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Hey guys Richard here so in this review On something about Sigma this is by Billy da and is just released on the 6th Of May at 11 A.M Eastern now this is Just another one of these AI Applications that have been released now Everybody seems to be releasing these at The moment but we are going to jump Inside and I'm going to show you exactly What this one is producing and we'll Talk a little bit about some of the pros And cons of buying this type of software And guys if you stick around I'm going To show you some completely free tools You can use to do exactly the same as This is offering you and again you don't Have to spend a penny so guys if you're Interested in these types of reviews go Ahead and hit that subscribe Notification Bell and I'll let you know Whenever I've been using new videos and Guys if you're really serious and you Really want to learn how to build a real Affiliate marketing business online go Ahead and check out the link in the Description below over to the school of Nomads I've got some completely free Training for you there that will get you Started straight away so guys here we go With what the benefits are on the sales Page the tall screen about no hosting no Domains no Tech no ads no risk one issue I do see with this is when you have Something that promises you no hosting

And no domains all you're literally Doing is you're putting your business in Somebody else's hands because if this Software suddenly disappears your Business is gone if you don't own Anything you can't get back your Information you spent hours and hours Putting on there it'll be gone so that's Up to you to take that risk if you want To basically if you come over to the Site itself what it is it's just an Application that's now connected to Both chat GPT and Dally e now dally e is A image creation AI tool which you can Go ahead and create images just by Putting some keywords in here and you'll Create these nice images for you you Have to be a little bit careful what Type of keywords you put in there Because obviously it will give you some Weird and wonderful images if you're not Careful but it does work and it does Give you some nice images and the other Thing it's connected to is Jack GPT Because that's where it's giving you the Input from now one thing about chat GPT I'm actually on the pro version because I use this for a lot of things in my Business these days but one thing about This is this doesn't generate any Traffic for you it basically generates Text now the one thing about GPT chat Gbt text as well is it won't rank in Google because it knows it's AI

Generated it's not unique in any way a a Thousand people can come in here do Exactly the same search and get the same Information it's not going to rank it Anywhere because it doesn't see it as Really valuable at the moment it's more Of a great tool for Gathering the info Nation in the first place and then Adapting it and improving on it so it's A good starting point but it's not the End point for your content creation but This is what it's doing in this Application if you jump back to Sigma What it's actually going to build you is This website here so I'll just click on The website it's going to put together a Website like this so you can have a Newsletter here people can come along And subscribe not the greatest of ways That you collect emails because I see There's no GP gdpr tools on here so you Start getting into issues with Collecting people's emails if they don't Check boxes and they don't actually or They don't authorize your users emails So I don't like using these types of Random tools I prefer to use proper Tools I get response which I'll come Back to you when I give you a bit of a Tip later on but then you're actually Going to develop some of these so what It's basically doing is is building These posts for you so it'll give you a Picture and an image for the top of your

Post and then it's going to give you the Text to go underneath the post you see On this demo version not all the images Are pulling through which is a bit Unfortunate and it does look a little Bit of a mess it's not the best quality Website But it does build your website In Fairness so if I just come on here I'm Just going to say this one here and I'm Going to look at the actual article Itself and I got some banners here you Can put on and then basically the Article is this nonsense here so again If you just produced this you need to Adapt all of this you need to go ahead And make it look nice make it look Pretty these are obviously other people Are coming in just throwing anything on Here but it does actually build you These articles Now the way it does that if I just go Back and look at the AI Suite here so This is where it gives you a number of Things to give you a site title it gives You an intro you can have an outline you Can have a section it gives you a Paragraph gives you a site post some Tags an outro and some images so if I Just say something like tags what I can Do is just put a description in here Like I don't know puppy training And it should suggest some tags now in The back end it's obviously gone off to

Jack GPT and it's going to say give me Some tags relating to puppy training as You see here here's an easy way to get Tags Um if I go on to the actual article Builder itself Because this is more of the rich content I can say give me 500 Words Related to Related to Puppy training And it should go off and get me those 500 Words and we just correct that last Word And then it'll go off and get that I did Notice it takes a little bit of time Though because I do the same search On chat gbt itself you can see um this Is real time still taking a little bit Of time to go off and find it and get That query settled come in here and just Do it on this one It should be pretty much instantaneous There you go So give me all of these words Very quickly and you can use chat gbt For free you don't have to come along to This tool and use that And you can see on here this is giving Me the information and interesting on The top is giving this weird warning on It as an AI language model I understand The important to provide accurate

Information and on this one it just goes Straight into puppy training so if Anything I I would immediately say that The output from chat GPT is better than This so that's not the greatest but what You'd have to do anyway once you've got This is you need to copy and paste this Into your site because I can't see any Way here you can then use this and then Copy it onto a site that you've made so It's not the best to me it's a little Bit clunky I would rather just use chat GPT and put it onto a site that I Created anyway The other thing on here is the images Whichever just come out to the images I Can do something like Rumpy training Images No text I do that because what I want to try and Get to do is generate images with no Text to them because what you can find a Lot of times in things like dally is if You put a search term in it'll start Giving you the words in the search term And I'll do the same on here actually Puppy Training Images no text and this is free as well Okay So go ahead and generate that come back Here it's give me some images here and One thing you do need to watch out for

