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Hey guys Richard here so let's review Mojo audio dot AI now this is a product That basically gives you royalty free Music files and they have some added Functionality like an AI text-to-speech And content writer so we are going to Jump inside I'll show you all around I'll show you how really basic this is And then you can come back and you'll Have a quick talk about the sales page And I'll just show you a few things on The sales page you need to be aware of So guys if you're interested in these Types of real reviews don't forget to Hit that subscribe and notification Bell And I'll let you know whenever I produce New videos and if you really want to Learn how to build a real affiliate Marketing business online that's honest I nevergreen hit the link in the Description below to the scroll Nomads We can get you started straight away so Let's jump in here guys this is Basically all about audio and they're Claiming a lot of things like you can Have a ready to make audio book and a Limited podcast all that kind of stuff This doesn't really have any of that Functionality what it has got is a music Library where you can download lots of Music and it has an AI content generator Which you can use to build some AI Content generator that you can come over And use in text to speech so just to use

On this one here you can go ahead and Put some kind of title in here and a Couple of keywords and save it and it's Going to go off and generate very very Short text article if I just go back and Have a look at this one you'll see There's had any words that's generated Here you go into somewhere like chat GPT And do this and you can tell it to give You a thousand words it'll give you a Thousand words so this isn't very good This piece but basically you can take This copy it and then come over to text To speech functionality and paste it in Here and then it's going to give you one Of these various voices I've listened to These it's really bad quality They don't sound real at all and in this Day and age when all of this stuff is Getting much much better it's quite bad Quality so that's really what that piece Does you get some content you plug it in Here and you can get some text to speech Now the actual generate music piece you Can come over in in multiple kind of Niches you can generate some music now I've noticed this spell generate Row in Each one of these which doesn't show Great quality but you can come in here You can basically generate some music And download it if you don't like it you Can regenerate it and it'll give you More music and you can go ahead and play That you can download all of these they

Don't really tell you what to do next How to build them into some kind of Podcast or anything like sell this Online you need much better quality than This to sell online how do you build Your audio books out of this none of That stuff you can't do that with this Level of text-to-speech it would sound Awful so that's really what this is it's Just a kind of really cheap AI generator For some of this functionality now if You want to use proper AI tools for this Type of stuff pop over to a site called Top I had another video that I Actually posted on this I'll put it in The description below and basically this Is kind of a One-Stop shop for all of The different AI tools you can get Online and there's in lots of different Categories days and come over to kind of Music and it's going to give you Multiple sites where you can get free Music open source music all sorts of Different kind of sites so each one of These you can go and click on this page And you can go straight over to the site And they'll have a variety of membership Schemes so be free on the front end you May have to pay a little bit more if you Want to do this on a monthly basis I Have lots of different downloads so some Of them are like six bucks a month They're not that expensive so it's worth

Having a bit of an investigation because These tools are way better quality than This app that we've just been looking at The same here if you just go with a home Here on the text to speech stuff again There's lots of different tools that you Can use on text-to-speech so there's Loads of different options on here that You can go through Click on each one and Just go and have a look do your research So if you want to actually make money uh Doing text-to-speech type stuff and if You want to make money out of doing Music go with one of these sites that's Got much better quality out upper than This cheap Mojo audio because Basically these guys are just producing A different product every single month I'll just demonstrate something on the Actual sales page here coming to Mojo and scroll down to these Testimonials now these testimonies has Built us but Seem like some kind of Facebook post Right you know Chris Ellis here Joshua Here and all of these different comments Well each one of the on each one of Their last multiple products Mojo Hub You've got exactly the same people and Their so-called Facebook quotes on Dating Mojo Chris Ellis Joshua they got The same people every single time now if You come down to something like this one Here Rebecca Lee as a busy rum I don't

Have time to do online work myself and On this one here as a busy mum making Online blah blah blah and on this one Here as a busy man I don't really have Much time for making money online so Basically just copy and paste in the Comments in the world of AI they can't Even bothered to change these comments So how they generating these well I Would think that they're coming over to This generate status and they're just Generating a status from this because All you need to do is put your settings In on the left hand side here you can Start building up likes loves Wows angry See all this is starting to build up on Here I can have visibility I can change The name on here so I can change the Name to Richard on here for instance and All of this will start to change I can Even put an image in here so basically Guys you can generate these from this Site here generate status so don't look At these types of silly testimonials as Some kind of proof that this is any good Right it's up to you to buy this if you Want to I got no real bother either way Because this is basically a 12 product And if you want to go away and use some Of this functionality rather than go Down the tops at group and use proper Applications to do this it's up to you But I just don't think this is that good A quality usual output from these guys

And the fact they lie on testimonials is A team that'll never buy anything off so Just a reminder this is from our Flair And the black belt team and as far as I'm concerned I'll give this a 3 out of Ten because it works but I just think There's a better alternative That's my review for Mojo audio my name Is Richard Diamond this is called Nomads If you're new to the channel before Don't forget to hit that subscribe Notification Bell and I'll let you know Whenever I produce new videos and guys If you're really serious you want to Learn how to build a real business Online go ahead and hit the link in the Description below over to the school Nomads and we'll get you started Straight away until next time guys take Care [Music] Foreign [Music]

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