180-Day Challenge Week 4 – Building A $100 per Day Affiliate Marketing Business

Hey guys Richard here so welcome to week Four of the 180 day challenge which is Where I build a real affiliate marketing Business week by week and you can come Along and see exactly how I'm building Out this business this is a real honest Affiliate marketing business there's no Kind of gadgets here no kind of silly Software to drive traffic this is a real Honest way that you can actually build a Business yourself so if you haven't been Over to any of this playlist before Start from the beginning go through the Playlist because each week I've gone Through various things about how I pick My Niche and understand what I'm going To do for the business Um I actually show you how to do that Using chat GPT then you can come along And see how much you start to build out My website and this week is more about How she's starting to build out the Content for the website and then figure Out how I'm actually going to drive Traffic to affiliate offers now Basically what I'm doing is I'm Following this action plan you'll see a Link in the description below jump over To this action plan and you can start Having a look at this and see for Yourself how much detail this action Plan is that you can go ahead and follow This is taking action online I and click For click to show you every single thing

You need to know to tell you how to Build a real business online whether it Be blogging whether it be YouTube Whether it be social media everything is Included in here so basically what I've Done is I've gone through all of these Modules so far which is pretty much how To pick your Niche Um how to actually start building your Website and all of the various things You need to do there there's a lot of Complex things that he shows you in here That quite honestly if I was left to do It myself I wouldn't know really really Good training here choose your practice Success I'm using YouTube primarily but I have been kind of looking at blogging At the moment as well which is why There's a little bit of a gap between This in the last video because I've been Looking at various things as far as Blogging is concerned how to understand How I'm actually going to have um my Optimized conversion so a little bit More information around the website and Then what I'm going to use for a lead Magnet which is something I'm still to Do so basically this is the trading I've Been going through once you're finished This training there's also the marketing Academy which I'm going to start taking You through in future videos which is a Lot more detail about how you can start Monetizing and really making big strides

In your business so this is the training I'm actually doing I'm keeping myself Accountable using this this action plan Uh progress tracker so you see all of The things I'm ticking on here is what I've done so far and the idea this week Is just to kind of show you an update of Where I am basically so just in summary This is what I'm trying to do with the Business Um I'm going to use appsumo as the main Source of products I'm actually going to Earn commissions on if you haven't heard Of that Sumo look at this channel you'll See a video in there explain what appsum Is all about it's where a lot of Software gets put on there and you can Get big discounts Lifetime discos on Appsuma but you can also be an affiliate For those products so what I'm going to Do is I'm actually going to pick Products in that Sumo and I'm going to Do one or two things I'm going to do Some YouTube videos on them depending if I can do a quick YouTube video to Explain what that product is and I'm Also going to do in some cases a Blog on Them so I have some software I'm using To generate a Blog that I can actually Use to as a foundation to actually build Out our blog and make it into a really Nice review and I've started to kind of Play around with that over the last Couple of weeks so this is the kind of

Way I'm going to drive traffic and the Idea through these YouTube views and Through these blogs they're going to Come through my affiliate links backdrop Sumo purchase and the great thing about App servers is once they do purchase They kind of get cookied or anything They purchase in the future you also get A little bit of commission on that so That's the way that I'm actually going To make money with this so what I've Done so far is I've got other YouTube Channel you'll see a couple of videos Here there is more that I've actually Done that are in draft at the moment I'm Ready to edit unless you put on here so Next time you watch this there'll be a Few more videos in here and the second Thing I've done is I've actually built Out the site now the site was very very Plain in the last video and what I've Actually done is built out the menus Added a few logos you'll see menus top And bottom here of all of my various Pages that you need to have which is why That training is so invaluable because It shows you how to actually build this Site and then I built a couple of blogs Out so one is for a product called click Up I remember my Niche if you haven't Watched the previous videos is around Business software hence the biz software Reviews title it's around more business Easy type software so this is a a

Productivity type team application where You can have lots of different team Applications in here and basically I've Done a review of that and put that up There and then you'll see that I've also Done one of a appsuma product called Tidy Cal which is a calendar which you Can have all your different calendars Will come into one interface and you can Make bookings and you can actually Handle your day-to-day activity from One Calendar again what I've been doing over The last couple of weeks is figuring out How I can format this nicely and then Once I've got this now all I need to do Is copy and paste this over for the next Actual post that I do which is funny Enough I'm in the middle of actually Doing now I've got a rough copy of it Here and I can actually just generate Blog posts and I've already noticed that Some of these are starting to rank right This all takes time and so I'm not Expecting any kind of traffic or sales Off these yet any kind of substantial Ones although I know I'm getting some Clicks on this because I can see in my Affiliate reports so I'm getting clicks But it's all about building up that Content to start with now basically These are very simple very very simple Reviews all I'm doing is telling people About the product nothing too in-depth There I just tell them how good it is

What you can do with it the features the Prices and then you actually post that And over time that'll Rank and you might Start getting some sales off it so the Idea is over the next couple of weeks I'm actually just going to continue to Build up this content so the next time You see this there'll be more reviews on Here there'll be more videos on here I'm Just going to concentrate on the content To start with over time I can make that Website look much nicer at the moment It's very very plain I've only got very Very plain pieces here the about me Pages and the contact Pages there's not Much to them and I've not really got Anything to actually give to people at The moment as far as a lead magnet to Kind of build up my business by Collecting email addresses as well all Of that is to come so if you're Interested in that go ahead and watch The videos after this subscribe to this Playlist because you'll see how over Time start building this all up my other Channel school is no matter what you're On now I've got 9 000 subscribers I've Got about 3 000 email subscribers I take Some off occasionally I make good money Off that channel I know this is going to Work it's just going to take a bit of Time to build up which is why a lot of People are quick to be honest a lot of People decided they don't want to spend

This much time building content when you Don't get the instant money but the idea Is guys you're supposed to be able to Build up this content over time start Looking at your stats adjust and then You'll start seeing those commissions Come in so that's the update for this Week guys it's all about building out That content ignore any of the stats the Traffic the commissions all I want to do Is start bringing some value and then Once I bring that value and people start Reading that content on a regular basis You will start seeing I will get some Commissions and then I'll show you once I do if you're interested in building a Business like this hit the link in the Description below over to school Nomads You'll see this completely free trading For you they'll take you through taking Action online and that's really going to Help you build a real business online Because there's so much detail in there It's really easy to follow and I urge You if you're really serious and you Want to build an honest business go Ahead and check out take an action Online until next time guys take care [Music] Foreign [Music]

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