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Hey guys Richard here so in this video I Want to talk to about amplifier now this Is a new product by vinar Rana and it's Du to be released on the 3rd of January At 11:00 a.m. eastern now apparently This is a set and forget system where You're going to be selling Amazon Products by creating animated videos now This is also promising you you're going To get traffic because it's talked about Having 26,4 196 clicks to their videos And they make over $965 daily which they're claiming that This software is going to make you $300 $100,000 per year so we're going to jump Inside I've got the review access here And basically going to have a look at What type of videos these software Actually makes and we'll talk about the Method overall and whether I think this Is going to be a good investment for you So guys if you haven't over to my Channel before my name is Richard dbby This is SC nads if you're interested in These types of real honest reviews go Ahead and hit that subscribe and Notification Bell and I'll let you know Whenever I produce new videos and guys If you're interested in building a real Business online and not just buying These types of shiny object softwares go Ahead and hit that link in the Description below over to the scroll Nomads and we'll get you started

Straight away so guys let's have a look At this I'm going to jump straight into The dashboard as I'm here basically what This is is so-called VIP training this Is a 9-minute video that basically shows You how to use a software come over to The AI video review and you create a Video what this is going to do is he Going to create a video for you just by Putting in a few settings here now on Caveat I've been using this for the last Few hours I Haven made this work once This is give me an error every single Time it could be because other people Created videos on here and this Particular software is full or it could Be that it's not working so it's a Little bit of a red flag when the actual Software that you're supposed to be Using to create videos isn't working but There is some that have already been Created now what you do you would put a Project name here you put a product name In here you go ahead and get the image Of the product a brief description of The product the product sales page URL And then whether you want it in multiple Languages you can go ahead and pick a Language here you can set what Resolution you want portrait landscape Or Square you can do a video background And then you select a category now these Categories don't match up with Amazon I Jumped into my Amazon account and

Basically these categories don't match Up if I looked at this example I was Trying to do a video from basically it's Not got the toys of games category so Whatever it returns isn't really going To be applicable to this but basically You're going to get your information off Here that's going to be a product name You're going to have the piece of Information here and here for the Description and it's going to try and Develop a product review based on this Information on your listings that's the Idea if I jump back what I want to do is Show you the results of some of this cuz The results aren't good if you go to my Videos here other people have created Videos on here just show you this one Here for the echo dot Echo dot fifth gen Bigger sound smart features and more all This is actually you're doing is Throwing together some random slides a Random video backgrounds and then just Putting a bit of text on the top of it With obviously some AI generated speech Which may sound good but the actual Product itself is Here it's just an image of the product As you go along it just brings the image In to various different Places you look at here the images Floats over there it's not really about The echo dot at all it's just random Images

Have a few minor drawbacks unique Selling points and positive user Experiences make it awhile Investment whether you're a music Enthusiast or this smart speaker is You'll also notice there's no call to Action on here so you know where where Do I press what do I go where do I go to Actually buy this product it's all very Very cheap and nasty none of this is That professional I go to this one here This uh Samsung so you can see I'm looking at Multiple Of these types of Videos so what she's doing is just Putting this here A content creator Looking for the actual background's got Nothing to do with the video whatsoever Now you can go ahead and edit these but You're going to have to edit every Single slide from what I can see because It's not actually giving me anything Nice this text is all over the place It's really bunched up this is just a Random image of the product that floats Into the video all of the time it's Really poor Quality so to me this is isn't worth Purchasing Because the actual videos you Get from it are just not that good Amplify turning Amazon products into Animated Videos have you ever wish you could even

The amplify one themselves they've done For their own product is a really bad Video it's just not it doesn't cut the Mustard with today's quality of videos What people do with Amazon right is they Actually go ahead and they buy the Products off Amazon and then you Actually show yourself you using the Product so you actually show the video You've got the product in your house you Show it in use it's a much better way to Engage people to actually go ahead and Purchase that video the other thing is The traffic side of this no mention of How you're actually going to make any Money with this so you can make these Crappy videos which is fair enough but Then what what do you do with them do You put them on social media do you put Them in YouTube where you going to put These videos are actually going to make Money for you it's a lot more difficult Than just making a video and getting Traffic like they're claiming is just a Nonsense 26,000 clicks for instance over To one of these videos is not going to Be very likely based on the quality of The videos you're not going to get any Watch time on these types of videos so You must better off using something like Canva come over to canva they got lots Of different features these days you can Have something on Magic Studio I think This is $9 a month pro version you get

Magic studio and you can just tell it I Want to create a design for a Presentation based on the same Information that you got from the Amazon Listing so you use the Amazon listing Tell it you want to design and use Something like canva and it's going to Be way better and way better quality You're going to have much more control Over what you can put in here I just Think it's a much better option for you Because what you do when you end up Buying off these types of folks is you End up going through this huge funnel of Different products that become less Related to the actual main products as They go along they're just random Upsells we just go to the upsells here You got this Unlimited Edition here That's basically you're going to get More traffic and sales they're not Actually said how that you get any Traffic from this social media traffic If that's included in traffic and you Got people to actually come in on view That's an extra $37 $197 for this done Edition done traffic doesn't exist You're going to have to do something to Get that traffic so again if it's Something like a social media link That's not traffic that's $197 this autopilot version $37 the Claim this is going to make you $105 every single hour just from your

Phone look at that quickly they're Telling me they're going to make nearly A million dollars a year from this Software it's just nonsense done few Affiliate funnels again this is now Coming away from the main product it's Just some random products they're going To throw in here $97 High ticket profit Snatcher $27 done few viral Plug and Play reels $97 you you're upwards of nearly $500 When you had this Kaboom and you had This agency and reseller Edition which You can go ahead and sell to others and Some of the PO sucker can go ahead and Buy this so that's nearly $500 worth of Upsells on here which is why when you Think about using different software Like invid or something like canva Pro Or something like that it's worth just Spending that monthly fee I think Nvidia At the moment the AI version is about $20 buy that instead it's way better Quality than using this kind of crappy Software so that's my advice to you guys I would keep away from amplifier I don't Think it's very good quality I'd use the More established Brands L I said like in Video and something like canva Pro I Hope this is valuable to you my name is Richard Derby this is SCH Nomads if You're interested in these types of real Honest reviews go ahead and hit that Subscribe notification Bell and I'll let

You know whenever I produce new videos And guys if you're really serious and You're struggling and you're trying to Figure out a way to make money online go Ahead and check out the link in the Description below over to the school Nomads and we'll get you started Straight away until next time guys take Care W

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