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Hey guys Richard here soon interview and Talked about mini ebook Machine by Venkata Romana and this was released on The 8th of December now this is Apparently the world's first mini ebook Machine creates ebooks reports and info Products in 60 seconds flat it's not Really the world's first I'm actually Going to recommend a really really good Alternative to this during this review So stick around for that because I think It's going to be well worth your while If you're interested in building ebooks Now this is my own version I'm going to Review today so we're going to take a Look inside we'll check out this Dashboard and then like I say stick Around I've got a great recommendation For you so guys just before we start my Name is Richard Darby this is called Nomads if you haven't been over to the Channel before don't forget to hit that Subscribe and notification Bell and I'll Let you know whenever I produce new Videos and guys if you're serious and You're trying to figure out how to build An affiliate marketing business online Go ahead and check out the link in the Description below over to the school of Nomads I've got some completely free Training for you there that'll get you Started straight away so guys let's jump Straight into the dashboard now this is Pretty cheap ebook Creator that's all

This really is so you've got the Dashboard here the VIP training consists Of one six minute 57 second demo video It's not really VIP you've got a profit Finder here so you're gonna go and get Links to all of these different Affiliate networks some of these you Need to be members of to actually make Money but you can go and click on one of These like Warrior plus and you'll just Go into their Network and you can just Join that Network and that's pretty much What the profit finder is you can go do That anyway profit tools they've got Links over to namecheap get response and Tiny URL so if you go over here to get Responses and affiliate link so if you Join get response from here they'll Obviously get credited that money Namecheap is an affiliate link as well And Tiny URL is just a link to their Application so that's what you get there Next thing is the cover build and the Cover Builder is just a place where you Go and upload some images and then once You have those images you can edit them In their little editors they've got and That's it really so you can do that on Canva Um in a lot better way you can do that For free on camera if you wanted to Build a cover then you have your mini Ebook build now this is really where the Magic happens if you look on this mind

I'm just going to go down to the Pre-made mini ebooks have a look at These covers All of these images are very very Squished so they don't look that nice to Be honest so I just picked this Facebook Marketing Unleashed I'll generate that Ebook let's go and take a look what it Looks like basically it's just a very Very simple document with lots and lots Of text on it but it doesn't look that Nice it's not very well formatted There's nothing really special about This so you can make one of these in Google Docs you don't need this Application at all Google Docs would do This for you so it's not that impressive To be honest it looks a bit horrible Here now if I could go ahead and go to The mini ebook Builder it's basically Just a WordPress interface so I put my Ebook name here choose a cover here and Then just write things in these various Areas so it's just a very very basic Editor really there's nothing good about It here's a Content finder so I can go Find some content Let's uh putting dog on here and search For articles and this go off and it'll Scrape the web for articles and the idea Is that you can just take this and use This in your ebook To be quite honest you're not really Supposed to do this because if somebody

Else's article Um you definitely couldn't use this to Rank anywhere on Google it's not going To rank organically but there's a bunch Of articles that you can have here let's Have a look at that though that's an Acne one so it's not quite picked up dog But there you go that's the content Finder pre-made mini ebooks have gone Through them Flipboard maker this is a Piece of software you download to your PC the only app you're doing this Because I don't know where this software Has come from so this is their 699 white Label Flipboard maker apparently for the First 50 people so I wouldn't really use This because I don't trust where this Comes from then you have this Elite plr Downloads this is a site that you can go And use to download other people's plr But just be very very careful because Some of these things may not allow you To actually share or sell the content Plr is quite a difficult quite a Complicated subject when it comes to Using Australia's types of plr then you Can advertise now this is their traffic Now you can either put in a multimedia Post a CTA post or a Carousel and the Idea is you're just going to advertise To Facebook but if you haven't really Got anybody on Facebook then you've got No one to advertise to so all you're Going to do really is text a link to

Your ebook to Facebook and nothing's Really going to happen and that's kind Of what it is on here it's just a little Bit cheaper nasty not the nicest editor For ebook especially when it at the Front end it costs around 12 dollars If you get the discount the front end Apparently is unlimited ebooks and then It says to you the second upgrade is Unlimited again which is a bit strange Because it's unlimited unlimited so as I Said this is a little bit cheaper nasty Now I'm going to recommend something to You here guys and it's something I did a Review on quite a while ago now and it's Called designer now designer Um you can see this review is at over 7 300 views because I know this is a Really good product designer is a eBook Software so they just happen to have as I went on here today A Christmas sale And you can get lifetime access for this Four let me just jump down to the bottom Here before I go down to here for 27 one Time so of course it's a little bit more Than this but when you start buying otos And stuff it's going to be nowhere near As good as this right so basically it's 27 one time and you can have all of These things you can import from blog Posts or word docs you can publish PDF Reports white papers lead magnets flip Books unlimited free image search icon Search PDF ebooks 900 Google fonts

Included commercial license free content Marketing for dummies so much in here Guys for twenty seven dollars I really Really do recommend this now I will Leave a link to designer itself Underneath this video plus I'll leave a Link to the video itself if you want to Come across and have a look at this Review I honestly think guys it's worth Checking this out if you're interested In making money with ebooks let me take A quick look inside and I'll show you Something in a second but if you jump Inside once you start building an ebook So I can start off using this template Here for instance and you have this chat Function here that helps you out and Basically you're just going to fill in All these different Elements and it's a really nice editor On here that you can utilize so again I'll show you more of this if you go Into my review I definitely recommend This and just to kind of back me up if You go on to trustpilot designers had 4 238 reviews so around about 4.7 but Essentially 95 of people are giving a Four star or more so it's just I just Think it's a really nice product guys I Really do so I highly recommend that it Is an affiliate link if you go down Below I will get a little bit of Commission of it of this if you purchase But it's not going to affect any of the

Prices that you actually pay it's just Going to give me a little bit of credit For advertising for them okay guys so That's my recommendation from this I Really wouldn't buy this I think it's Just a bit cheaper nasty unfortunately I Know the vendors track record I don't Like these vendors I think they not very Honest with you on sales Pages some of Their testimonials they're just made up They're not real and the financial proof Is basically money they make from Producing these types of products not Actually using them so I really would Really wouldn't bother with vendors like These but things like designer I would Now I will leave you the Oto information In the description below rather than Just read it all out you can go check That out if you're really interested in This product but I just highly recommend Going over to this site here guys check Out my review if you want and get a copy Of this at 27 with a Christmas discount At the moment this is going to be much Better for you and it's going to give You A much nicer software to make your Ebooks with hello valuable to you guys My name is Richard Derby this is called Nomads until next time take care Foreign

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