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Try to build a business online as a Working parent is hard I know that Because I'm doing it myself I just Dropped my son off to school I dropped My daughter off earlier and I've got to Plan out time every single day to Actually do tasks so there's three Things I'm going to do today I'm going To do some videos for Tik Tok I'm going To do some research for a new product I Want to review and I'm going to do a Review video for a second product and The way I do that is my Tik Tok videos I Kind of do whenever I got time Throughout the day because I've Obviously got a job as well I that I'm Doing online and basically I do them Whenever I can during the day whenever I Have something to say or I have a Question that needs to be answered Something like that I'll make some Content for Tik Tok the actual video I've got two hours this afternoon that I'm going to actually use just to do That video and that's basically time When I'm sat my computer clicking away Which is kind of The Daily Grind of Doing this right you're going to see on Your computer you're got to click click Click and basically that's the time I Got today to actually put towards my Online business every single day you Need to carve out time I'm going to say This time and

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