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Hey guys richard here so initially we’re Going to talk about 100k commission System this is by glenn koski and it was Actually out on the 3rd of august now This is a push button system that lets You clone their done-for-you digital Products business that makes them a Hundred thousand dollars per month now This is very very similar to a product They released called the product profit Creator and i will be referencing that a Bit later in the review when i go Through a couple of items on the sales Page you need to be aware of but we are Going to go to the dashboard i’ll show You inside here i’ll show what this is All about and you can make a more Informed decision before you decide to Buy any types of products and services From these types of vendors so guys if You haven’t noticed this channel before My name is richard darby this is the School of nomads if you’re interested in These types of honest reviews go ahead And hit that subscriber notification Bell and i’ll let you know whenever i’ve Been using your videos and guys if You’re really serious and you want to Build a real honest business online i’ve Got a completely free boot camp for you All you need to do is hit the link in The description below over to school of Nomads and we’ll get you started Straight away so guys i am going to come

Back to this but basically if you jump Into the dashboard what this is all About is making ebooks now this is a Very very simple ebook builder and then It adds that into a funnel that they’re Built all the glinkovsky products are Very very similar basically they’re just Funnel builders with a couple of things Added on so what you have here is a fast Track video series there is some Training in here and then you have the Ebook creator here which basically we’re Going to my library creates an ebook Like this now the one that i’ve shown is This digital product creator And if i just preview the ebook you see It’s just a very simple ebook you have Here Now there is way better ebook creators On the market you can get designer which Is here for 27 And i think that’s way better ebook Designer i’ll actually leave a link to This in the description below if you Want to go and check that out but Basically that’s what this product’s all About is building an ebook and putting It in a funnel now once you have built Your ebook and i’m not going to go Through that guys if you’re going to buy This you’ll actually have the training To build this basically you can build a Very very simple ebook and it goes into A funnel and what i’m going to give you

Here is this one here this product Funnel and what it is it’s just three Pages so if i go ahead and look at this It’s going to give me a squeeze page a Sales page and download page if you’ve Seen any of my glen koski reviews you’ll See that this is the same thing on Everyone so basically you have a squeeze Page here that people are going to come Across to and put their email address in Apparently and then you have a sales Page here and they’re going to come Through this sales page very very simple Sales page and pay you to actually buy That ebook you just created and then you Got a download url Which you send them and they’re going to Go through this and there’s Advertisements over to this product and Other products of theirs on that page so Basically once you have your ebook Created and you’ve got it in a nice Little funnel they also ask you to Create an autoresponder now this is so That anybody that actually enters their Email address into your squeeze page you Can also send very basic emails to them So what they’re going to do here is they Have an explanation video here and then I’m going to ask you to sign up for Aweber which is free on the front end You can also get a domain here And you can start adding your emails That they’re going to give you these

Email swipes the problem comes with These types of systems is when you try And get traffic now go over to this free Traffic area here And interesting it says free traffic System and then all of these are Supposed to be their free traffic Systems here If i just go through each one of these Each one of these at the end of the day Will cost you might be free on the front End but this one is all about solo ads Now solo ads are very problematic unless You’ve got a lot of money to burn on Solo ads they’re very hard to get a Return on investment especially if you Haven’t got a particularly robust Business where you’ve got lots of Products on the back end you’re actually Selling it is very much depending on the Type of solo ads they are the type of Traffic because people on solo ads list Get thousands of thousands of emails a Day and even for this product this is Gonna sell a couple of thousand products And they’re all gonna be signing up for This system and trying to advertise Exactly the same thing as you so That’s not really free state of the art Is another solo ads again you’re going To get a lot of Cost out of this when they start Actually going through the first few Free iterations of this and then you

Have to start getting charged and then They got some quite spammy things like This list joe Who are you actually targeting here what Is the demographic of these people You’re actually going to send your link To there’s no relationship with these People you’re just blindly emailing out Links So i don’t think these are great Actual sources of traffic for you There’s nothing again there’s nothing Really targeted here this herky list There’ll be thousands of people sticking On this herculist loads of links flying Around all the time who’s this actually For All their a spammy for me that’s my Opinion guys if you want to go ahead and Do this and jump into this free traffic Which is not really free because a lot Of it’s going to cost you money then you Can go ahead and do that now you have a Quick start guide here which is in quite A nice little fancy ebook generator They’ve done here And you have this quick start guide Which looks okay you have a checklist Here which again is a checklist that Takes you through exactly what you need To set up you have this case study which Should must be an upgrade because it’s Not allowing me to access the case study Which is very strange considering they

