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If you're interested in building a Business in 2024 stick around I want to Show you something really cool now this Is a full training course it's going to Take you through every aspect to Building business from picking a topic Picking a niche to actually go ahead and Building websites getting traffic over To those websites then earning money Whether it's from your own products or It's from actually promoting other People's products and services if that's Something that really interests you Stick around I'm going to show you Something that is literally going to Change everything for you in 2024 now The reason I say that is because this is The training that I first used to get Started online and I've got a full-time Business online now based on this Training and it is so cheap at the Moment it is unreal and I'm going to Jump in so we're going to jump into the Actual training here and if you look at The the front page here basically this Is all about starting a real business Online so this isn't some kind of side Hustle this is something that's going to Take some work to actually set up but Once you do you'll have a proper Sustainable business there because you Have a really good foundation so this is A for serious people only right this Isn't for people just want to take

Shortcuts this is for serious people so Basically guys you're going to jump in Here and everything I'm going to show You now is basically $1 so just get that Out of the way first of all because I Think um you're not going to believe the Value you're going to get in here for $1 Right so basically you're going to jump Inside and you're going to have this Community Feed to start with now this Community Feed is going to be very Useful to you because it's like-minded People that have also bought this course And actually going through the training And there's so many people engaging all The time here that you're going to have A real good resource to help you so That's just the kind of background of The community itself now when you get Inside the course you're going to have All of these different modules now There's over 9 hours of training in here There's multiple modules some of them up To 5 minutes some of them up to 15 Minutes long and basically it takes you Every single aspect that you're going to Know about building a business so first Thing that the actual Creator Philip Baran does is he takes you through some Of the foundations of what this training Is all about so there's a few modules Here that took you through you know how You can actually make money with the Training um how you can actually build a

Passive income from the training etc etc And it's basically going to take you and Give you a good foundation to the Training and then we get into the actual Me of this training you're going to get Into the action plan now this action Plan is set up so that you do one lesson At a time you complete that lesson and Then go on to the next one it's not Designed for people who want to skip Ahead because you're going to miss lots And lots of things so basically go Through this one lesson at a time the Success blueprint is all about lots of Different things that people at first Come on line are going to struggle with With various questions so it's things Like how long does it take to make money Online um how to actually build that Business online that's is sustainable How you can actually keep motivated how You can actually get over impostor Syndrome all of these types of Fundamental lessons are within this Success blueprint and then you get into The actual creation of your business Yourself so what is the topic that You're going to talk about in your Business are you going to talk about Health you're going to talk about wealth You're going to talk about something Completely different this is where You're actually going to pick what that Niche is now when I jump in here you'll

See there's lots of different um topics Here this is going to be something Around U micro niches explained dun few Niches are going to be given to you There's going to be a list here for you Forget about keyword research AI Lightning Fast Niche exploration what if I choose the wrong Niche the fallacy of Failure all of these types of topics are Going to be discussed here now the Reason this is so good is that he's very Good at taking things through everything Step by step and I've known philli now For it's got to be 3 to four years and He's very very to the point very honest And very very good at coaching it takes You through everything step by step and You cannot go wrong as long as you're Not going to skip so this is all about The niches and you got similar type of Detail on each of the other topics so we Just go back into the action plan you're Going to see this is based over seven Main topics the next one is a rock solid Foundation so you're going to start Building a website you're going to Choose a domain name you're going to get Co hosting you're going to build a Website then you're going to have a Choosing your path to success so this is Interesting I go down the YouTube route Some people went down the blogging route There's various ways that you can Actually build out your business and

This is where you're actually going to Choose that and it takes you through the Pros and cons of each and it teaches you Some of the ways that you can get Started with whatever one you choose and From then on it's all about actually Creating a business around that path so The next one is conversed optimized Deployment it's all about how you Actually start building your website a Little bit more and how you get some of The conversion Tools in place how you Build an irresistible lead magnet this Is interesting because again you can Have a free offer completely free offer That you give to people they come onto Your list and you can actually promote Goods and services to those people it's Just one way that you can actually start Building an audience up and it teaches You how to actually develop a lead Magnet here and he also gives you a few Examples next one is email marketing Again everything's in the list as usual Uh if you got a good email list you can Make a lot of money off that so how do You actually go about building up an Email email marketing funnel and how do You actually start getting people into Your list and actually start promoting To them and next last is the uh the time Time to launch so this is putting it all Together and bringing everything in so You can actually start launching your

Business online now by this the end of This you will actually have a business That you can go ahead and start using Now that's a dollar everything I told You there is a dollar over N9 hours of Training absolutely click for click you Can't go wrong as long as you follow Along there is initial Investments if You want to go ahead and do this because Obviously you got to get a domain name You got to get web hosting all of those Things are fundamental to absolutely Anybody coming online but once you've Got those this is a way that you can Build a real sustainable business so if You want to jump in there is a link in My description below it is literally $1 Guys you can come in here go through This program you don't have to get Anything else to get started go through This program and you can basically go Ahead and start building your business In [Music] 2024

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