180 Challenge Week 3 – $100 per Day Affiliate Marketing Business Unveiling My First YouTube Content

Hey guys welcome to week three of the 180 day challenge now if you want to Build a real affiliate marketing Business online this is where I'm going To show you exactly how I'm doing it Over the next 180 days now this is week Three I've already done a couple of These videos already showing you some Progress around how I actually came up With this idea in the first place how I Understand the niche that I want to go Into and build a business around and Then starting to set the foundations of That particular Niche so if you haven't Seen those videos I urge you to go and Watch the playlist I'll give a link in The description below go and watch those Videos so this one makes sense because Each week I'm going to be building on What I've been doing the previous week And letting you know a little bit more About the type of work I've been doing Now the reason I wanted to make these Kind of Challenge and meet these videos Is because if you're trying to start a Business online there's a lot of noise Out there and a lot of people are trying To sell you kind of get rich quick type Schemes and things that plainly don't Work and I want to show you something That is working because I've already Done it once with the channel that You're on now and I want to do it on a Slightly different topic or although it

Still kind of reviews which I'm very Used to doing but I want to do on a Slightly different topic and show you That this can be done over and over Again as long as you stick to it and you Follow kind of some fundamental Principles okay so what we're going to Do we're going to have a quick look at What I've been doing this week Um basically if you look at my channel This software Um I'll again I'll put the link in the Description below so you can maybe come Along and follow this you can see videos As they come on I've posted my first Content on here so you'll see there's a Couple of reviews that I've done Um to kind of get the content rolling on Here now what I'm not doing at this Stage and and I know this is a really Hard thing for some people to kind of Get their head down is I'm not really Bothered about what views this content Gets right the idea is just to start That content rolling and then in two Three months time I start worrying about The kind of optimizing the video so they Get more and more views at the moment's About getting that content in here so That YouTube itself understands exactly What this channel is all about now this Channel is about kind of business Software reviews and so it can cover Anything like productivity software but

Also other types of software that you Can use for social media Etc so I've got A nice scope there that I can go after But again I don't want to kind of go After and think about the views straight Away the views will come but they're Going to be static for a while and I Know that because that what that's what Happened to my first channel and and That channel has now got like 9 000 Subscribers So I know that that's going to come and I'm not really worried about that but The content is on here so one is around A product that I found on appsuma and I Thought it'd be cool a Blog assistant uh They do kind of AI blogs Um and another one just about kind of an Appsuma review overall just to show People where they can go and get um some Uh some software and then get a lot of Discount on that software so that's my First couple of videos on here I am Planning another one very soon the idea Is to make at least one video for this Every single week if not more if I get Chance but at least one video for this The other thing I've been doing is I've Actually been following uh Philip Barrymore's uh taking action online so I've been following this training here Now inside there's very very detailed Explanation of exactly how you go about And build a business online and it gives

You every single step that you need to Actually go ahead and do which is why These videos aren't really click for Click all the click for click stuff is Within taking action online is that what I'm following Um and what I've done basically I've Done a niche simplicity and I've been Spending a lot of time on this Rock Solid foundations piece here now this is All about building up your actual Website and building a website where you Have the right kind of pages on there And it's optimized correctly for Google And you actually submitted it to Google As a property kind of quite some of it Quite tricky stuff but because I follow This training it's quite easy to do Because you're doing click for click and You're just basically following Philip Along so what I've been doing here is I've been building up my website now You'll see here it's still very very Um kind of uh simple so the website has Got a privacy policy now on it we've got Terms and conditions on there we've got An about me page I give a little bit of Speed about me and then I have a nice Picture there and we have our affiliate Disclosure which you do need is you want To be an affiliate marketer all these Pages you need on your website okay then You have a contact us page and this is Just a way to contact me a disclaimer

