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Hey guys Richard here so in this review I'm talking about tools Mojo now this is By Pablo Casale an art Flair and is due To release on the 17th of December now This is a software that gives you 120 Plus online tools and much much more and You're gonna be able to add your Affiliate link somehow haven't figured Out yet we're going to jump inside I'm Going to show you exactly what tools you Do get here and then we'll talk a little Bit more about where this site may come From because I've found out and whether This is going to be something is Actually going to be able to make you Money So guys just before we start my name is Trisha Derby this is the school of Nomads if you haven't been off to the Channel before don't forget to hit that Subscribe notification Bell and I'll let You know whenever I produce new videos And guys if you're really serious and You're looking for a way to build a Business online which is ethical and Honest and is gonna give you a real Long-term income go ahead and hit the Link in the description below over to The school of Nomads I've got some Completely free training for you that'll Get you started straight away so guys Let's jump straight inside there is some Big claims here you're going to get a Site that's already a minute silly

One-time prize nothing to install there Is some things around this commercial License I want to focus in on a little Bit because apparently you're going to Get a free commercial license but then They Mentioned laces at least three times in The otls which we'll go through very Quickly at the end of the review so Let's jump inside what you're going to Get here basically is a very simple site Which is a dashboard with lots of Different tools on it now the idea is That you would be able to use these Tools yourself obviously if you buy this And you can also somehow sell this site Which I haven't quite figured out yet Because when I'm looking inside the site In the admin area and on the training Which is just a very very brief demo Clicking on these and proving they work There's nowhere I can see where you can Actually put an affiliate link which it Mentions on the sales page so I don't Know how you're going to make money off This and I've also got some concerns Over the license in itself which I'll go Through when I show you where this site Actually comes from but basically you've Got a set of Checker tools on here which Is DNS lookup iplookup reverse lookup if You're a beginner and you're trying to Sell this type of thing I'm not quite Sure what the point of this stuff is

Things like who is look up all you need To do is type who is and you're going to Have sites that do that for you anyway So some of this stuff I don't know when You would ever use as a beginner I Really do know so basically you can go Ahead and use these Checker tools then You have some text tools on here at text Separator email extractor URL extractor Text size calculator again I can put my Text in here these do work because They're coming from some software They've been bought off a site called Code Canyon but basically it's Telematics 11b again already interested If you're wanting to have that you could Have that yourself and you could buy This just for have those types of tools You have some converter tools here base Encoder base64 to image image to base64 Color converter URL decoder again very Very techy type tools on here which I Still don't quite understand how you'd Use as an affiliate marketer you don't Need any of this stuff and then you have A PayPal link generator you go to PayPal For that signature generator mail to Link generator YouTube's timestamp link generator all Of these types of tools on here that you Can also get Going down to the developer tools a HTML Multi minifier a CS mini fire JS mini Guys

What would you use this for if you're a Complete beginner you're not going to Use any of this code and stuff and then Image manipulation tools J PNG to jpeg page JPEG to webp all these Types of mini image manipulation tools Quite honestly and that's easy for me to Say which quite honestly you can get if You just go into and You've got them all on here look so you Don't need this software for that either So guys it's just a set of fancy tools On here and miscellaneous tools here Thumbnail downloader you can go in and Grab somebody's thumbnail why would you Want to do that I'm not quite sure and Then it had things like an image Optimizer QR code reader and then you're Into the unit converter tools and again If I look at unit converter tools just Quickly do this in Google Unit converter And there you go I got a unit converter Tool there So I'm not sure why you need this now the Only thing I can see the benefit of this Phone to me it's not worth the 17 on the Front page on the front is that all of These are in one place if for some Reason you wanted a collection of image Manipulation tools that's the only Positive I can see of this software I Can't see on this version where you can

Put any kind of and if I just press on I Don't know one of these meta tag Generators here and I put an URL in here That I don't see what the point of all The sharing stuff is If I can share that to Facebook that's All well and good but it's kind of a so What not quite sure what the point of That would be there's no way that I'm Going to utilize that as any form of Traffic so there's no traffic on here Whatsoever it's just a list of basically Tools now on Investigation when I go Into the admin area I looked at where is This coming from so I looked at the Resources and the pages and I looked at These here this built with 62 66 toolkit And this ultium code no basically you go Over the code Canyon and this is where It's coming from they bought this now They've bought the Enhanced license for this allowed them To sell it to other people and I come on To here the enhanced license is like 229 Dollars now When I read this it appears that they're Allowed to sell it to other people it Doesn't say anything about they're Allowed to pass on the rights to sell This for you to sell this or you to make Money off this software and just to show You if I look at the live preview this Is 350 web tools and basically you can Go on here guys on code Canyon and find

This Um the 66 toolkit and you can use a demo Version if you want to use this yourself For free so you don't have to buy Anything but basically you can go and so When I looked at the extended license it Appears that in their frequently asked Questions section that you can actually Sell this so it allows you to sell this To others but it doesn't allow them to Then sell it because their extended License is 229 and according to the otos That I've I've seen here they're Offering you that several times this Unlimited reseller For about 69 it says and nowhere on here Does it say that they're allowed to Offer you the ability to resell this To anybody else so I think there's a Problem here with the licensing so if You do buy this I would definitely come Along to invato Marketplace take a look At this 66 toolkit by Altium code and Just check on those licensing details I Don't want you to waste your money on Getting any kind of trouble If you start trying to resell this when You haven't got the license to In essence though you can get this to 33 On this Marketplace 10.50 for extended 12 month supports you get like 18 months Support for forty dollars on this actual Marketplace and then you get 325 web Tools so it's up to you guys but if you