Want you to buy this why wouldn’t they Just show you the case study you have a Community group they’ve asked you to Actually join here when i go in and look To this community group 7 300 members on This group And there’s been no posts for the last Month it says no new post today 7 000 members No posts in the last month so that’s a Bit problematic that’s a completely dead Group to me why would i join that So that’s not so great and then i got Extra free traffic here this is where it Goes back into the usual free traffic They offer where he has this affiliate Traffic lab which is a really cheap Piece of software that allows you to Take sales pages and turn them into Videos with like two or three minutes Long and there’s no traffic gonna ever Go over to those videos i don’t have a Bunch of free traffic and traffic Training here none of this is that good If i look at this free traffic guide This is just a pdf you can get there Absolutely anywhere so the big issue Here especially if you’re a newbie is Trying to get traffic Over to this site that’s going to be Your biggest issue if you’re going to Use this you’ve got to use it for a very Long time start building up your traffic Have some blog or you have some kind of

Youtube channel that you put content on That’s giving value on a regular basis And getting traffic over to your squeeze Page and then you might start making Sales what you make sales of is Completely up to you guys i’m not Telling you that piece but just alone This software is not going to generate Traffic you’re going to have to go and Get that traffic it’s not push button in Any means you do have a dictionary here You’ve got some bonus videos you’ve got Some upgrades here so basically that’s What it’s all about so it’s an ebook Maker and you’ve got this product launch Funnel that you can use if you get a Done-for-you upgrade you can have a Library and some more products in here On the library and they’re all going to Be warrior plus type products So that’s the actual software itself if I go back to the sales page this is Where i think some of this stuff really Falls down if i just look at some of the Testimonials and a lot of testimonials On here i’ve noticed a video Testimonials but they’re not actually Talking about the product they’re just Talking about glenn so they must have Some kind of membership with him where He’s asked them to do testimonials but You’re not sure of what actual software They’re talking about they don’t talk About this software in in particular now

This software is reasonably new because I know just by looking at whose is it That it’s only actually been live for Less than a month if i just come down to These testimonials at the bottom here so These are testimonials from ian ross uh Anthony martial Uh jennifer rooney actually martial is One of the people who did one of the Live live videos at the top if i read What these actually say When i go over to the other products i Mentioned earlier which is a profit Product creator you can actually see That in the menu bar there and i look at These testimonials these are completely Different people marshall kane bernie Armstrong cindy trackford this is a While ago now you’ll see that these are The same so look at the first product i Created in this app generated 518 cells And built my list over a thousand and Brand new fresh buyer leads and i go Back to this page it says the first Product i created with a system Generated 582 in sales and built over About my list over a thousand with brand New fresh buyer leads so that’s Completely made up right that’s not been Anthony martial’s that was two years ago And that’s just completely copied and Pasted over to this page completely Different person Same as this one from ian ross again i’m

Not saying he rosted this but i’d like To report my results with profit product Create it took me around two minutes to Get my first product created and by the Way if you either use their ebook and You actually do it properly it’s going To take longer than that but i came over I’d like to report my results with a 100k commission system took me around Two minutes to get my first product Created so you can see i hope why i Don’t trust these types of vendors if You’re willing to just completely lie About testimonials how on earth could i Care about any of the financial proof on Here and by the way that’s all their Financial proof that they make money off And they make money not by creating E-books they make money by creating Software and regurgitating it and Selling it over and over and over again Support unsuspecting people on warrior Plus that’s how these guys make their Money nothing to do with ebooks nothing To do with this product it’s all about Regurgitating software because they’ve Launched new software every single month That’s why i don’t really like this even Though At the end of the day it works i’ll Probably give it about three four out of Ten because it does work but the fact That they are quite willing to be so Dishonest on sales pages and just make

Up testimonials for the product where You don’t really need to if it works Okay it means that i’m not really going To recommend this in any way i will give You the otos in the description below go Check them out but i hope that was a Value to you guys my name is richard Darby this is the school of nomads if You haven’t been over the channel before Don’t forget to hit that subscribe Button notification bell and i’ll let You know whenever i produce new videos And guys if you’re really serious and You want to build a business online with Affiliate marketing go ahead and check Out the link in the description below Over to the school of nomads i’ve got a Completely free affiliate bootcamp for You there that you can get started with Straight away until next time guys take Care [Music] You

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