Again things like this is they can Sometimes be a little bit Strange looking so I just download this And show you this particular image you See this hand here isn't quite right It's got too many fingers the dog's a Bit weirdly smoothed out with the ear Which is not quite right here and you do Get this a lot on these types of AI Generated images again the arm up there Looks weird and plasticky so it's not Quite right and you'll get this on on Dally as well now it's gonna be a Different set of Images here but you still get kind of The same type of issues on these ones if I look at this one here this doesn't Look quite right the way this hand is Within the actual image itself so it's Not that I'm foolproof it's it's a good Starting point to me if I was just to go And get some free images off the Internet related to puppy training Images there were probably better Quality and I can use them in a much More effective way but just to let you Know that it does actually work it's Just going to generate you some kind of Image here but so far I've showed you Tool tools chat EBT and Dali e both of Which you can use for free which you can Do this anyway in which doesn't really Give me the advantage to spending any Money on this now a couple of things I

Other things I notice on here is there Is some themes here so there is a couple Of themes here you can go ahead and pick For your website And also there is a part here where you Can actually Collect people's email addresses and Then mail them now this isn't very Sophisticated at all this piece here I Can't see any way of actually collecting Email addresses and put them into lists And automate your emailing or any of That stuff it's just very very simple And again I haven't got the checks and Balances that I like to see when I'm Collecting people's email addresses Because you need to make sure you Complain with gdpr laws in the Europe Kanban laws in America there's lots of Laws you need to comply with when you Start collecting email addresses now one Way you can do this again for free is You just come up to get response and get Response has got completely free Autoresponder and a website builder up To 500 subscribers so you can build a Website you've got an autoresponder There you can collect people's email Addresses and as long as you've less Than 500 subscribers it's not going to Charge you anything when you get to 500 Subscribers as long as you learn how to Monetize your website which actually we Teach you in the training that I

Recommended earlier but if you know how To actually build a real business you Could actually go ahead and pay for the Pro version which is like 37 bucks a Month which gives you all sorts of Different tools so I would use something Like get response aweber any of those Autoresponders that also incorporate These types of websites these days and Then just use something like Jackie PT And Dali if you want to have this kind Of AI come content it really is no need To go ahead and buy these types of Software the other thing on here which They did specify quite loudly on the Page is that Chat gpt4 somehow blast your AI cache Pages to 4.2 billion people clearly Nonsense right clearly 45 pound an hour Is also nonsense because it all depends How you're monetizing that particular Website or using affiliate marketing on It I use an AdSense on it I use and some Other ads that you're putting on here There is the ability to put ads on this Website but it's not going to blast it To this this amount of people it's silly What they're talking about with traffic Has got nothing to do with AI basically We're back to these traffic sources here Which is A multitude of various websites which They're saying you could just go ahead

And send your link to for this website Because as I said earlier it's not going To rank organically you're going to have To send the link Two people to actually click on to get Over to your website which obviously Makes it that much harder for you To get that free traffic so unless You've got a large phone on Facebook Twitter Pinterest where it really is Unless you know into Market on that Platform and then get people from that Platform over to your website none of This is traffic it's complete and utter Nonsense half of these aren't traffic Anyway things like Evernote have got Nothing to do with traffic Flipboard Nothing to do with any kind of traffic Medium is a blogging platform You'd need to write articles on medium And then add your links to those Articles classmates is for schools Flixster is a cinema application it's Just nonsense a lot of this comes from a Website called add me you can go ahead And join that website and you can get This All these links for your website anyway You don't need any anything like this But basically The rule of thumb here is if you haven't Got a big following on any of these Social media platforms nobody's going to See your links that's not the way it

Works you know just put a link on Reddit And have thousands of people suddenly Come across to that link it gets Completely buried in the billions of Other pieces of content that are Produced every single year on there and You don't get any traffic you need to be Able to learn how to create content that Works on these sites and then pulls People over to whatever it is you're Actually trying to promote there's a Whole lot more to this than just Creating some random site like this Whether you're creating the content with AI or actually doing it yourself which Is much more valuable because at the end Of the day this isn't going to rank You're going to have to get the link and You have to share it with lots of other People to try and get enough people over Here to buy whatever it is you're trying To make money with so I hope that's Useful to you guys won't go through the Sales page usual thing on here all Results that don't make any kind of Sense there's no proofs have made any Kind of money on here and when I see Things like this alone claiming with This site that made over thirty one Thousand dollars in 30 days and just Come along and see when it was actually Registered and the sales page wasn't Registered until the 22nd of the fourth Which is less than two weeks ago I

Always turn my nose out it's it's silly And just another random irritation guys I noticed that there is this privileging On the left hand side if you ever see This on websites completely ignore it Um this is saying that people have Purchased this application if I just try And buy this at the moment I'm just going to refresh this and then Buy this you'll see that this isn't even Open so it's not actually available at The moment so again a little bit of Nonsense there they're just trying to Trick you into thinking this is being Bought by lots of other people and it's Not yet at all I hope that's useful to You manager should I be this is school Nomads if you're interested in these Types of honest reviews go ahead and hit That subscriber notification Bell and I'll let you know whenever I produce new Videos and guys if you're truly Interested in building a real affiliate Marketing business online go ahead and Check out the link in the description Below go to the school Nomads I got some Completely free training for you there And we'll get you started straight away Until next time guys take care [Music] Thank you [Music]

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