AI 5K Commission System Review – πŸ”₯No Traffic = No Sales 2/10πŸ”₯AI 5K Commission System by Glynn Kosky

Hey guys Richard Taylor so this video I'm talking about AI 5K commission System by Glenn Koski and it was Released on Wednesday the 8th of March Now apparently this is a push button AI System that lets you clone our Done-for-you copy and based commission System that makes this up to five Thousand dollars per month so guys just Before we start my name is Richard Derby This is the school of Nomads if you're New to the channel before I do honest Reviews I give you my real opinions on These types of software if you're Interested in that go ahead and hit the Subscribe notification Bell and I'll let You know whenever I produce new videos And guys if you're really serious and You want to get away from buying these Shiny objects and you want to build a Real business online go ahead and hit The link in the description below over To the scroll Nomads I've got some Completely free training for you there That will get you started straight away So guys I'm not going to draw too much On the sales page I have bought a copy Of this so this is what you actually see Inside you're going to have a dashboard You're going to have a fast video Starter Series where you have some Training all of the different training Is on here he does give training on how To use the actual system itself but

There's a couple of flaws you need to be Aware of we have a members area here Where it shows you how to build a funnel Now one thing we need to kind of get out The way here on these review on this Review is it says oh yeah AI Everything's AI these days everything's Chat GPT related this is no more AI than Any other previous products by these Types of vendors this is just a simple Page builder or you have to build a page You stock it full of in this case very Low quality affiliate products and then You basically try and sell that to Someone who's going to come along to That particular Page by using some of Their traffic strategies that are to be Honest quite suspect so I'm going to go Through them as we go through the review So basically you have a funnel here Basically it's a funnel Builder you have This AI piece here if I go up to AI You'll see it just goes straight over to Chat GPT completely unapologetically Nothing to do with this product Whatsoever and that's where you can Create content super easy to use you Just come over to chat GPT ask any Question there let's just say that one As an example and then it's going to Give you an answer to that particular Question and then you saying that you Can use this for your content on the Site you absolutely can no problem

Without the only issue with that it'll Never rank anywhere organically in Google because you'll know this is AI Generated text and not unique but you Can use it to fill up any kind of pages With your own content and also it's Pretty good to use as a foundation for Something bigger that you want to Actually write so it is very very useful You have a list of products here there's Just various types of affiliate products You see some Bitcoin ones here one for Wealthy affiliate a couple of glenkoski Products on here and basically you could Just add your products to this again Easy way to add products to a page but I Don't think you need this to do it you Have some video content here Where you can go and get some other People's YouTube videos and then they'll Feature on the pages again no real need For this to be able to do that and then You have some ads here basically you can Set up some ads for your particular page And that will show on the page for Further monetization the last one here Is that you can go ahead and find some AI courses some of which they've Provided you see one here that you can Add to the page and the idea with this Is that you would get people to opt in For this particular course so the page Does allow you to do all of this you Have autoresponder section here that is

A link to other autoresponders now if You have to sign up for an autoresponder Which obviously you do because you're Into affiliate marketing and you want to Start advertising to people then most of The autoresponders nowadays have free Page Builders with them so you don't Really need this type of page builder You can go ahead and learn how to do This yourself and actually have your own Page under your own domain name because It'll cost you a couple of bucks for Them name and then with the get response For instance they will host that page View and you can go ahead and use that One big issue with this is that because It's under their own the net domain Which is AI five K they could just turn this Domain off at any point because they Produce products on a monthly basis They're not maintaining all these Different products these will die after A while one of their other products I Was looking at just now has actually Stopped working so you need to be Careful when you're using these types of Domains to put your whole business and All of your pages under one of these Types of domains even if it is cheap I Spend a lot more of your serious to Build the foundations of your business Having your own hosting and domain which Is crucial rather than actually use

These types of softwares but there is so Much responders here so they wanted to Sign up for these Ultra responders get Response away but whatever it's an Affiliate link they get paid money once You do that they'll give you some free Swipes here now the two types of Traffic Systems they have here with free traffic Is essential you understand how to get People are actually interested in your Products and services now what they're Doing is asking you to sign up for some Of these ad share type sites where they Have thousands of thousands of members But nobody really cares about what the Content is you get very very few signups So they recommend you use this as one of Your free Traffic Systems they're going To be super untargeted every kind of Niche in the world and they're not Really going to be people who are Searching for your product but you can Go ahead and try this I I don't think You're going to get hardly any signups From doing this type of thing but you Can go ahead and try this that's their Free traffic system the recommended Traffic is solo ads now again solo ads There's so many people me included the Started off trying to use solo ads to Earn money I will actually put a video Underneath this one in the description And show you what I think about solo ads And why I think they're not not really

