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Hey guys richard here so in this review I’m talking about cassio now cassio is a Get paid to website that basically pays You to do various tasks on the website So we’ll jump inside i’ll show you Exactly the type of tasks you have to do And then we’ll talk a little bit more About this method overall and if you Stick around i’m going to suggest Something to you that maybe you can Spend your time doing that’s going to Earn you a lot more money than these Type of sites so guys if you haven’t go To the channel before my name is trisha Darby this is the school of nomads i do Reviews on lots of different products And sites like this to see if they’re Really worth your time and effort and Whether you can actually make money with Them if that interests you go ahead and Hit that subscriber notification bell And i’ll let you know whenever i produce New videos and guys if you’re really Serious and you want to build a business Online as i said stick around i am going To suggest you a strategy that i use Every day to actually build a real Business so guys as i said this is a Pretty good website casio if i just look At some of the resources i usually refer To when i’m checking websites out Trustpilot is always a good one casio’s Got 164 reviews it’s not massive but It’s got a lot of good reviews and it’s

Up around 74 and excellent and 14 Great just look at some of these bad Reviews let’s have a look at some more What this feedback is they’re talking About maybe the payouts usually you do Get a few issues what you can see when You look at some of these slightly worse Comments you saw a while ago is that the Actual owners of the site do reply um Which is always a good sign that they Are actually keeping an eye on Trustpilot the other thing i look at is Scam advisor it’s a website they always Use and this picks up lots of different Things about the site on whether on the Age and whether it’s actually got Various types of software in and maybe Phishing you and overall this is pretty Good in in my experience 78 On a trust score for this site is pretty Good so if we just jump inside let me Just show you what this actually is you Have your usual dashboard on here now if You’ve been in these sites they’re very Very similar and they’re always going to Start you off with a little bit of cash What you basically do is you do these Various tasks and you get Points which you can then put towards Your various rewards now if i look at The rewards for the rewards first and Show the type of payouts you get Basically if i go to paypal you can get An instant reward of a dollar is the

Lowest amount you can get and to do that You need to get 820 points and then you Can just swap your points for the dollar And it goes up and up and up now when i Look at things like amazon Again let’s have a look at something That’s the uk where i’m from Their lowest payout is five dollars you Need 1 310 points for this and then something Random like Boohoo maybe I know that’s close in the united Kingdom again five pound i need 1 300 Points so you can see you need to get Quite a few points before you can start Getting payouts now if we just jump to The earn points section there are Various ways that you can earn points so You have your featured office here you Can go ahead and get some of these Offers now you need to be aware that a Lot of these offers you need to sign up For initially maybe free accounts but Then you’re going to end up getting Charged on a monthly basis so sites like This Actually earn money by you signing up For these various offers and then they Get paid so let’s have a look at this Hundred pound roblox What i need to do is go ahead and press Continue this takes me over to a Different site and then you have to

Start applying for this hundred pound Roblox game card and there’s all sorts Of details and all sorts of information On this that you need to be aware of so You need to have a total deals of 25 to Claim the reward five deals to claim a Hundred pound etc so there’s all sorts Of kind of caveats to making this money And basically they want your information That’s what you’re selling here you’re Selling your information so that’s the The one offer from something like a Roblox card And there are others will be very Similar they’re always going to take you Off the site this will be a game you’re After go and sign up for there’ll be Caveats around this game they will give You this 4800 but you’ll have to play The game and reach certain criteria Before you get it obviously there’s a Quite a few hoops you have to jump Through to get some of these rewards Next thing is let’s have a look at this Easy point section Now This is a whole list of things that you Can sign up for and again you can spend Half your life signing up for these now These will be okay if you’re organized Enough to start cancelling various Things once you’re signed up so again You’re over on this reward giants Site which is they got an affiliate link

Over to award giant so they get paid When you start signing up and spending Money on these sites And that’s really the path you’re going To go down if you start Going to all of these different is 100 pound dynamos gift card again over To reward giants so basically these are Just a middleman between you and the Reward giant site for most of these If we go back to reward points you can Also do surveys now surveys are always Interesting to do a lot of people like Doing surveys this isn’t 210 cash this Is always points and basically you take These various types of surveys now you Can spend all day doing these The issue with surveys i have slightly Is that they do take a lot of time and a Lot of the time they’re not looking for Certain demographics to be taking these Surveys so you’ll spend a lot of time Kind of applying for the survey and then You won’t actually go through and Complete it so it’s always a little bit Problematic but they’re doing money and If you’re patient enough and you want to Go through these surveys Then they are going to be available to You not hundreds every day not many many Surveys every day you will stop actually Qualifying for surveys but they are here You have some freebies here again you Can have challenges you can look for

Cash codes they’re trying to drive you Over to their facebook twitter or Instagram code accounts to get cash Codes And then you can get things like Challenges here where you can invite 10 Friends you can write 35 friends 100 Friends and they’re going to give you Various types of points depending on how Many friends you get so imagine you were To invite 100 friends you haven’t still Got quite enough to get one dollar off Paypal because that was 800 points and You can see that they don’t give you That many points you have to be on this For a while to get reasonably little Amounts of money then you have uh cash Codes here again they want to get you Over to the facebook and twitter and Instagram to go and grab their cash Codes you’ll have to start following Them so they can constantly send you Information the other thing they have Here is an affiliate program and you can Make money with this affiliate program By recommending others which i guess on Youtube where you’re watching this a few Folks that would have reviewed this will Be an affiliate for them if you click on Then they’ll make a certain amount of Money every time you spend money on this Site so casio overall is a good site i Don’t think any reason to be Particularly alarmed i’ve seen these

Many many times before and basically They’re a site that allows you to spend Quite a lot of time build up small Amounts of cash and then you can cash it In for various types of rewards no real Issue with that but the only thing i Think on some of these sites is that you Can spend a lot of time for very little Reward on the back end now guys if you Are interested in building a real Business online i’ve got some training For you you can hit the link in the Description below to school nomads we Have an affiliate bootcamp that’s going To teach you all about affiliate Marketing now this is the business that I actually use online this is how i make My money and i think this is a much Better idea because what you basically Do is you recommend other people’s Products and services And you get a commission and you can Earn thousands of dollars a month by Doing that if you do it in the right way That’s the recommendation i would make To you guys rather than spend a lot of Time on here if you want to spend time On here that’s fair enough you can go Ahead and take some of those surveys Apply for some of those other offers and You’ll get a few dollars here and there If you want to build a real business and You’re interested in that hit the link In the description below over to the

School nomads and we’ll get you started Straight away until next time guys take Care [Music]

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