Affiliate marketing for beginners – Taking the right approach

My approach to affiliate marketing is Slightly different to a lot of people You see on here a lot of people on here Are trying to get you to buy a certain Course and then learn how to sell that Course to others and then you make a Commission based on that that's not my Approach at all my Approach is more Focused on have you got a hobby have you Got a skill have you got something that You do on a regular basis that you can Show others and then you can recommend Products and services or you can Actually build your own products and Services around that particular skill And then sell that it could be a digital Product could be whatever but then you Sell that product and service to those People it's a different completely Different business plan the problem with The first approach is I see a lot of People are kind of making up their Earnings to try and get other people to Buy that course and pretend they're Making a certain amount of money which To me is a really bullshitty way to act Online right I will never claim to you I Earn anything online because the the Niche that you go into will be different From the niche I'm into so it has got Absolutely no relation I could ceremony And

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