Don’t get emotionally involved in individual content metrics it will slow down yoir progress

From a slightly damp Wales um I was just Thinking that I talk a lot about Perspective when you're putting any kind Of content out on the internet right Whether that be social media posts blog Posts videos whatever it may be because A lot of people get bugged down in Individual pieces of content and looking At the vanity metrics and get kind of Down because maybe something hasn't gone The way you wanted it to we got to look At these as little kind of workers that Whenever you put a piece of content out It's going to help you in a number of Ways one it's obviously going to Establish some kind of brand for you cuz You're trying to get some kind of Message across especially if you're Trying to build a business and another's Going to teach you something because Depending on the reaction depending on How easy it was to make depending on the Type of content it was you're going to Learn something so you need to take a Positive away from every single piece of Content you put out if nobody watches it If a million people watch it you need to Take those lessons and take them forward In your business so if you're constantly Looking at those vanity metrics and Worried about your likes and your Follows and all that stuff

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