order Jack in ready office so he's already Gone off and found you those offers so You can start building campaigns around Them straight away bonus three is a case Study where he talks to you about how he Made one thousand five hundred dollars In one campaign again so once you've Followed the training you follow that Case study you know exactly what you're Doing here bowling for his campaign Creation of workbooks he's talked to you About how you're actually going to be Creating those workbooks and bonus five People pay hundreds of dollars to meet People like JK dowdrell he is one of the Most successful honest and knowledgeable Marketers you will find and just to get A one-on-one call with him is worth an Absolute Fortune honestly guys for 27 And a front end to get him on a call is Gonna be invaluable to you if you're Serious about building a real business Online and of course you can also

Question about this strategy in more Detail if you have any questions so as Far as I chose go we have front-end Training of the rims is 27 and that's Everything I just showed you there is Some more additional training on the Advanced tracking training that's Usually like utilizing a tool called Clip magic and how you actually utilize That to further track your links for These particular campaigns but anything You do online you need to be able to Track that and he'll tell you how to do That in real detail then you have the Inboxer now this is his monthly Membership now this always sells very Well because he teaches you how to do Email marketing now this is invaluable If you want to make any kind of money Online you need to learn how to carry Out yield Mount marketing and he teaches You how to do that in the right way Start off as a one dollar trial well Worth picking up that to see what you're Gonna get then you have this rims one to Five bundle now the previous rooms Products were very again very very Detailed and he's giving you a bundle of Them they're each sell separately for Forty seven dollars he's going to give You that bundle for ninety seven dollars And then just to kind of top this off There's a 30 day money back guarantee And absolutely all of that if you want

To get more details from that you can go Ahead and check out my review page if You're not already on there and I've got Some more information on the product Itself just so you're very comfortable What you're going to purchase here and If you do go ahead and decide to buy Just go and click on this green button Here you'll be taken over to JK dowders Letter here where he's going to take you Through this in a lot more detail and Talk to you a lot more about the kind of Success he's had with this and guys I Can't stretch this enough Jaco down was One of the good guys he's not one of the Charlatans so Warrior plus I really like The types of products he produces and I Really Recommend that you pick this up 27 on The front end is nothing for the amount Of information and the quality Information he's going to give you I Really recommend you pick this up hope That's valuable to you guys my name is Richard Derby this is called Nomads if You're over on YouTube go ahead and hit The link in the description below to Come over to my full review and go check It out if you're on my review page go And hit that green button guys and get Started on this method you are Definitely going to make money if you Follow this step by step and really take Action on it until next time guys take


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