AI Plug & Play Commissions Review πŸ”₯ Pointless 2/10 πŸ”₯ AI Plug & Play Commissions Real Honest Review

Hey guys Richard here so in this review I'm talking about AI Plug and Play Commissions by Glenn Koski now this is Released on the 18th of August now this Is apparently going to expose the 2.5 Billion dollar YouTube AI loophole Someone have you believed that it's also Going to pay them by the way 97 over and Over and this sales page is full of Financial proof that's completely Manufactured completely and utterly not True all over the place just pretending That this particular product which is Literally a repeat of the last two or Three products in a row just they've Changed the name is going to make you a Lot of money absolute nonsense and just As a kind of a little bit of an aside Some of you may be wondering how they Managed to get these weekly snapshot Kind of graphics on the sales pages and How they managed to make out that They're making so much money I've just Been a little bit naughty here and I've Ducted my own this is my own clip Account and you can see here that I made Three thousand three hundred dollars Last week on this clickback account the Reality is I barely ever go on this clip Back account these days but I could Doctor this just by right clicking here Guys and going on inspect and I can Actually change any of these numbers Let's have a look at this 4001 and I can

Make them reflect whatever I want and I Says fifty six thousand I need to do is Take a screenshot of that and I can use That on any sales page I want and you'll Never know so basically that's how easy It is to doctor Financial results so I'm Never ever looking at these sales pages And thinking these are real now we are Going to jump inside guys I purchased This myself I did actually just do a Previous video of this when I went Through all the otos just to kind of Show you but it was a bit long but let's Summarize them basically if you pay Upwards of 600 700 more you can get Unlimited traffic unlimited commissions Unlimited absolutely everything done for You everything all nonsense if they Could get unlimited traffic to over to Any product awesome service they would Never pay one affiliate to promote for Them because they were giving away fifty Percent of their commissions wake up Think about what's going on here it's Basically just a sales tactic to tell You that they're going to get unlimited Traffic to anything which doesn't exist Guys unlimited traffic if we could get That then I wouldn't be doing this I'd Be sat on a beach somewhere as you jump In this has got the same look and feel As every other product they do recently And I know this because very first thing I noticed on the dashboard kind of

Playing devil's advocate here as it says How to get started with AI Plug and Play Commission system and then it says that Shows you how to use refuel now refuel Is a product that they had a couple of Months ago because again as I said these Guys release every single month so it's The same product every single time and What this is is basically taking other People's videos and building a site now What it does is if I just come over to One of the example sites here let's just Go to the affiliate marketing web Website affiliate marketer And it's going to give you a website Full of other people's videos if you Click on one of these videos say I go to This one here it brings up another web Page that's got kind of the look and Feel of YouTube but it's got these Adverts around it so it's got one for Wealthy affiliate there another one for Nordvpn and all these are affiliate Links so basically you can change Everything on these pages and basically Earn money from the affiliate links That's the idea right Um you're using other people's videos Which The reality is isn't actually against The rules because if I click onto here I'll end up back in YouTube so you are Allowed to actually share somebody Else's video but I'm a hundred percent

Sure just like my own videos if I catch Anybody doing it I'll be copyrighting Them that they don't intentionally want You to share on a page you'll then Actually advertising other people's Products and services around you they're Then aware of I don't think that's the Intention that they're going to spend Their own time doing videos so that you Can make money so it's all a little bit Sneaky right and that's not the way I Think is a good way to build a real Business online by the way guys I think I've said this lots and lots of times Before if you really want to build a Real business online and figure out how To really make money hit the link in the Description below you'll see the top Link over to score Nomads will get you Started absolutely today with a proper Method to actually build a business Build a website build a blog or a YouTube channel generate traffic and Actually build this in the right way in Any Niche that you want if you want to Do out go and hit that link I'll carry On with this review so basically what You're going to do here is you're going To come through and it's going to just Help you build the website so you're Going to come through here and you've Got a fast track video series there There is trading there Glenn does it Himself you've got some bunch of sites

Here that are going to be ones that you Can actually edit and adjust again You're just going to add all your Affiliate links to them this traffic Thing here is nonsense Because unless You have an audience on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or whatever you're Not going to get traffic from that Remember traffic guys if you're a Complete beginner traffic is actually People that are going to come along to Your site these types of sites are not Going to rank on Google organically Nothing is going to rank so that people Will search on Google and find this site What you'll have to do is share the link To people which is problematic because You have to actually directly share the Link for them to come over to your site In the first place irrespective of the Quality of the site and site and the Look and feel And as a Freudian slip actually so I'm Going to keep that in but the idea is That you're gonna have to share that Link now unless your Guide to the Audiences on these platforms you're Literally not going to get over Um anybody over to the site so that's Nonsense that's not really traffic all You have here then is a way that you can Build your content out and it's going to Help you search for video URLs so you Can go ahead and create a collection and

Have a whole bunch of videos that you Can start creating you can go and get a URL for a video and it's going to bring That in so again this is what some of The existing pages are this is part of This collection you can manage your Video URLs you can come in here and you Can start pasting in URLs searching in YouTube you'd have to obviously attach Your API key for YouTube there and then Start searching other people's content Then you have a way to build your ads so You can put some banners in here you can Create new products you can pretty much Advertise whatever you want in here and Just put an image in it and an affiliate Link within that and that's how you Create your ad and there's a link here To stores not really relevant to this But there's some store links here There's a way that you can create video Ads again you're going to have some kind Of review and you can edit this and add An affiliate link there's a way you can Attach an autoresponder here and there's Affiliate links over to various Autoresponders which by the way are Completely free so you can go ahead and Build a web page just like this in Something like get response up to 500 Subscribers it's free and you can start Using that I've said that in various Reviews before you have some email Swipes here that you can use basically

