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Hey guys Richard here through an Interview and talking about Omni Commissions now this is a product by Sean Joshua and was released on the 25th Of November as usual we'll go through The actual software itself I'll show you What this gives you Some of you may have seen this before And I'll tell you why in the review and Then we'll come back and I'll talk to You a little bit about the sales page Just point out a few things on the sales Page and a couple of other things that I've since had in my email box you need To be aware of before you decide to buy Any kind of products from these types of Vendors hey guys just let me interrupt For one second I've got a great Recommendation for you I'm going to show You how you can build a real business Online literally for the price of a Pizza this is the exact method that I Use to get started online and I use this Method every single day what I want you To do is jump down into the description You'll see a link just like this go and Click on this link over to this page now This page is going to start introducing You to a product called the simple Traffic blueprint which is going to Teach you step by step how to start a Business and get traffic over to your Affiliate offers in any Niche it really Really is a very very simple method you

Can get started with it straight away Fill in your details here just your name And your email address here give me a Consent and then go ahead and click the Get started box and you'll be brought Over to this page here as I said this is Literally the price of a pizza is going To teach you how you can start using a Real method to get traffic the same Method I use every day and I'm telling You what guys you never have to show Your face you never have to be on camera All you need to do is follow the Tutorials here step by step and you can Start building a business as soon as Today I would jump over here guys There's 50 free done a few niches you Can get stuck into straight away lots of Options and again it's the way that I Started out online so I highly recommend This man thanks for taking the time to Watch this very very quick Recommendation let's get back to the Review so let's jump into Omni Commissions we're going to go ahead and Have a look at the software now this has Been out several times before and I Realized this when I started looking Into some of the testimonials but if I Look through the training video This is A product called rapid commissions now This has been out before this exactly The same training that is done for you Training in here as well but when I come

Back and have a look at the other Training document they've got in here Which is a PDF this is a referring to Something called overnight profits which I saw when I looked at the testimonials There's a product called overnight Profits there's overnight profit sites Come back here's this site all they've Done is change the badge so this isn't New this is nothing groundbreaking Basically this is just a very very Simple page builder now when I actually Showed you in the training I just go to The training a second I'll show you the Site that they actually built in the Training so this is the site they Actually built in the training so it's a Quite a low quality not very nice Looking site but basically they were Just demonstrating that you can add Images you can add banners you can add The usual type of stuff you can in any Kind of page builder but to me this demo Actually demonstrated how poor this site Really is all it is is a page builder Now one thing you need to do on this Product is actually integrate with ClickBank and digistore they say there's Four integration so they've obviously Got something to sites like Warrior plus And jvzoo but basically on the front end This other ClickBank called digisour 24. You can join the sites completely for Free I've got videos on my channel to

Show you how to do that but basically You can go and get your affiliate links Here right also you need an Autoresponder when you're doing any kind Of internet marketing right so you need An auto responder so they've got Integrations to get response MailChimp And aweber one thing I always think when I look at these types of products I Always wonder why people bother buying Them in the first place because if you Go to get response for instance and you Join get response now for the first 500 Subscribers it's completely free right So after 500 subscribers you're probably Making money already and you can afford To pay the 30 bucks a month it's going To cost you but after 500 subscribers is Free and you get this ability to make Websites and these websites are Pre-denfield so all you need to do is go And choose any of these different types Of themes on these websites let's just Say use this template and I can use this As a template and this is a far nicer Template than anything on this site here So I don't know why you need to buy this In the first place to be honest guys It's completely pointless now what this Is really this product being 9.95 which Isn't that expensive it's just one big Funnel they're trying to obviously get You to buy the upsells Which I go into afterwards but the other

