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Hey guys richard here so in this review I’m talking about tube pays now this is By sie adeliki and he’s due out on the 18th of july now guys this is a product That is promising a youtube like website That drives free buyer traffic in less Than 60 seconds we’ve heard all those Types of claims before but we’re going To jump in i’m going to show you exactly What it’s going to give you and then We’ll jump back to the sales page i want To point out a few things on the sales Page that you need to be aware of if you Decide to buy any products and services Of these types of vendors so guys if you Haven’t been over to my channel before My name is richard dabi this is school Of nomads if you’re interested in these Types of real honest reviews go ahead And hit that subscribe notification bell And i’ll let you know whenever i produce New videos and guys if you’re really Serious and you want to figure out how To build a business online with Affiliate marketing i got some Completely free training for you go Ahead and hit the link in the Description below over to school nomads And we’ll get you started straightaway So guys as i said this is tube pays Usual kind of claims on here apparently 54 beta testers have already generated 206 000 with this type of software let’s Jump in and see what we’re going to get

Now the first thing you’ll see is the Actual Dashboard here which says it’s got 3.95 Million videos on here There’s 29 total users and all in all They got 76 video views which is what i Actually expect from these types of Products the problem with these is You’re getting absolutely no traffic and No audience over to these sites unless You specifically share the link to the Site with somebody so basically if you Look at the total video likes is one This is what this dashboard is telling Me of course it’s all made up these Figures are not in any way dynamic They’re just stuck on here for some kind Of visibility what you’re actually going To be doing here is creating a site like This so we’ll just go over to manage Site uh very easy to create a site you Just it’s very quick but if i come over And just click on this This is a site that you’re gonna create Now you’ve got all these random videos That you can ask it to go ahead and Fetch from places like youtube and what They do do on here which is completely Against all of the youtube terms and Conditions is they’re basically you’re Stealing the video of somebody it’s not Checking whether this is creative Commons videos you’re basically just Asking it to steal it and bring it over

To this site which is not allowed you’re Allowed to share videos and you’re Allowed to embed them on your site but Still be linked back to youtube because Every time this is played the creator of The video will get that New watch time and they’ll get the extra Additional view if you go ahead and Start trying to steal these videos it’s Against creative terms of service and Basically guys somebody’s going to catch Up with you because i can view my videos Online and i can see what websites They’re going to turn up on and i can Start going after you so if you’re Really serious About this business and you want to be In it for any longer than a couple of Months go ahead and skip this type of Strategy because you’re going to get Caught out this is what they’re doing Here they’re basically stealing people’s Videos and that’s it basically the Saying that you can monetize this by Putting banners on here none of these Examples have got banners anywhere and Also you can get google ads on here and Use their adsense to monetize which You’re not gonna be able to get because They’ll take one look at this site Realize it’s just a sub domain of the Main domain here which is tube pays and They’re not gonna monetize it simple as That they’ll they’ll be trying to get

You closed down if anything they’re not Gonna monetize this so basically if i go Back into the admin panel let’s take a Look at one more you’re going to see This big picture on the back and then You’ve got these random links to these And they’re saying this is your youtube Type interface and that’s it guys There’s nothing else that this is Actually going to do for you now i can Go down and look at the videos Themselves i’ll show you what it does You can go and import from youtube for Instance and just put any kind of Keyword in here and i can either have a Public search or import from a channel i Can ask you how many to go and get Whether what category to go in manually Import or autoimport and then you can go Ahead and import as a username and then Just search and it will go off and find Those videos for me and i can tick on Which one of these i can import but You’re not allowed to import these guys They’re not creative commons videos They’re just random videos that somebody Has uploaded you’re not allowed to take These and start using them on your own Site it’s not even a thing so basically What i would do is i would put them on Here And you can import them to your site and It will go ahead and import them that’s All this is all about you can also go

Ahead and drag and drop your own videos On here so if you wanted to create a Site with your own videos but there’s so Many solutions out there you don’t need To use this type of software to do it And you can manage videos monetizing is As i said banners on sites you create Your own banner and you put it on the Site all the same you can use google’s You have to go off and sign up for an Adsense account use this which is going To need a lot of traffic anyway to make Money with google adsense but by the by They’re not going to allow you to do This two traffic methods one is the Classic social media traffic again the Only way you’ll ever get traffic over to Any of these sites is if you go ahead And share the link itself they’re never Going to attract any kind of organic Visitors you’re going to have to share This link but they give you this ad to Any link which you can go ahead and do Anyway just go to add to any comment you Can find this and a lot of these aren’t Even social media type sites to share Too you’ve got things like trello on Here and multiple others that to be Honest guys are just not where you’re Going to get any traffic from so Social media traffic will work if you’ve Got a big following if you haven’t got a Big following you’re literally showing It to nobody

If i come back there is another traffic Method which is a traffic maxima app That they give you now what you can do On here is create various types of posts And then share them different social Media platforms Like twitter tumblr vimeo reddit Telegram but again you got the same Issue if you’ve got no viewers on these Social media flat platforms it doesn’t Really matter what you’re sharing this Is all a very very flawed strategy and It’s aimed at people who Literally have no idea what they’re Doing and they’re going to end up Spending a lot of time faffing about With this trying to get a decent site up And running and to be honest guys you’re Just not going to be able to do it let’s Have a look at the tutorial see what the Tutorials like this overall tutorial you Can understand how to set up the account Itself and then how to drive traffic to Your tube pace site by sharing the link On twitter tumblr reddit vimeo just just Very very poor so that’s the actual Software itself if we just jump back Into the sales page what you’re going to Find here Is some completely false Testimonies again now warrior plus is Supposed to terms and conditions so You’re not allowed to falsify Testimonies but it’s easy to see because

All you need to do is click on these And look at the results of these images In google and they’re using the ai Created fake images that i to speak About a lot in my reviews Now you’re not telling me that they Can’t get people to put pictures to These because it’s just not going to Wash because i know that on their last Sales page the exact same thing was Happening on tv pays all i have to do is Flick down here and i know that all These guys are also false testimonies so They’re actually not being truthful with You when they say people are making any Kind of money with this not i’m not Going to be able to this site would have To be Up and running for absolutely months to Make this type of money and if i look at This the site was only registered About 10 days ago so i’m afraid guys This is nonsense these aren’t true the Financial claims aren’t true and quite Honestly you need to keep away from Anything by this vendor because they’re Just making up silly little strategies For you you’re going to spend a lot of Your time and money going through this And quite honestly i don’t think you’re Going to get anywhere so guys i will Leave the otos in the description below If you’re really interested in the Upsells this particular product but at

The end of the day i’m not going to Promote this or anything by these Vendors so guys my name is rishi darby This is school of nomads if you haven’t Been up to the channel before don’t get Hit that subscriber notification bell And i’ll let you know whenever i produce New videos and guys if you’re really Serious and you want to learn how to Build a business online with affiliate Marketing go ahead and hit the link in The description below over to school Nomads and you can get started straight Away until next time guys take care [Music]

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