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Hey guys Richard Taylor doing this Review I want to talk to you about Videos AI now this is a application by Outflow and the Blackbird team and it's Usually released on Saturday 15th of July now this is apparently a jack gpt4 Powered AI content and video creation Application allows you to do marketing Content ads 3D ads and converts in order To scroll stopping videos so we're going To have a look at this we're going to See exactly what this does produce and I'll also give you a few other tips if You stick around of various ways that You can do this without buying this Application and then we'll come back to The sales page I want to take you Through a couple of things on this sales Page you need to be aware of before you Buy any kind of products or Services of Vendors like these so just before we Start guys my name is Richard Derby this Is scroll Nomads if you're new to the Channel before don't forget to hit that Subscribe notification Bell and I'll let You know whenever I produce new videos And guys if you're really serious and You want to build a real business with Affiliate marketing go ahead and check Out the link in the description below Over to school Nomads I got some Completely free training for you there That will get you started straight away So guys let's jump straight in here

Basically the first thing you're going To have is this dashboard now this all Looks very pretty very plain but I've Seen a lot of these tools before so Clearly this isn't the first one of These powered by chat GPT it's basically Just one of thousands of Integrations With that application at the moment so You have this AI Video Creator here now Apparently it's going to go off and Search from various social medias you Can either import or you can upload Various images but all it's doing is Creating a very very simple video out of Images so if I put anything in here like Dog training it's going to go to Pinterest you can go to unsplashed Apparently Instagram account so it's Going to find me some images so let's Just say I want it to go to Pinterest Because I didn't actually make it work The last time and I want to get 10 Images and it's given me these so Basically it's gonna be a load of pins If I make a video of these pins now it's Just going to show me loads of random Pins it's not really going to make any Kind of sense so just before I do that I Want to go and check the end splashed Again and see if that works So it's not giving me any images from Unsplash which is a free image site Online so it should be giving me those Images and for some reason it's not

Connected if we go to Instagram doesn't Want to give me anything from Instagram Either so if I just go ahead and make a Video for the images that I have got I Can basically give it a size of video I Want Um how many time is the last routine Images and what the audio is And then I can just process and make a Video that's that's not very good Quality guys that's just taking random Images of a static site and making them Into some kind of video they're not Really going to be any good you can't do Any kind of editing on them so I'm not Really sure what quality these videos Actually are If I just go to some of the save videos That have been done here And show you there's no save video so I'm going to go back to AI Video Creator We have to do this again now let's just Do this again quickly I'm going to Attend images So I click around a minute or so to do And I download this video and I can see I've got to download this video before I Can do anything else with it And then I start it off and basically it Has created me a video But it's all of random pins so it Doesn't really make any kind of sense Let me just turn this down and keep Showing you

It's kind of it So it works but it's just not very good Quality This isn't doing anything else that you Can't get done on camera if you just Come over to and make a free Account come up to videos You can explain exactly what type of Video you want for what format up here YouTube videos you can have Instagram Reels Facebook videos mobile videos you Can just come onto Instagram reels it's Going to give you the size already There's your canvas to come along and Put videos on you just select various Videos And I can add a canvas here I can come down over here to Videos I can search on these videos Something like dog training again Come and select any of these videos Obviously I can select ones with various Sizes Plug that in Come over here plug another one in So I can do this on canva for free this Isn't AI isn't giving me any kind of Benefit here and also on this I can add All sorts of things like elements and Text and all of this stuff so camera is Going to be way better than using this Type of software and it's free on the Front end you can pay an extra 10 a Month to get a bit more options but

