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Hey guys Richard here so in this video I'm talking about next sister this is by Billy Dart and was actually released on The 15th of April now this is the next Duration of AI is here Jack gbt4 add-on Exploits YouTube for free traffic in Less than 30 seconds and it makes them 51 an hour so jump inside I'll show you Exactly what the software is all about And also during the review I'll give you Some free alternatives to this so that You can save a little bit of money if You want to do that instead of buying This type of product so guys if you Haven't been over to my channel before My name is Richard Derby this is school Nomads if you're interested in these Types of real reviews don't forget to Hit that subscribe notification Bell and I'll let you know whenever I produce new Videos and guys if you're really serious And you want to build a real honest Affiliate marketing business online go Ahead and check out the link in the Description below over to the school of Nomads I got some completely free Training for you there that'll get you Started straight away so guys first off I just I you may have seen in the left Hand side here there's a notification That people are buying this privately You can actually auto code this to do This without people buying the product So whenever you see this on the sales

Page completely ignore it this sales Page is incredibly shiny right Everything's on here all sorts of nice Graphics all sorts of nice images but at The end of the day we're selling you Here is really something you don't need At all you don't actually need to buy This software that produces shorts for You so the idea is you're going to have A short Suite as they call it so you're Going to be able to create shorts from Here from any keywords if I just put in Something like dog on here it's going to Find me some short videos around that Niche of dog now they've also got this Other feature here where you can say Doc Instead I don't really see the point of That but there you are so you can go in Here and you can basically select one of These and either just view it you can Download it and then upload it into YouTube itself and also you can actually Work with a video on here and you'll Have a video editor on here but sure Looks very nice there's no real problem With the video video editor if you want To pay 11 bucks to do this on here but There is a completely free alternative To this which is canva all you need to Do is come over to but in YouTube shorts and you can see here They've got literally thousands and Thousands of shorts that you can come Along and use there is no benefit to

Buying this Nexus software you can throw Any of these templates and basically I Could just pick one of these templates Customize the template and then go ahead And do all the same things on here but Then you're actually using it within Canva the other extra thing you can do With canva is I can actually share this To various Pages straight from this Platform okay and we'll go through some Of the sharing stuff in a minute because I want to talk to you a little bit about Sharing these types of videos but you Can share it and do lots of different Things within the canva platform itself So that's one reason why you don't Really need to spend extra money on Nexus the second thing is this human Like AI Bots they talk about this human Like AI bot which I for the life of me Do not understand what the point of this Is I think the idea is that they're just Trying to provide something locally Inside the software rather than use chat Gbt but basically just come over to and get yourself an Account with your GP team you don't have To go with the pro account like I have Just get yourself a free account and you Can use this for a multiple of uses Going forward with your business I've Talked a little bit about this already But there's lots of different uses for

Chat GPT that you can really really Utilize you need to come over here and Get yourself an account with these guys And at the end of the day this is an API Over to the same software and you can Ask it a question like how to start Affiliate marketing and it'll answer That question takes a little bit of time It's obviously gone off and actually Gone to track TPT but this is the Responses give me which isn't actually a Great deal if I just do the same Question can you see how this answer is A lot more better laid out it's a lot More detailed than I'm seeing on here This is all not really well laid out These answers so it's not that good to Be honest if I want to clear that again Let me just try again and put bullet Point what I'm trying to do is test the Quality of this against What I'm seeing on chat GPT You can see chat TPT answers Instantaneously is to take a little bit Of a Time So again it's done the bullet point of The points now but it's not giving me in That format but that's fine it's not too Dissimilar because it's coming from the Same Source but it's not the greatest View of what this has turned you in and Again I don't really see the point of Having this when you've got chat GPT The other thing on the short suite and

They go into this a little bit in the Various types of training they have is They say that you can generate an AI Shorts title an AI shorts description an AI short script and an AI short tag and Then they go into these various things Within the training how to do a title How to do a description and all you're Doing is putting in for this type of Video can you generate a title a Description a script and a tag and They're selling that as a a new Breakthrough in AI if I just come over To chat GPT I did this myself what I did Is I asked you to say can you give me a Script to suggest images for YouTube Short focus on training purposes and Simply less than 60 seconds also suggest A title description and tag so it's Exactly the same thing and Instantaneously it came back with a Title a nice description what the tag Should be The opening shots of what the video Should look like a voiceover another Image of a dog Another voiceover and then it's giving Me all the images of voiceovers and Basically give me the whole script and The outline of the video itself so again You could do this for free there's been Pointless behind this software it may Sound cold to people who don't Understand

Or have never used chat GPT but you can Do all this for free there's pointless Having software like this when you have Canva for shorts and chat GPT for Everything else because none of this Stuff is actually fitted together you Still have to upload it into YouTube as A short add the title at the description Add all that kind of stuff so you still Have to do that but in both cases the Other thing is they supplied this Traffic this isn't traffic guys unless You have an audience in any of these Platforms you will not get traffic Traffic from them so yes you can share Them to some of these platforms but a Lot of them will be completely pointless And this is going for a site called add This that basically you can go and get Free membership to and you can do this If you're wanting to have multiple Places to share your links but at the End of the day some of these aren't even Good for sharing if you look at Flixster That's a cinema Booking app a lot of this stuff is more Blog based so you need to write some Text down rather than just share a Random Youtube short a lot of this just Isn't applicable at all so it's not Traffic it's only traffic if you've got Somebody on this particular Network and As I said from canva you can share to Most of these networks anyway without

Needing to come off here and use a Different piece of software so all in All guys although this looks very neat I've not really seeing a point of it I Don't see a point why we'd want to spend 11 bucks Getting this extra when you just use Free tools like canva and chat GPT to do All of the same work for you if you want To create shorts that way and I Especially don't want you to go in and Buy any of these upsells that are going To give you literally no benefit Whatsoever it's around 17 bucks on the Front end you can get a six dollar Discount so it's going to be a dollar Then you have this episode with Unlimited Edition there's no real way to Go with this it's just a short producing Software so that's 47 the done for you Set up 297 the autopilot Edition is 39 Another campaign edition 39 franchise You can sell something that is Completely free and nobody's gonna in Canva you can try and sell it for 197 You're going to spend numbers to 600 a Year on something that's completely free So my advice is not to bother with this It's just a shiny object usual thing From these guys all of these income Claims are completely nonsense they're Not coming from this software they're Coming from them selling you software Like this that didn't bring any value to

Your business whatsoever hope you found This review valuable my name is Richard Derby this is Google Nomads if you're Interested in these types of honest Reviews go ahead and hit that subscribe Notification Bell and I'll let you know Whenever I could use new videos guys if You're really serious and you're Struggling and you're trying to figure Out how to build a real business online With affiliate marketing go ahead and Check out the link in the description Below over to school Nomads I've got Some completely free training for you There that'll get you started straight Away until next time guys take care [Music]

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