Honesty is the key to Affiliate Marketing Success

Let's talk about selling online and and The main thing that you need to be um if You're into affiliate marketing Especially this is really really Critical for you um you need to be Honest with people online you you can't Just go around pretending you you make An absolute Fortune uh and spout me Thousands of dollars and saying you're Earning all of this when selling certain Courses when you're not if you are crack On I hope you can prove it to people but If you're not you can't do that the Reason is if you do that once and people Realize that you con them they'll never Come back to you and things like Affiliate marketing there need to be Something you build up a customer base On and you can sell to them again and Again and again because the ideal way is You build up a customer base through Email list and then when new products And services in the the same Niche you Sold the previous one come along you can Then recommend them and that's the way That you earn money on an ongoing basis So you've got to be honest if you're not Willing to be honest you carry on you're Going to make a few bucks initially but It isn't going to last long honesty and Integrity is the only way you get ahead In

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