There's plenty on the front end for you To use the other thing is this ads Creator this ads created just creates Something either Facebook LinkedIn or Instagram so if I ask for a Facebook one When I used to say next it's basically Creating me some kind of Fake Facebook post where I can give it a Template name I can say number of Lights in and give Me a certain number of Lights it'll give Me a number of comments the number of Shares in the description and then it's Going to go ahead and generate the ad For me I'm gonna put an animation in here And that's it really it's just a funky Little ad maker now you might want to Buy it for this I don't see where you're Going to use this to be honest I'm not Really quite happy with the fact that Using this fake Facebook background I Think this is a little bit naughty and I'll show you why when I go back to the Front page so that's that that's the two Things there when you search an image in This application again dog training It's not doing anything clever All it's doing is going off to three Databases and finding images there's Nothing more you can't just get on Splash or multiple other websites so That's not doing anything extra if I Search a video on here

Again it's going off to those sites and You can just get you videos but go to Unsplash or any of those sites any free Video sites pixels any of them you can Do exactly the same thing Close search you for a video it's just Come back with a couple of options for Videos here which again you can download No one's telling you what to do with Them after that search vectors exactly The same thing Come over to a video template you can Download these various templates no One's really showing you what to do with Them next if you come into camera Remember those templates already exist On here So they're not needed you come to the Background remover on canva you've Actually got a background remover in any Of your images so if you put an image in Here Um you can go ahead and remove the Background that's pointless because You've got lots of tools like that on Canva you can use an image editor again Canva can do all this so you don't need The software and then you have this Video editor where you have to download Software to use as your video editor now If you wanted to use video in your Marketing you can either use cast Something like camera to generate for You or you can come over here and use

Something called screen pal I actually Put a different version of screenpad Here because I've got a version of this I use all the time and for three bucks a Month you can get a really really nicer Video editor which you'll pretty much do Anything you want it to so it's Unlimited recording full video editor Audio recording interactive video Storyboards automated captions and you Can just add more and more to this as You go along if you want to be a little Bit more this is what you want to be Using if you're serious about using Video as a marketing tool go to again and sign up for that So again I'm not really sure a point of This software actually is on the AI Content writer I've seen several of These softwares do the same thing they Give you hardly any content so if I ask It for some kind of search term like Golfing Made Easy there is no point in Using this tool in itself because if you Have to export it anyway just go Straight out to chat DPT and do it there You can get front end for free I Actually use the plus version because I Use this a lot for various other things But just use the chat TBT directly point And so in this So this is beyond me I'm not really sure Why you would buy videos AI to be honest Guys I don't think there's any need to

Buy it when it comes to the actual page Itself the reason I talked about those Facebook posts that I said were fake and I think it's a bit naughty when you come Down to here they have people that They're saying are commenting to their Site on Facebook I haven't seen this Page on Facebook for a start but they're Saying these people are leaving nice Comments about this particular software And getting likes of these people now You can come over to something called Fake Facebook and generate these it's a Code and you just Basically build these up you put your Name in here you can do it the amount of Likes you want you can put your message Here and you can basically build them Using this now I know it's in their own Software they've also got their own Version of this now so they don't even Need to use this they can just use their Own version then the reason I say that You might think it's a little bit unfair If I come over to their last couple of Products this is called Mojo audio dot AI see that title There Come down to here Rebecca Lee is a busy Woman I don't really have time too much Time for making money online come back To here Either as a busy mum I don't really have A lot of time for making money online

There's another one just to kind of show You dating get dating Mojo same thing Rebecca Lee as a busy mum and if you Just went through these these are the Same people not people same avatars if You like to say just being copied and Pasted and just slightly changing a Wording each time then I'm being honest With you people are not buying this or Making any kind of money off it it's a Toy it's a bit of software buy it if you Want to just play around it's not going To make you any money and basically you Got much better more robust tools using Canva using things like screen pal much More robust tools and you should use Them if you're serious about building a Real business online hope that's useful To you guys my name is Richard Darby This is called Nomads if you're Interested in these types of real honest Reviews don't forget to hit that Subscribe notification Bell and I'll let You know whenever I've been using new Videos and guys if you're serious if You're struggling if you're trying to Figure out how to build a real business With affiliate marketing ahead and check Out the link in the description below Over to school Nomads I've got some Completely free training for you there That'll get you started straight away Until next time guys take care Foreign

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