8 Explosive Ways to Drive Free Traffic to Your Affiliate Offers

Hey guys in this video I want to talk to You about eight free ways that you can Get free traffic to your affiliate Offers now I know this is going to be Very important for you if you're a Complete newbie because you've got no Idea how to drive traffic over to your Office because I was there I started off Online many many years ago I had no clue How to get free traffic and I to be Honest I bought lots of different Softwares that promised me fictitious Free traffic for nowhere and they're Still selling them online today which Doesn't exist so I'm going to tell you Some real ways that you can start Generating traffic which is people over To see your various affiliate offers now Way number one which is going to be Applicable for the various different Methods that you use how you deliver This content is you need to provide Valuable content for the people are in Your Niche and it has to be very focused If you want to go ahead and be in the Dog training Niche or the on another Diet Niche or one of them like kind of Major niches number one you need to Figure out is there a part of that Niche That you can actually concentrate on Rather than going down diets overall can You start focusing on kind of women's Diets or something very very specific Could be an age group or something like

That the reason you do that is that then You can start building content that Actually is applicable to the people Within that sub Niche and there's much More chance of actually ranking within Google and actually you know appealing To those people rather than being too Broad in a type of content that you're Going to be giving to people now I don't Talk about things like e-commerce or Various other make money online things I Only ever talk about affiliate marketing Because that's what I know and that's What the kind of sub niche of My overall Make money online in these actually is So I try and provide content within that Niche and that's what you need to do you Need to provide valuable content that Actually serves people within that Particular Niche now next up you can Build a Blog now building a Blog is Great because you could have a website That may have some pages on there for Collected emails and may have some Affiliate reviews on there but if you've Also got a Blog that actually gives People information about the niche Overall it allows you to put lots of Different types of content onto your Website now blog posts are very very Good for ranking within Google obviously As long as they're unique they're Valuable they're full of nice SEO nice Keywords they will rank on Google and

Other search engines so it's very Important you actually have some Information around how to build our blog And how to do that effectively but Building a blog is a great way to get Free traffic because Google will rank Your articles next up and this is kind Of my favorite is utilizing YouTube now YouTube is an amazing platform that you Can get started with literally today Just by turning on the camera on your PC And talking or your phone and talking Now this is great because this allows You to build videos on YouTube around Your Niche and again you don't have to Be on camera a lot of this stuff you can Do off camera just by sharing slides or Sharing pictures and you can actually Talk over them or not even these days You can get voices which I'm not a Biggest fan of but you can get AI voices To create your videos but basically YouTube is an amazing platform that you Can utilize to actually drive free Traffic because like me all you need to Do put information in the description of Your YouTube videos and people will Click on that because they're interested In what you have to offer the type of Information that you're giving next up Is guest blogging so this is similar to Blogging but this is a great way to Actually establish yourself as a Credible person within your Niche if you

Find other blogs within your Niche all You need to do is search on Google to do That you can go ahead and write articles For those folks get to know them see if They're interested in your content and You can maybe add some blog posts to Their websites they've got a lot of Traffic and they will actually get Interested in you as well and actually Come over to your own websites it's a Great way to do it you also establish Friendships within your Niche that you Can partner with so guest blogging is Still a very very good way for you to Get some credibility within your own Niche next up is leveraging social media Platform so we've all seen it we've seen Facebook Twitter Instagram lots of Different people on there that maybe You're in our Niche that are putting Content on every single day if you're First starting out what I advise you to Do is just pick one whether it's tick Tock whether it's Instagram whether it's Facebook whether it's YouTube just pick One to start with to start creating a Social media platform and get some Actual followers on that platform so so Many people I know actually spread Themselves far too thin when they're Doing this stuff and they're trying to Post on Instagram and they're trying is More like quantity over quality right You need to actually have quality posts

For people to get interested in you so If you want to build a tick tock account Which is for a certain demographic very Very quick videos you have to be very Snappy on there very kind of engaging Build that but concentrate on that Tick Tock account for a long time before you Go ahead and start utilizing other Platforms so next up is email marketing This is a brilliant way to connect with People one-on-one now if you actually go Ahead and put something on your website Capture emails it could be giving away Something for free then you can go ahead And connect with them in various ways You can send them broadcast messages Where you're just giving away free bits Of information or advice you could be Actually promoting things to them and You know in goods and services your own Niche you've actually got them captured In your own email system and there's a Way to directly be able to talk to People I love email marketing because I Think it's a much more richer way to Connect with people and if you do this Right and don't spam people they will Actually engage with you and click on Your links and you will start to build Up a nice actual income just through Your email so it's very very important That once you're establishing your Business you have a way to capture Emails and start connecting with people

Next up is participate in online Communities and this is very powerful But people do this wrong all the time They come into these Facebook groups They're coming to these subreddits and They try and sell to people straight Away they're not providing value they're Not trying to actually be an active Member of that Community they're not Trying to make friendships what they're Trying to do is just sell and people can See that a mile off what you want to do Is be a valuable member of the community People will connect with you they will See you've got a website they will be Interested in the type of things you're Promoting over time but it takes some Time to build up your credibility if you Go into them and try and sell straight Away you might make one sale but you Will be ostracized pretty quickly it's Not the way to do it next up is Optimizing your website for SEO now I Did want to talk about this because it Can be kind of a scary subject where People are first starting out when they Talk about SEO and you type that into Google there's so much science behind This but I want to kind of demystify a Little bit and just talk to you about What you're doing as a beginner so when People come along to Google and type in A search term they have a certain intent Around that about what they want to

Actually do so they could be looking for Something about how to cure some kind of Ailment they could be looking about Something about what to do in certain Circumstances and what advice they can Get if they have those type of Search Terms you need to build your content Around answering that user intent that's Your SEO to when you're starting out you Don't worry about the science around Keywords or any of that keywords by the Way other things that they're actually Typing into Google you just need to Understand the type of things that People are trying to learn about your Niche and what kind of goods and Services that you can offer up that'll Help actually get rid of that problem For them that's the the thing around SEO If you're a beginner online once you get Into it and you build a Blog and it gets Established you can learn more about the Science around SEO but first all you Need to concentrate is on when people Come and they're looking at things in my Niche what are they trying to learn That's all you need to know so focus on The keywords that you're actually going To go ahead and write content on and Write good high quality content around That keyword and you're going to be in a Really good position to rank on Google Or YouTube and then people will start Coming over to your goods and services

Because it will drive free traffic so Guys I really hope you get some value From those methods that I showed you in The very very brief description of each One now if you want to learn more go Ahead and hit the link in the Description over to the scrolling Numbers I've got some free training for You there that's going to help you Establish a real affiliate marketing Business online in whatever Niche that You pick it's a real methodology that I Use to get started online and I still Use every single day today and I want You to be able to get the benefit of That high quality training so go ahead It's completely free go ahead and hit The link in the description below it'll Get you started straight away so until Next time guys take care [Music] Thank you

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