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Hey guys Richard here so in this video I Want to give you a step-by-step guide That's going to show you as a complete Beginner how you would set up an Affiliate Business Online I'm going to Show you step by- step how to do it I'm Also going to dig into a little bit more About the initial part you need to do on The research of what you're going to be Actually talking about online what Niche You're going to be in what topic you're Going to be in that you can actually Find products in and then you can get Commissions off other folks if they buy Those products through you that's the Piece that a lot of people get stuck on Not so much the the rest of it it's that Initial piece they say I've got no idea What to talk about or they go for Something a little bit too broad so We're going to talk about all that so if You haven't been to the channel before This is the school of Nomads I have been Affiliate marketing for about three or Four years and basically I set up a Business online called the school of Nomads that teaches others how to do it As well as reviewing lots of different Types of products if you're interested In that go and hit that subscribe button And I can tell you whenever I do new Videos and we also do training courses And one of the training courses is going To give you a stepbystep guide of how

You do it click for click setting up a Business if you're interested in doing That we got some free introductory Training that you can see in the link in The description below to the school Nomads go and click that and then you'll Start so basically what we're going to Do here we're going to go through this Process that I've got in front of me Here so we got uh a choosing a Nicha Topic this is what you're actually going To be setting your business around Online what is the topic you want to Build a business around is it something In the health Niche are you interested In bodybuilding do you do knitting it Does not matter you just figure out what Topic it is you're interested in and Then you would really look into diving Into that topic a little bit more you Looked at within my particular Niche Let's say health because it's an easier Example I could be talking about food I Could be talking about exercise I could Be talking about mental health there's Lots of different ways I can go so Figure out first what aspect of that Particular topic you're going to talk About so let's just talk about usual Stuff like food right I want to talk About food well there's lots of Different health food out there isn't There lots of different diets and all of That kind of good stuff so let's talk

About things like like the keto diet and Let's dig into the keto diet a little Bit more but then even that's going to Be too broad cuz the keto diet there's So many keto diet stuffs about stuff About so what what if I looked at a keto Diet for over 50s like me is there some Way that I can have a topic around keto Diet for people over 50s and then really Really funnel in I can even say male or Female as well I can even funnel in like That and then you have your topic around That particular part of the the niche Right that very funnel in keto diet for Over 50s men and that's what you write Your content about and that's the kind Of products you search for that those People would be interested in the reason You do that is that you're minimizing The amount of other people that are Going to be in that Niche and then all Your job is is to get that content as Good as possible to those folks and then You'll start making those sales on a Regular basis it isn't as hard as you Think it is as long as you get started You stick with it so that's all about That Niche now you can find some Products so you can go on Google now and Find keto productss I can put keto Affiliate programs and there'll be Literally hundreds of them on Google so You go ahead and you get you search for Some affiliate products you do some

Research on them are you going to do Reviews on those products are you just Going to try and do some content around Them so you can advertise them you need That's where you can find your your Products is through search engines like Google then you decide what type of Content you're going to use so you you You can use video you can use blogging You can use things like Tik Tok you can Use things like Instagram and depending On the niche that you pick certain Things are easier to do than others if I Find it easier to write about things Blogging is excellent because things get Ranked in Google for a long time and all You need to do is write those blogs put Some images in and people through SEO Will come over to that blog again you Don't have to start that hard as long as You're funneled in on the topic you want To talk about people will come on and They will actually read your articles if It's something that suits videos you Might do something down the gym that you Can do a lot of exercises in front of People and it suits video then YouTube Is probably a great way to go you know So there's certain ways that you can Kind of look at this and think figure Out what traffic source is best for me Tik Tock always fine because it's a very Very quick platform things that are like Makeup and stuff like that they work

Really well on those types of platforms It's very quick it's not you can't do Much instructional stuff on there Because it's very very quick videos so Basically it's something that's kind of Fast and you can show something like an Image or something really quickly and Then Instagram is obviously pictures so It's great for things like food and Things that you can actually display so All depends what type of content you Want to produce you produce the content So that within that content you can Advertise the products and services that You have as an affiliate that you want To advertise to others that's the idea You don't have to advertise them Directly you can do a how-to be uh cook A certain type of meal for a keto um Diet of for people over 50 and then then You can do a whole blog based on how to Do that meal and in there somewhere you Can link to a recipe where you get paid If they buy the recipe book that's the Kind of idea here once you have that Content you put links within that Content and you can basically get people To click those links they'll come over To the affiliate product whether it's a Course or it's a physical product or It's some kind of software and basically That's one you get credited to sale if They purchase you go ahead and make the Money that's how the whole system works

