Join My 180 Day Challenge and Learn How to Crush It with Affiliate Marketing – Introduction

Hey guys I want to show you how you can Build a real affiliate marketing Business online in less than 180 days I Want to show you how you can do it Without having any silly push button Software I want to show you how you can Do it properly and honestly and I build A sustainable business completely from Scratch that can make you upwards of a Hundred dollars a day and I want to Actually do this over the next six Months where you can actually follow Along and watch me do the same I'm going To start a completely new business in a Different Niche to what I'm doing now This is kind of the make money online Niche where I review products that I Make money online Niche and I want to do Something slightly different I want to Show you how I actually come up with the Idea of the new Niche that I'm going to Be building a business in and then I Wanted to show you the steps that I Actually take to build a real business Now what we're actually going to see Over the next few months is me actually Going to build out the various parts of This diagram that you see in here so so We're going to look at how we're Actually going to go ahead and build Some content where you can get traffic Now that could be blogging I could be YouTube I haven't decided yet over the Next couple of weeks you'll see how I

Actually come to that Um that idea of what I'm actually going To use for traffic and what I'm going to Use for content and then I'm going to Show you how you actually build out your Website and what you need to have in Your website to be successful now it's Going to be different depending on the Platform that you're going to be putting Content on and I'm going to show you how You actually build that out I'm going to Do this in a step-by-step fashion so It's really easy for you to follow along So every single week in a playlist that I'll create and I'll leave a link in the Description below so go ahead and follow That so you don't miss any videos in That playlist I'm going to add videos to There every single week they're going to Show you the process that I'm using to Build this business the idea being if You're a beginner you can follow along And actually use the same process Yourself and actually see how it's done See how a real person who has other Commitments as well as being online I'm Not full-time online how I can actually Build a real business like the one I've Done already with the school or Nomads Channel that makes me money every single Day but this is a secondary business I Want to build to prove that when I'm Actually recommending you taking action Online which is something I recommend a

Lot to you that that process and that Way of actually building a business Really really works now what we're going To do over the next six months is Basically implement the taking action Online training so this is kind of seven Steps to start with which is building The foundations of your of your business So this is Um the overall um Niche how you're Actually going to go ahead and pick a Niche and we're going to do that how you Actually start building your website out And how you're going to build content And what platform you're going to use to Put that content on Facebook could be Blogging could be something like YouTube We'll get to that section and we'll Decide at the time how you can actually Start optimizing that particular content How we can build a lead magnet to start Capturing people's emails so they can Actually become part of your list and You can promote to them how we can Actually create emails and actually Create a separate email list for these Folks to go in and then how you can Launch your business so this is the real Real basics of your business and this is What we're going to do over the first Few weeks then we're going to go into Some more detailed training where it's Going to teach me how to build this Business in way more detail and actually

How to build a real business so how do I Organize myself how do I build content Calendars what type of thing can I do to Optimize the funnels that I have how can I really monetize my business this is Going to be every single week I'm going To go through this training and then I'm Going to actually Implement a little bit More and you'll see how my business is Growing you'll start to see some of the Results whenever I've got results if I've got traffic I'll show you that if I Make any sales initially I'll show you That I want to show you absolutely Everything and be very transparent I Know there's going to be highs and I was Doing this because I've already done This once And I was a complete beginner when I First started the first time so I know It's not going to be all plain sailing And I know this is going to be a lot of Work but I think it's really really Useful if you can see somebody actually Do this yourself who's very similar to You not some Guru not some kind of some Of super rich is just gonna throw money At something this is all going to be Done with free traffic I will pay for Tools and I'll be very honest when I do And I'll show you them but this is going To be done with completely free traffic So I'm going to pay for any kind of Visitors to come over to my site it's

All going to be done organically so if That is something that interests you go Ahead and hit the link in the Description below there will be a link To a playlist there follow that and Every single week you'll see a video pop Into there that explain exactly my Progress and that you can come along and Follow and you can start making real Progress yourself if that interests you Hit the link in the description I'll Speak to you soon

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