Once you set up your autoresponder you Can use some swipes you can actually use On either a squeeze page or you can send Them over to solo ads which I'll go into In a second there is a free traffic System here now these are interesting Um you can basically go ahead and join These various pretty spammy sites and They're a kind of site where lots of People are sharing their own links Within the site and you're hoping that One of them will click your link and Then come over to your amazing video Site and purchase already spammy you Have to buy credits in most of these Sites to actually start advertising your Links it's kind of a closed loop because There's nobody else apart from the People who are members of that site but A little bit silly but there you go That's that's what they're saying is Free Um traffic system there's an IO Workshop There that teaches you how to use AI to Create an ebook that was okay Um nothing really groundbreaking on There Um but it's there and then you have Recommended traffic here now this is Kind of a little bit problematic this Recommended traffic this is solo ads I Will leave a link to a video I did on Solo ads quite a while ago now they're Still relevant the problem with solo ads

Is you need to have a robust funnel that You put people down when you buy solo Ads what I mean by that is on the front End people are going to come along and They're going to buy a product it could Be quite cheap that product 17 18 bucks Because it's a solo ad so people are Going to get them in their inboxes and They're just going to come across it and They're going to spend a lot of money so It's going to be relatively cheap on the Back end then you need to have a whole Email system then direct them to a more High ticket office the reason you do That is because solo ads can be quite Expensive you could be spending anything Like 1.50 for one click of an Advertisement that's on an email that's Only the click that's not the purchase That's the click to get them over to Your product and then there's a massive Drop off once you get to your product to Then purchase so over in all it could be Quite expensive to have solo ads got a Nice resource for you from a get Response and I'll leave this below next To the video that I did on solo ads and It kind of talks overall about solo ads Whether it's worth it for your business And some of the conversion rates you can Expect for various types of advertising And the token here that you can add Anything from like thirty dollars to a Conversion if you're only getting one

Percent conversion rate on your actual Landing page that you're sending people To and again You have to be able to capture people's Email addresses you have to be able to Send them into a nice robust funnel Where they're going to have more and More money most people who are Successful with solo ads actually make a Loss on the front end they quite Willingly pay a thousand dollars to get 200 leads because they know that five Percent of those leads will end up Buying a 300 product and basically they Can make their money back that's the Idea but obviously the products that you Actually have have got to be good that's The whole problem with solo ads if You're a complete beginner which most of You will be if you're buying a product Like this especially you're not going to Be clear to do any of that stuff right So you've got to be very careful when You start paying for this type of Traffic we always say start with free Traffic first build up a proper business Build up a website or a blog or a YouTube channel get some nice free Content flowing get your you your emails Running before you always try and use Any type of paid traffic because it's Very complicated it's very expensive and Can be effective but you've got to stick At it so that's my order on that and

Some last of my electron solo ads guys Up to you obviously you want to go and Try out with some of these guys you will Get clicks but you will have to pay for Them it'll cost you a lot of money So that's the recommended traffic uh Which would be because they're going to Get a cut to this if I go and click on Here now Um if I just show you this now and this Has gone over to udemy and that will be A affiliate link so glencowski and his Team will get money if you spend money With any of these guys next is a quick Start guide that's self-explanatory you Have a checklist here you have a case Study there you actually have to pay for As part of the otos which is nonsense One of these guys will never ever do Even with the financial results on the Front page they'll never actually show You the actual site the actual traffic The actual payment for that particular Site they'll never show that proper case Study they'll only ever kind of Insinuator they did it they would the Way these guys make money is by selling You these products that's the way they Make money not by actually using these Silly methods you have a community group Here which is him trying to get you in a Facebook group and you have some Resources here that is a bunch of Affiliate links over to various other

Programs let me just click on this Mindset one just to see and yeah if you Go to this it's an affiliate link over To Amazon so it's all it's all trying to Get more and more money off you so guys In in short I just think this kind of Stuff is nonsense this is my opinion It's completely up to you guys if you go And use this type of thing it's at the End of the day it's 14 bucks to start With but you're going to have problems Getting traffic over to your site to Start with before they click on any Error advertisements you need to be able To share this link to people and you Need to be able to share this link to a Incredible amount of people to make Anywhere near the money that they claim On the front page of their sales page so In my opinion you should stay well clear Of things like AI Plug and Play Commissions you need to learn how to Build a real business online now if you Want to do that go ahead and click the Link in the description below it's going To take you over to a site called taking Action online taking action online will Show you the real way to build a real Business online as well as the Introduction to the actual taking action Online which by the way is a dollar I'll Be upfront with that it's one dollar for Full access to the action plan of taking Action online the intro luxury part of

The action plan is going to save you Literally thousands of dollars the Advice that you get around not buying Shiny objects how to actually become a Real entrepreneur online or a Solopreneur as they're called these days How to actually change your mindset and Actually think about how you can build a Real business in any Niche online with a Variety of methods whether it's CPA Whether it's affiliate marketing Whatever it may be it's all explained Within taking action online if that Interests you go ahead and hit the link In the description below in my opinion This type of software is complete waste Of time it's a toy coming along and have A play if you really want to but I Advise that you go ahead and use your Real valuable time to learn how to build A real business online hope that's Useful to you guys my name is Trisha Darby this is school Nomads if you're Interested in these types of real Reviews go ahead and hit the Subscribe Notification Bell and I'll let you know Whenever I produce new videos until next Time guys take care [Music] Foreign [Music]

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