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Hey guys Richard here so in this video I Want to talk to you about how you can Start an affiliate marketing business Online if you're a complete beginner and This is very very important for you if You're just starting out because you're Going to have lots of information thrown At you and it's going to get very Confusing there's so many different ways Online that you can make money I want to Talk to you about affiliate marketing in Particular now if you want to have more Information about affiliate marketing And how you can actually drive more Traffic leads and sales to your own Business if you've been doing this for a While and you're struggling you'll see The link in the description below to the School Nomads it's essential you get on That free web class and that's going to Teach you in great detail how you can Actually build a successful business Before this actual presentation I just Want to take you through just a couple Of slides that teach you how to start That all-important affiliate marketing Business and how you can get started From complete scratch so we're going to Talk through a number of topics here I'm Going to talk to you about how you can Create your plan and starting out so What you're actually going to be doing Online how you can choose the right Platform so there's many different

Platforms online you can actually put Content so how you choose the right one How you can optimize that content so What's the best way to actually deliver That content on those particular Platforms how you actually track your Performance so there's various ways that You can track when you're first starting Out you don't need to be too complex but How you actually track your performance And then how to build an all-important Audiences which is essential when your Affiliate marketing is one of the Hardest things to actually do and then The importance of staying up to date so In this industry there's things change a Lot so you need to be able to stay up to Date now the first thing you need to do Is create a plan you need to have some Form of plan when you're starting out in Affiliate marketing now the great thing About affiliate marketing is because the Products and services you're actually Promoting and getting commission for Aren't yours you don't have to worry About fulfillment of that product Maintenance you don't have to worry About the customers and any kind of Customer service what you need to worry About is how you actually get an Audience that's going to be interested In that product service and how you Actually recommend that so your first Things that you need to figure out

Figure out in is what you want to do as Far as what Niche you want to be in so If you want to be in weight loss do you Want to actually focus in on women's Weight loss or certain age groups weight Loss or certain types of weight loss Maybe you're into keto or something like That but maybe there's certain types of Weightless niches you want to focus in On it's very important to understand That before you actually go and start Promoting or building content around Anything so that's the first thing is Creating that plan what you're actually Going to be doing who your target Audience is going to be are you what Niche you're going to be in what kind of Products and services are you going to Promote and again a lot of this is Discussed in the free webinar I Discussed earlier so we want to go ahead And take that if you want more details But fundamentally you need to have that Plan to start with so once we've Developed our plan and we understand What kind of Niche and what kind of Audience you want to get to then we can Choose the right platform to do that now I advise when you first start now only Choose one platform if you start Choosing lots of social social media Platforms to advertise on YouTube Tick Tock and you start writing a Blog you're Never going to get anywhere choose one

When you first starting out and Concentrate on producing content what We're doing here is we're actually Producing content of value to people That actually shows them that you Understand the topic and then when You're recommending products and Services to them they can trust you and They will buy those products and Services if you just throw out a random Link to somebody of a product an Affiliate link for instance they're not Very then likely to actually act on that Because they don't know who you are by Building a platform and content on they Understand what you're all about and That you're an honest person and then They're more likely to actually purchase Off you now there is various types of Platforms which I go through in other Videos but YouTube is what I use because It allows you to do different types of Videos I do review type videos around Products I do these types of videos so It does give me a lot of flexibility and You can do short and long videos it Gives you a lot of flexibility if you Want to do videos you don't have to be On camera you never have to show your Face but it does give you that Flexibility other people like writing And they love doing things like blogging So they write articles and they have Their own blog and they actually build

Up a Content Um a lot of content on a Blog and they Actually starts ranking on Google once It starts ranking it's extremely Powerful because a lot of people love Reading and using things like blogs Others kind of use things like Tech talk Um I don't really use that because I Think the form is a little bit too short For me to be able to bring people off The platform but the idea with Tick Tock Is you made very very Snappy you get Engaging type videos and you bring People off those platforms into things Like Facebook groups that you can then Sell on just selling directly on Tick Tock is kind of a little bit difficult But it is a very very powerful platform If you know how to use it then it's Extremely powerful so there is lots of Social media platforms as well what the Idea is is that you pick one I really do Stress you pick one and you use that to Start focusing on the type of content You want with those videos blogs or Whatever it may be and and then you Actually just concentrate on that until You build up that audience and then you Can maybe start going off to different Platforms because each one of these Takes a lot of time to build up so you Need to think about that before you Choose the right platform next thing is How to optimize your content now each of