Page Um which is again very very important if You want to get and sell things to People online especially doing things Like reviews the affiliate disclosure And the disclaimer page are very Important right and to make sure you Don't get stuck in any kind of legal Issue and basically it just says that I'm giving us my opinion in the most Accurate way possible and on the Affiliate disclosure page I'm basically Just saying I'm an affiliate and I'm Going to get paid if you go ahead and Hit one of my links that happens to be An affiliate link that's all it is right You're being upfront with people and Google wants to see these when they're Ranking your website if you decide to go Down the blogging route for your content You definitely need to have these Because Google uses as a ranking factor To make sure that your website is Legitimate right for me I'm going to use It more as a landing page for the YouTube site to start with and I might Actually start putting reviews on here Down the line I might start doing Written reviews of products as well not Initially because I don't want to do Written and video at the same time Because again you complicate things and You want to just get the content out There it won't format build up a nice

Little library of content and then move Over to say blog in link later on or Vice versa right depending which one you Choose and if you come back to the Actual training itself the training Actually has a section if we'll look on Here about choosing that path of success And kind of the plus and minuses of each Type of method right now the videos I do In my channel I do want to kind of Stress this again I'm not going to be on Camera for any of those videos the Reason I'm doing that is because I want To show people that they don't have to Be on camera if they go down the YouTube Route because I know that's a big deal With a lot of people they don't want to Be on camera and they're nervous about It or you know it takes a lot more Editing sometimes to get the right um to Get the right content out there I'm a Little bit more used to it now I'm not Bothered if I drip over my words because I'm trying to be as natural as possible But I know a lot of people Um are kind of worried about that piece So I'm not on camera for that and I'm Not going to be on camera for any of Those videos I want to show the traffic And the way that builds up without being On camera first I'm on camera enough on This channel so yes that's where I am This week now the what I'm doing to Track all of this is actually in taking

Action online Um there is a progress tracker that you Can use to kind of tick as you go along Right and just to see exactly where you Are so basically I've done all the daily Accountability stuff that's the kind of Reminder each day while you're doing This uh the fast track bootcamp is um is An overall explanation of what taking Action online actually is and the niche Simplicity is about picking your Niche I've actually in my video there I've Shown you how to use chat GPT to do that And kind of get a lot of information About that niche in the business and Rockstar Foundation is actually what I'm Working on now building that website out Building the core pages in that kind of Good stuff and the choosing a path of Success I'd already picked earlier on YouTube Um again because it's easier for me Because I'm used to doing YouTube so I Want to go down that and the next thing I'll be working on is this so there's a Little bit more work to do on that Website it's just so it's still very raw There's no real headers and Footers all Of that kind of stuff the menus aren't Existing so I want to kind of build that Up a little bit and I'll do that in Conjunction with doing the content on The YouTube channel that's going to be My primary focus is making sure should I

Do videos for that and then in the Background because I'm not overly using The website at the moment I'll build That up and I'll kind of show you that So that's where I am this week guys just A progress check what I want to do Really is um is show you on the next Video kind of how I do one of these Reviews so it might be interesting to You if you want to go down that Niche Um or that kind of way of doing your Videos you might want to do reviews I'm Going to show you how I do a little bit Of research on these videos so that you Can understand what you need to do if You want to go down this review of Reviewing products and services in Whatever Niche you have it can be Whatever Niche you have okay so that's Where I am today make sure you go ahead And hit that subscribe notification Bell I'll let you know whenever I actually go Ahead and post another one of these Videos to the playlist make sure you're Following that playlist there's going to Be lots of good content on there from my Experience I'm not going to get Everything right and we can kind of go Through that as I go through each of These stages I'll tell you exactly the Kind of pluses and minuses of what I'm Doing and some of the struggles Especially things like traffic it's Always a bit irritant when you're not

Getting people watching your videos Trying to keep and not focus on that It's going to be a big primary thing When you're first starting out okay guys So yeah follow everything you'll see all The links in the description below until Next time take care Foreign

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