Were going to buy this I'd buy it off Here I'd just spend the extra money and Come in here and get it from directly From the guy that actually built the Thing rather than so Middleman But again that's up to you this is where They've got it from this is it is Actually based on the 66 toolkit if you Come into the actual website settings And then look at the tools all I've done Is turned a lot of them off So you can literally turn these back on And off if you want to start utilizing These extra 300 100 odd tools that are On here look all of these have been Turned off So that's all we've done is they've Taken that they've probably got that Extended license and then they are Allowed to sell it to others but then The people they sell it to I can't see How they can sell it to other people as Well I don't think that's the way the License Works don't be wrong there guys I want you to do your due diligence so You don't get in trouble selling Software online that you're not supposed To be doing but even so I can't see how You do it I honestly can't see how you Then sell this on to other people unless They're providing something in those Otos now when I go back to the actual Sales page I'm going to flick down to a Number of things one

I want to look at this here they're Talking about Um making money off Using these types of tools on Fiverr and As a seller here I will come I will do PDF to Word handwriting to word convert Scan PDF to Excel and he's charging Around forty dollars to do it I tracked Him down he is a true seller and he is Charging that much so I just click on Here he is charging this much for a Premium service this is 20 to 50 pages So it's not quick to do but he is Charging this much the only thing I will Tell you is that this PDF to Word uh and This is the one that kind of calling out On the sales page a couple of times a PDF to Word pages to word PDF to Word Pages to word this software doesn't give You the ability to do this anywhere none Of those tools actually convert PDF to Word So this software is not really Applicable for this If you look at the list of tools on here None of these mention PDF to Word Anywhere so I'm not sure why that is an Example the other thing is when we Actually go down to the testimonials and People know that this is a bit of a Favorite of mine I'm going to click back To the audio Mojo which is their Previous product there is a testimonial By here Lana O'Neill and come back to

This testimonial here there's Lana O'Neill I'm a social media writer so I Always use different online tools and it Can be massive waste of time and money That's why tools Mojo is perfect for me And on this one she says I'm a social Media manager running accounts And then she talks about audio Mojo so Either she's got the same they've got The same people to actually comment on Their stuff all the time Because these are all the same folks That are commenting on this one as well So they're giving testimonies on both or As I suspect these are coming from this Site here which is called fake post generator And basically you build up a post here You can like the post all you do is use These various things on the menu here I Can start liking loving aha you see that Building up there and I can add my name Here Richard there you can add team Black belt there and then you can put Whatever you want in here and basically Just generate that image and that Becomes your Facebook post I suspect Guys very strongly that that is what They are doing because these are too Similar these don't look natural to me They look like they've been made by Those and I can't even see a site on Facebook for team black belt I've looked So draw your own conclusions I know what

I'm actually going to draw here now Let's just take a quick look at the otos Here and I'm telling my concerns about The licensing again so you're going to Get this one click affiliate tool site Apparently this is a big Niche free and Autopilot traffic I'm not sure how That's been generated at all there is no Such thing as free or autopilot traffic Guys it doesn't exist it's just Something that these marketers spear out But there's no actual thing that says Free or autopilot traffic there's always Going to be something that generates it But basically you're going to get all of This but then it says here in the Mojo Unlimited unlimited reseller license Go and have a look at that Extended license details and I don't Believe that that is true I don't Believe that they have the ability to Sell you an unlimited reseller license But even so that's Oto one which is 37 Then they just go on to a completely Different product here they're selling You something from a previous product Right so that's forty seven dollars is Tools Mojo done for you Not done why that's completely different Product so that's not anywhere Applicable it's only got this automation Which is 97 and outsources license No idea what that's supposed to be and Then the six figure trading which is 297

These are completely and utterly Different products again Instagram Traffic training they're just bundled up Products they're sticking on there and Then you have this backlink automation Backlinks uh completely useless Unless they're from Sources that are generated by Google That show you having quality backlinks And they might want to rank you if You're a Blog but if not this is going To do nothing for this tool whatsoever At 67 and then again you have this Reseller rates to tools Mojo So you're Allowed to sell this actual tools Mojo Product for 67 so that's your otos guys But in short honest to God I think this Is a complete waste of time unless you Want to buy it just for yourself to have Somewhere you've got a couple of these Little trinket tools that do things like Change images from one format to another Or tell you what Centigrade and Fahrenheit is unless you want that for 17 if you don't want that and you're Looking for this to actually make you Money then it's completely pointless and I would definitely move on guys or go Over to the code can you want and buy That for 33 straight from the seller Who's going to give you much better Support than these guys would that's my Opinion guys Up to you if you take it or leave it my

Name is Richard Darby this is school Nomads if you're new to the channel Before don't forget to hit that Subscribe and notification Bell and I'll Let you know whenever I've been using Your videos and guys if you're really Serious and you're struggling and you're Trying to figure out how to build a real Affiliate marketing business online go Ahead and check out the link in the Description below over to school Nomads I got some completely free training for You that'll get you started straight Away until next time guys take care [Music] Foreign

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