These different social media platforms And various ways that people search on Them Um around things like Instagram it could Be hashtags it could be keywords Obviously on Google when you're actually Searching through on the toolbar in YouTube it's a very very similar to Google whereas you have a keyword this Is basically the title of your video That people are searching for so it's Very important to get a good feel for What people are searching for now There's lots of tools out there which we Teach you during the the uh the training That we have but there's lots of tools Out there you can utilize to actually Find out what people are searching for Now I have other videos Um on YouTube you can go searching for On my channel that actually show you how You can do this very very simply Um that you can just use Google for Instance and start typing a title it'll Give you lots of suggestions lots of Easy ways you do that but once you have The kind of platform you want to use the Optimization of that content is very Important and you learn this over time When you're first starting out I Actually wouldn't worry about it I'd Worry about actually producing content And getting used to talking on camera or Writing blogs I'd worry about that piece

First then over time you'll start to Learn about the various topics people Are searching for and then you can write Topics uh content around those various Topics but it is very important to Optimize your content really understand What people are searching for and what People are wanting in your particular Niche next up is tracking your Performance now again when you're first Starting out I wouldn't worry too much About this because it's all about Building up that content of your your Particularly YouTube channel or blog but Over time you'll start to think about What types of things do I need to track So if I have a Blog and I have some Links in that blog for instance I watch My click through rate of those Particular links how are they being Displayed how are people reacting to Them if I've got a YouTube video how Long are people watching that YouTube Video for not so much even how many People are watching it because a lot of People will come across a YouTube video And it's not really in their interest in Or they might be right on a bus and they Haven't got time to watch it it's all About how what how long they watch your Video for once they start watching and So there's lots of different metrics out There but again when you start looking At these a lot of people will start

Throwing these at you when you first Starting out as if it's something to do Straight away I don't think it's that Important guys you need to start Thinking about your content building up Your content understanding your Niche And bringing real value to people and Then over time you'll learn what types Of key things you need to start tracking Next up is how to build up your audience Now this is a very very important if you Have a crown come across anybody who's Selling your product that is trying to Automate things like comments to an Audience keep well away from it the Point of having an audience you've been Able to engage with the people that are Actually viewing your content for Instance so if people are coming to you On a YouTube video you've got to try and Engage with that comment on that YouTube Video if people are on a Blog and they Leave comments you've got to start Engaging with people on those comments You've got to be very social on social Media let's say you've got a Facebook Group you've got to be there to actually Be commenting and adding a lot of value To that group without trying to sell to People all the time it's very very Important what a lot of people do is try And cut corners and just throw Links at People and try and automate things for Some random reason and they'd never ever

Engage with their audience and the way That you make consistent sales and Affiliate marketing is by really Engaging with your audience and helping Them out as much as possible that's the Idea so if you've got that attitude You've got attitude that I'm going to Help people and try and get to know People understand my Niche that I'm in And what the type of audience is you'll Be very successful if you want to cut Corners and try and automate things then Quite frankly you won't be successful so Building an audience is very very Important and last but not least it's All about staying up to date now this is About understanding your Niche and Finding what the the future developments Are and the things people are talking About in that Niche now you can actually Use things like Google Trends where you Can give it some keywords and tell it to Email you on a regular basis what's Going on within that Trend and it will Tell you various things that are Happening in the news that are going on Within Googles which is really really Cool because you can use that for Content right in my particular world at The moment chat GPT seems to have blown Up everybody's talking about it so you Need to learn about that stuff and see Is it something that your audience would Be interested in so you can produce

Content so it's very important to keep Up to date things do change the methods Of marketing do change people find AI For instance is the the latest greatest Thing at the moment is that something That you can utilize very important to Stay up to date so guys thanks for Watching I really do hope you got some Value out of that video if you want to Learn more go ahead and hit the link in The description over to school Nomads There's a completely free webinar there For you it's going to help you learn how You can drive more traffic leads and Sales to your existing business or how You can get started out online and get Rid of all our confusion and really Understand what it takes to build a real Business online again thank you for your Time until next time take care [Music] Thank you

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