Much used to you unless you really have A business with a robust back end well What do I mean by that I mean on the Front end you're probably going to sell Something quite cheap you're going to Sell some kind of affiliate product That's pretty reasonably cheap but on The back end of this You need to be advertising more High Ticket offers and you make all your Money in the back end so a lot of the Times you lose money with solo ads when You actually say you spend 500 bucks on Solo ads you're only going to make about Three or four sales is genuinely that Low when you start trying to sell things Online you have to have a lot of traffic Now when you're using things like solo Ads those vendors are sending out lots And lots of emails to lots of people all The time with different offers on them So it's not as if those people are gonna Never have seen your offer before so There's loads of issues with solo ads Now again the problem with that is you Sell say you made five sales They're going to be very low return on Their sales you're not going to make Your money back you're only going to Make your money back if they then go Ahead and buy some other high ticket Offer in the background now if you've Got lots of money to spend on the front End you can afford to be two to three

Thousand dollars down before they go Come along to your fancy webinar and Start buying that then they do work but If you're just going to be trying to Sell them crappy little Affiliate products like this you're Going to end up losing a lot of money Trust me guys I've done this before you Want to go ahead and try solo ads you go Ahead I'm telling you if you're a Beginner they're very very difficult to Get right without spending a lot of Money so that's that true Traffic Solutions then you have some quick start Guides here This application is a little slow for me By the way guys as I'm you as I'm Clicking through this everything seems To take a while the more users to this Is going to be the same app I think this Is going to get slower and slower and Slowly crash but you can see this that I'm talking now the wheel is still Turning this is supposed to be the Latest greatest AI generated app and It's not going to the pages quickly Enough so this is a quick start guide This is a checklist if you go through The checklist it'll give you all the Different things you need to do as far As setting this up case study guide that Wouldn't open for me there's a community Group some resources here that you can Utilize a whole bunch of affiliate links

Basically the there's a dictionary here This dictionary was quite Flash and now It's this nice little software on here If you click through this you can see All of the different definitions of Various things and then you can have a Certificate here and the rest basically Is bonus videos on things like traffic Etc you can go ahead and use There you go some traffic ones there These are from lots and lots of their Other products and there's some other Ones they've got on here none of these Are unique videos these are all YouTube Videos even their trading videos are on YouTube which I think was a bit cheap But There you go that's how this is set up Now just to give you an idea of the page That you actually build on here this is A page as I said this training is all on YouTube which I think was a bit cheap But there's a page here you can build Everything's on here really you've got a Video on here you've got lots of Different tabs on here that you can Utilize and everything on here is Monetized to death the only issue I see With these is like everything you're Going to spend a lot of time building These Pages which quite frankly isn't The hard bit anymore guys building Pages Getting AI images finding AI content None of that is difficult anymore

Because you use things like chat GPT and Multiple other product programs can get Your AI images it's all about getting The traffic you need to understand how You actually build a real marketing Business online how you find a niche That people are interested how you can Serve that Niche well and then they'll Come along and buy things off you not Just build some page where you slam as Much monetization into as possible and Hope someone comes alongs and buys you Won't get the level of traffic that you Need to get anywhere near five thousand Dollars commissions per month or Whatever they're quoting on that sales Page you need to learn how to generate a Real business online if I just come back To the sales page this is where I got a Little bit of a Downside with these guys this is AI 5K Commission system so I just come down It's the same sales page with every Single product just switching out some Of the images and they're just changing These numbers to whatever random numbers They come up with that week now I look At the testimonials the testimonials Interestingly offering on their members Page 15 per testimonial so actually but They're actually offering people money To do testimonials from which I thought Was interesting we've come down to these Ones these two testimonials here if you

Read the writing under here I'm Absolutely Blown Away Glenn and his team Have nailed this one these are two guys Trevor and Jane I'm pretty sure Trevor And Jane have no idea they're on their Sales page part-time waitress Uber Eats Driver we go to another product today It's called 5K Profit formula let me just show you this Up here we look at the top left hand Side one thing this is unsecure this Website which is very strange And secondly if you come down to here I'm absolutely Blown Away Glenn and his Team have nailed this one you can see This by Sarah as a part-time model Antonio's a London taxi driver managed To say on these two things exactly the Same thing just switched out the Product's name on these I know there's a Third example if you've got a Reoccurring Natalie and Dan I'm Absolutely Blown Away Glenn's done it Again blah blah blah it means that They're making up their testimonials if You're making up your testimonials to me I'm not giving you any of my money I Don't care how good your product is Clearly you're trying to pull the wool Over my eyes nobody is making money with This this is just a repeat of a product That you produce now month on month for Literally years and people will jump on Board they will try and build a page on

This they won't get any traffic over to The page and you got that cycle over and Over again just because you call Something AI doesn't mean it's actually Actually intelligent in any means guys If you're really struggling to build a Business online and you'll want to learn How to do it for real in an honest and Ethical way I have free training for you Hit the link in the description below Auto scroll Nomads you need to jump on That training it's going to save you Literally thousands of dollars to learn How to do this in the right way hope Those are valuable to you guys my name Is Richard Derby this is school Nomads Until next time take care Foreign

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