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Hey guys what if I told you you could Stop building a business online for one Dollar today you probably think Richard You're talking rubbish it's not Achievable but I'm telling you that if You spend one dollar and I get access to The seven step action plan you will have Everything you need to build a business Online now the reason I'm so confident Of this is that this is the exact way That I started online and basically what I did is I built a school of no match Channel out of this and a website and This channel will now be going for three Years we've got 9 000 subscribers in a Very very small Niche that's really good And the website gets hit every single Day and I make money every single day Through this business and it was built With the seven step action plan now what You get inside basically is a Step-by-step Um guide of how to start building your Own business now every single topic is Covered here around Um kind of how you build your Niche Which is the topic you're going to talk About online I'm in the make money Online which is really really small but You can have things like horse racing it Could be diet it could be food it could Be guitar playing could be whatever you Want to do this will actually help you Build a business around that topic now

He tells you how to come up with those Niche ideas he actually even gives you Some Niche ideas if you wanted to start With them and you can have an Established needs do you have some Topics in there that you can start Talking about and then he starts talking About the website and actually how to Build your own website so every single Step you need to take to get in your Domain name and getting WordPress and Actually developing your own website Click for click it actually shows you How to do that then he talks about the Traffic Source now traffic's very Important online whether you use Something like blogging or YouTube or Social media you need to pick that early On so you can figure out what kind of Content you're going to build for that Traffic now I use YouTube but you could Use things like blogging you need to Figure out what kind of content is good For the time the type of audience that You have then you have a section on Going back to your website the Additional things that attaching it to Google and the various Google analytics That you need to do that'll help your Website actually grow online then There's a piece around an irresistible Lead magnet well one thing you can do to Build a real audience online is you can Give something away for free now he has

Got some done for you League magnets in Here that you can use as well but you Can actually go ahead and build your own Lead magnet based on this training and This really really good way to start Building your audience up and it's so Simple to do its unreal then you have a Section on email marketing which is all About how you actually build up your own Email marketing and actually be able to Send emails to them on a regular basis Which is still a massive way you make Money online and then there's all the Closing things you do to actually launch Your website so this seven step action Plan guys is literally one dollar that's All it is there's going to be a direct Link to this in the uh description below You'll see it directly linked there go Ahead take a look at the actual sales Page and you're going to see that this Is a really really good way that you can Actually build a real business online It's honest it's not in your get rich Quick schemes it's nothing to do with Get rich quick software this is Literally a click for click way you can Get an idea and build a real business You can also pop over to the actual Taking action online trustpilot reviews You'll see on here that it's got 4.9 at The moment 149 reviews lots and lots of People really like this just if you Wanted a bit more proof than me telling

You about it but guys I really really Urge you if you haven't yet checked out The seven step action plan there is Literally so much detail in here there Is hundreds of videos in here that have Got so much detail you'll definitely Have a business by the time you're Finished go ahead and check this out Guys let me know if you've got any Questions you just leave them in a Comment below I'll reply to you straight Away until next time take care [Music] Thank you

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