Thing they're doing is really trying to Get you to buy into Perpetual income 365. now Perpetual income 365 is a Product which gives you some pages that You set up and then encourage you to you To buy solo ads to advertise those pages To others for them to buy into Perpetual 365 It all becomes one big hamster wheel Now the big problem I see with this is That because you're buying into solo ads If you're a complete Nubian you've got No idea what you're doing you can end up Wasting a lot of money Going down the funnel of purchasing from These types of guys so at the end of the Day they're selling this kind of pretty Useless nonsense software at the front End but really they wanted to get you Over to Perpetual income 365 and spend Loads of money on solo ads now Interestingly enough again once I Purchased this I was flooded with a lot Of emails as usual and one of them Suddenly popped up from these guys right George Wilkins and Wayne croner Wayne Crow is a very big seller of solo ads They're both into internet marketing They're both successful but I've got Given them any permission whatsoever to Have my email address suddenly on their List to be emailing me so they're trying To encourage me to go and join some Commission GPS Zoom call so again Sean's Going to get commissions based on the

Fact if I go to the zoom call and buy This off them he'll get another load of Commissions so just all one big Hamster wheeled me a trying to get more And more money off you and I'm slightly Peeved because I never give these guys Any permission to email me which you're Supposed to do in the UK and I know for A fact they're based in the UK so that's One thing I'm obviously going to Unsubscribe from them as soon as I can After this particular review so that's Basically it guys you're going to come In here and you're going to go to your Site's basic everything else is an Upsell here done for your sites Automation the content spinner is just a Content spinner doesn't do anything Really analytics more bonuses and then a Lot of upgrades anything everything else Is a upgrade and you're going to come in Here you're going to create your Omni Site by the way I'm only allowed to Create one site by the looks of it let's Just go back you're gonna edit you're Going to create your site you're gonna Have a website name you can add a header There's a design template here you can Create some content here but it's all Going to be plr or articles from their Own databases so none of it's going to Rank create some pages get some banner Ads there and create an opt-in share and Publish your site so it will actually

Build you a site no idea argument there But again come up to get response do This for free get a much nicer set of Templates here you can do everything That they say on here Exactly the same so I'm feeling that This is a little bit pointless all it is Is a big funnel to send you over to Perpetual 365 get you to spend loads of Money on solo ads and basically waste Your time now when I jump over to the Actual sales page do I just come down to The testimonials I know for a fact that These are just made up because they're The same testimonials that were on those Two are the products rapid profit sites And the other one and basically I know These images are all completely fake as Well because when I look at this image Here it takes me two seconds to do a Quick check here it turns up on Facebook Look and it's actually part of some Lumaprint site so this is definitely the Same image I've had a look at this Everything matches even the background Matches on here so I know for a fact That this here is exactly the same image Because I can tell everything in the Background so I know they fake Testimonials guys again that always Annoys me because I know they're being Dishonest on the sales page I wouldn't Touch this with a bias Paul completely Pointless if you really want to do

Something like this got to get response Build yourself a site go over to ClickBank I'll leave a video in the Description below that tells you how to Get started on ClickBank and actually Make money and just do it yourself you Don't need to go down the route or Buying these types of shiny objects They're not going to give you any money And they're really just designed to get You to buy the upgrade so here are the Upgrades guys this is docu profits Membership it says here obviously that's Wrong your front end is 1995 the Unlimited version is 147 the upgraded Allows members to create unlimited Profits sites for every Niche you can Get yourself a really nice page builder For that what a pointless Amount of money to spend done few Edition is another 197 dollars you see This is a down sell 147 and the Automation is 127 you can spend Circa 500 on here with something that is Really completely and actually a waste Of money for people are quite frankly Are quite dishonest if they're putting Testimonials on their pages that are Complete and attella false simple as That so guys I heard that is valuable to You my name is Richard Darby this is Called Nomads you hear me not to the Channel before don't forget to hit that Subscribing notification Bell and I'll

Let you know whenever I produce new Videos and guys if you're really serious You want to build a business go ahead And check out the recommendation you'll See the link in the description below And you can get started today until next Time guys take care

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