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Hey guys Richard here so in this video I Want to talk to you about Astro now this Is a product by Billy da and was Released on the 29th of July now this is Apparently the latest product it's a new Miracle bot powered by Google AI I guess It's free bio traffic in 60 seconds We're going to go through this we are Going to jump inside I just purchased This myself so I can get the actual Version of this to show you and then We'll talk a little bit about the Strategy overall and maybe some of the Pros and cons of this type of product so Guys if you haven't been up to my Channel before my name is Richard Derby This is the school of Nomads if you're Interested in these types of real honest Reviews Go ahead and hit that subscribe Notification Bell and I'll let you know Whenever I produce new videos and guys If you're really serious and you're Struggling and you want to figure out How to make money online with affiliate Marketing go ahead and check out the Link in the description below over to The scroll Nomads I got some completely Free training for you there that'll get You started straight away so guys let's Jump straight inside I'm not really Interested in the sales page it's the Usual nonsense clicks clicks everyone's Going to get money straight away they're

Going to earn all these affiliate sales It's going to be free traffic all you Need to do is grab a copy of this log Into the web-based app and enter a link And then activate and you're going to Get free buyer traffic so let's have a Look at what this actually is and what This actually is is a repeat of their Various products from the last multiple Years that they've just stuck AI into Now thinking that this is something That's going to actually make any kind Of difference so the first thing you Have here is this Google bot this Google Bar you type in a message And it's just going to give you a Conversation that's about it it doesn't Do anything else there's no point in This you can't use it anywhere there's Nothing to download it anywhere it's Just a pointless Google bot if you go to The AI Suite they've sold this in Various other products as well basically You can enter a prompt in here Give it an aspect ratio Give it a resolution fill in some other Options and type to generate Now this is going to generate me a video Apparently And I feel that everything on here and Literally nothing works so this is Completely pointless and that actually Just crashed my PC I had to come back Into this software so that didn't

Actually work the AI image I'm going to Do the same thing see what happens here Because this will go off to daily and Give you some images Which it has done but affiliate Marketing for beginners and it's giving Me these three images that's not related To anything Uh AI content Let's say I want a Blog intro see how Much this actually gives me see if this Is going to be any use A couple of lines and every time I do One of these one there's really dial Products they're absolutely So low quality it's unreal you can do Everything on here with chat GPT that You need to do there's multiple other AI Solutions out there you can use so Buying something like this is I I think Is completely pointless so that's all The AI Suite stuff again yeah I Transcribe is another one so we're going To social automation when I went to go To Facebook posting And I want to create a new post it asks Me to connect to my Facebook account And then the app's not active that Allows me to do that So that doesn't work I come over to get traffic and all the Get traffic is is the usual links to all Of these different sites this is just a Site that they can just go ahead and get

The API Fork I'd add me and basically It'll come along here and give you a Whole bunch of these sites that half of Them if you were to get traffic of these Aren't even traffic sites they're just General social media sites or even Project management sites in some case so They're not really traffic sites the the Problem with these kind of traffic Sources is if you haven't got any kind Of following on these particular traffic Sources if I purchase to Reddit for Instance nobody's going to see it Because you haven't got a following to See it so they're not really traffic Sources unless you already have a Following on here email an SMS you need To link up with all of these various um SMS and email providers they all charge You money just use things something like Get response if you want to set up an Email AI page builder if I want to go and Create a page here these aren't AI page Builders these are the same software They've used for years and years they're Just very simple pages and basically You're going to come along here pick a Template and then just change the Template and add images and stuff They're not AI nothing AI Is on here if you want to have a page Builder and you want to have an email Solution use something like get response

Up to 500 subscribers is completely for Free so use something like that rather Than rely on these guys Because first start a lot of these pages Are going to be hosted on their website And they'll just disappear So I see AI page builder which isn't Really a page building if I just press Downloads on here basically you can Download Pages for what aim There is some training on here Apparently you can create a tick tock With just a voice command just use Something like canva if you want to do This type of work And that's it just a bunch of upgrades So this is just a cheap piece of Nonsense software that doesn't make any Kind of sense The training on here doesn't show me how They're supposed to be making all of This money Nothing on here showed me that all is a Bunch of tools stuck together in a site So as usual guys stay well clear of Billy da and these types of products all It is is a very very cheap piece of Software that they want to get you into Their funnel and quite honestly their Funnel is scary they've got so many Different products in there That cost so much money for some folks You will end up spending five six Hundred dollars before you've even

Blinked and you'll have absolutely no Value for it so my recommendation guys Is stay away from software like this Because it doesn't create any kind of Value for you if you need any advice go Ahead and hit me up in the comments Always happy to direct you to better Software better tools that you can use To do this type of stuff but keep away From folks like Billy doll hope that's a Value to you my name is Richard Darby This is cool Nomads if you're interested In these types of honest reviews go Ahead and hit that subscribe Notification Bell and I'll let you know Whenever I produce new videos and guys If you're struggling and you really want To learn how to build a real business Online with affiliate marketing go ahead And check out the link in the Description below over to school Nomads And you can get started straight away Until next time guys take care [Music] Foreign [Music]

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