One Big Mistake Beginners Make Online

One big thing I'm going to do in 2024 to Improve my business I'm going to Concentrate on one thing I'm going to Concentrate on my YT Channel and I'm Going to produce content on my one YT Channel and I'm going to use that as my Foundation for my business I'm also Going to go as a secondary be posting on Platforms like Tik Tok just to give a Little bit of advice to people so that They understand how they can start a Real business online but primarily I'm Going to concentrate on one thing and That's the big deal with a lot of people Who start online they start spreading Themselves too thin it's something I've Literally made a mistake of doing myself I had two ITT channels I had very social Media channels I was trying to produce Content for all of them and basically I'm not producing enough consistent Content to actually be able to grow my Business that's the one big thing I'm Going to do in 2024 what are you going To do leave a comment

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