But I just want to do one um thing here With chat GPT to help you at this first Piece cuz I know a lot of people kind of Fall over with the first piece around How do I choose a niche and a topic so Let's stick with the the kind of diet Food type and thing just to just to Bring it down a little bit I can ask it What kind of topics within diet food Niche I could talk about so I've Actually just stopped it there because It was it was going to take a long time Basically what she said is this the the Diet Niche is vast and offers a plethora Of topics to discuss here are some poti Cal topics so it's talked about types of Diet he talked about like keto Mediterranean plant-based then he's Talked about diet restrictions now these Are all like different topics you can Talk about but your topic remember is This and we're going to dig into one of These it's not this overall because if My overall business talks about types of Diets it's going to be very difficult to Get an audience initially to start Funneling in and getting the right kind Of um content for them you're going to Be under a lot of competition if you Just talk about the types of diets right So you need to dig in this is the way That you can have actually um carve out Your own part of that Niche so there's All these different types of diets then

You got dietary rest structions loader Lists Super Foods and their benefits Dietary supplements meal planning and Prep weight loss versus Nutritional Health mindful eating impact of diet of Chronic diseases Eating Disorders Cultural and ethical diets diet Fitness Diet mental health sustainab eating and Then I had to stop because it's going to Go so so wild with different types of um Examples Let's stick to this so I'm going to ask It now under that what sub niches I Could look for under this and again I've I've stopped it again because there so Many options here so what I've done is I've gone from the keto diet benefits And challenges and I've said what sub Niches can I talk about under that and He's giv me keto diet Basics he's giving Me types of Keto diets so basically Different types uh keto diet for Specific populations this is where the Senior one came in look keto for seniors Keto diet for weight loss keto recipes And cooking challenges and side effects Keto diet and medical conditions and you Can go on so if I wanted to pick say Just one of these again I'm going to dig Into this one and you can see in between Me talking this has only taken a couple Of minutes to do so already I found a Niche and I'm I'm drilling down into That Niche to figure out what I can talk

About and again I stop generating me Because it's going to go on forever but Basically it's giving me all these Topics so this could be literally a blog Or a YouTube channel or a series of Posts on a social media these could be Lots of different ways that you could Advertise this and basically all of your Topics are here so understanding keto Basics for seniors an introduction to The keto diet tailored for seniors so I Could take this and if I go back to my Diagram here when I talk about videos And blogs what kind of content would I Actually produce and go back to here now And I can ask it for an outline for a Blog and you can see here again it's You'll do the whole blog for me but I've Got a Blog title an introduction of keto Diet for seniors an introduction an Overview importance of dietry Considerations objective for the blog Post and then got chapter one what is a Keto diet chapter two why consider keto As a senior and chapter three Nutritional needs for seniors on keto That's already given me the outline for The blog and you can go ahead and write That now you need to do that a lot so You need to have a lot of content on Your blog obviously you need to start Building up that content so Google Recognizes it and starts ranking these But you can see it didn't take me long

To go from overall health and talk about Keto to actually digging into the senior Side of Keto and then digging down into What I could write I could also ask it For things like the YouTube scripts and Things like that if I wanted to go on YouTube and talk about it on YouTube or Build some PowerPoint slides and talk About the PowerPoint slides if I didn't Want to be on camera there's lots of Ways you can do this so we talked about Our content and we have some um ways That we can play be able some material Up to do like a blog or a video or maybe Even Tik toks depends what the topic is But basically the next thing we need to Do is we're going to talk about the Affiliate product so let's talk let's Just go on Google and look for keto Affiliate progress and it's come up the Very first thing 18 best keto affiliate Programs and then there's an article Here that's going to give me all of These different let's just turn this off He wants my number my email address and Basically an article here that gives me All of these different resources here Keto breads keto Mo Mojo keto bars keto And Company magic spoon all of these Different keto companies so you can just Do your research and you can keep Looking through here um 15 best keto Programs is the keto di say for older People that's interesting one there on

Kora that that would be great for some Research for you Etc so you can see that There's going to be lots of different Resources on here that you can dig into Keto programs now the idea would be if The just talking about this topic if you Can write an article around some kind of Uh good food that people of seniors can Actually go ahead and eat you could Recommend some foods in that article Through links if people go through those Links and you're signed up for these Affiliate programs then you get a Commission that's the way that it works The trick is to get all of the content Very very focused all of these videos And blogs and Tik toks and Instagrams Focused on a smaller part of that Niche So many people come online and they try And go too broad and too quickly and Nobody really knows what the topic is They're trying to talk about because one Minute they're talking about one thing And one minute they talk about another The only sites that do that online are The massive sites that have been going For many many years that have certain Sections that concentrate on certain Types of niches as you as a beginner if You're a complete beginner focus in so How that's useful to you guys just a Quick Whistle Stop tour of what it takes To build a real business online and and How you can actually research the type

Of topics you can start with now if you Want to get this Click by click if you Want somebody to show you how to do this Every single step of the way hit the Link in the description below there is a Product there that literally starts at $1 that shows you this whole thing click For click and how to build it you can go Ahead and start that click the link in The description below if you find this Type of video valuable go ahead and hit The Subscribe and notification Bell and I'll let you know whenever I produce new Videos until until next time guys take [Music] Care

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